social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing May 02, 2019

“The algorithm is a word we like to throw around – this mystical unicorn. Literally no one – unless you’re a Facebook or Instagram engineer – knows how it works – what it promotes and what it doesn’t – so we fear it and put a lot of value in what it does or doesn’t like when really we have no idea. The only sure thing we do know is if it’s really great content that’s engaging with the people it’s meant for then it will do well. 

Our job as people who want to get our message out or are trying to sell a product, is to make sure that what we’re saying is resonating with that audience and not be too concerned with the algorithm. Our energy is better spent in creating that next piece of content instead of worrying too much about what happened with the previous ones.

Not to say you don’t stop to evaluate and see how your posts are doing and use that information to move forward, but you just can’t place your value in how things are doing.”

– From Girls Talking Life podcast