social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Apr 29, 2019

My math teacher in 7th grade wrote the word ASSUME in big capital letters on the blackboard. Then he split the word with two lines of chalk.

ASS | U | ME

He said: Don’t assume. When you assume, you make an [points to ASS] out of you and me.

This was all very scandalous for a room full of 13-year-olds in the mid-90s. We all giggled but the lesson has stuck with me all these years.

These are things you CANNOT assume when posting on social media:

  • Everyone reads everything you post.
  • Everyone who liked your post actually read it.
  • Everyone who read your post remembers it.
  • Everyone who remembers your post doesn’t want to hear about it again.

Share. Then share again. Then rephrase it and share it again. Then switch out the photo and share it again.

We get tired of typing the same message over and over again – whether it be a product sale or our core message. So, we assume everyone else is tired of it.

However, it’s a real possibility that the 75th time you’ve posted about it is the first time someone stumbles upon it. 

Social media is not like the traditional commercial break where you get tired of seeing the same ads over and over again. Every time we open the app, we get a different experience. We may see your post, we may not. We may have seen it and thought “I should click on that” and then get distracted. We may need that 75th reminder to act.

Share and then share again. Though you may feel like an A-Double-S, it doesn’t make you one šŸ˜‰