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Best Social Media Shows of 2022

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs Dec 19, 2022

What's Happening 

I’m talking about Megan’s Social Media Marketing Show, naturally! This year we surpassed the 50-episode milestone.

The show’s fortnightly episodes keep you up to date with the latest trends and hear interviews from industry professionals on how to grow your social to grow your business.

You can watch all the episodes on Instagram, listen to them on the podcast player of your choice, or read the transcript in the show notes of each episode.


Use it for Your Business

To help you end the year well, here are the top five shows from 2022 to review or check out for the first time:

1. ep32 - How I Grew 10,000 Followers in a Year

Tina Reale spills all on how she grew her account to over 10,000 follows!

2. ep36 - How to Get More People to See Your Posts

What's the secret sauce to gain favor with the algorithm and get your posts seen by more people!? I'll tell you!

3. ep41 - Your Enneagram Type on Social Media

How does your Enneagram type affect how you show up on social media as a creator and community builder? Listen in to find out!

4. ep47 - Why Social Media Sucks

Listen in to hear me vent about social media sucks (to get it out of our systems). Then, I'll give you 5 mindset shifts to cope so you can get back to slaying the day!

5. ep52 - Social Media Holiday Gift Guide

It’s not too late to add some of these items to your wish list or buy for that special social media marketer in your life.


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