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ing private messages when they mean to post publicly.

He very patiently listened to my rant and then said: “Honey, you have to remember not everyone gets social media like you do.”

Bam! 🤦🏻‍♀️ That one hurt but is so true.

Every single day I find evidence that people don’t see the same way I do and, somehow, it still surprises me.

This is pretty much the basis of my training to be an #Enneagram coach. Everyone perceives the world differently and trying to understand their view gives us empathy and understanding.

And because we think it’s obvious, we don’t think to share what we know. As my friend @brianjdixon is fond of saying: “What’s obvious to you is magic to other people.”

Do not take what you see for granted. Talk about your experience from the unique angle in which you see it.⠀

I’ll tell you how I see great ways of making connections on social media and you can tell me what you see that I can’t from my angle.

What do you see that you could show me? What are you trying to tell your customers, community, followers?