As Holidays Trend Up, Stats Trend Down

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What's Happening 

I see this trend every year. As the holidays trend up, stats trend down. The questions are in my DMs, my Instagram Challenge group is asking and I’m seeing it with all my clients.

Why has your engagement and reach tanked?

The Short Answer: It’s December.


The Long Answer

Engagement typically drops this time of year due to several factors.

1. Your content is less engaging.

This may sound harsh, but its a fact that promotional social media content doesn’t perform as well as fun or entertaining content. So, if you’ve moved into sales mode during the holidays, your content won’t perform as well.

2. There’s so much more advertising.

Whether you’re selling something or not, advertisers are ramping up their spending to make sure they end the year in the black. Ads take priority over your organic posts because, you know, they paid for that.

3. People are spending their time online shopping.

Time that would normally be spent scrolling on social media is now taken up shopping for gifts online.

4. People are in vacation mode.

Those who use social media for business purposes or simply build their social media habits around their work day are out of the office. Or, many take intentional social media breaks over the holidays.


Use It For Your Business

What’s a business to do online in December to break through the noise?

If you’re relying on holiday sales, paid advertising is the way to make sure your posts are seen.

If not, there’s not a whole lot you can do but post your most-engaging content and enjoy your holidays.

My recommendation is to either use this as an opportunity to post fun and entertaining posts your followers will enjoy. Or, look back at your best-performing posts and repost. This is content proven to resonate well and gives you the best shot for success.

Relevancy Rating 

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is worrying about your tanking December stats worth your time?

NO!: I give it 1 out of 5 thumbs up.

Keep up your consistent posting but don’t blame yourself if your engagement tanks.

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