Best Trends of 2021 - One Year Anniversary Edition!

social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Dec 13, 2021

What's Happening 

I’ve been sending out my newsletter of social media trends for exactly one year today! Whether you’ve been along for the ride since issue one or you’re new to the list, thank you for being here.

I had no idea when I had this wild idea to send an update about what’s new in social media each week, that there would actually be something new to talk about every seven days. But, 52 weeks later, I think it’s safe to say there will always be a new feature or trend to talk about!


Use it for Your Business

To help you end the year well, here are the top seven newsletter topics from 2021 to review or check out for the first time if you missed them:

  1. Strapped for time? Consider shifting your content strategy to fortnightly.
  2. Instagram reveals how the algorithm works. Spoiler alert: There’s more than one of them!
  3. Being Influential vs Being an Influencer
  4. What to do when the “experts” give you conflicting advice about social media.
  5. How the new Instagram Collabs feature is going to grow your account.
  6. The Instagram Swipe Up feature has been swapped out.
  7. Why getting familiar with your social insights is crucial to growing your account.

Social media is constantly changing. Sign up for This Week in Social Media Marketing to stay informed of the trends and decide whether it’s worth your time to try them.