Best Performance

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The best performing posts on social media:

Follow me through this path of logic will you?

Social media is supposed to be social, right?


Being social requires you to interact with one another. 


To make a real connection, you need to share your feelings and personal information.


For this reason, the best performing posts online are those that evoke emotion.

These include posts that are:

I mean, who doesn’t want to laugh? Funny memes, gifs and stories always top the best posts of each month.

We can always use a little pick me up. Inspiring quotes, before/after photos and success stories are always welcome. 

Enter the life hack. We’re surprised and delighted by new information that makes life easier or we had no idea existed. These can come in the form of tips and tricks, tutorial videos or behind the scenes sneak peeks.

We’re used to people (and especially brands online) of having everything all buttoned-up. So, if they post about how they’re struggling, we pay attention. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reveal everything that’s going wrong with you or your business. But it does mean sharing your goals and dreams and then your disappointment when you don’t reach them. Or, it could mean being open and honest when something goes wrong. Telling customers why their deliveries are late, for example.

We’re all people and we just want to be treated like people. It’s as simple as that.