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Best Trends of 2022 - Second Anniversary Edition!

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What's Happening 

I’ve been sending this little newsletter of social media trends for exactly two years! Whether you’ve been along for the ride since issue one or you’re new to this list, thank you for being here.

I had no idea when I had this wild idea to send an update about what’s new in social media each week that there would actually be something new to talk about every seven days. But, 104 weeks later, I think it’s safe to say there will always be a new feature or trend to talk about!


Use it for Your Business

To help you end the year well, here are the top seven newsletter topics from 2022 to review or read for the first time if you missed them:

1. Instagram allows the ability to schedule Reels.

An update from this post: You’re still not able to schedule in-app; however, there are several third-party schedulers that make it possible such as Later.

2. Instagram algorithm starts prioritizing original content

The algorithm was tweaked to start prioritizing original content over re-shared content, i.e., trending sounds. I’m starting to see this in my Insights; however, trending sounds still win out most of the time.

3. Instagram is trying to BeReal

BeReal is the newest social media platform to hit the scene, and, true to form, Instagram copied one of its features.

4. Wordle you know?

Since I reported on this trend in January, it feels like it happened a century ago! Wordle was an uber-popular word game that spent quite a few months at the top of public consciousness.

5. And the winner for most engaging post type is…

This post type is still a great engagement vehicle. I’ll be interested to see if it still holds the top spot when the report publishes next year.

6. New template feature for Instagram

Still a handy feature and a big timesaver!

7. Should I include “Link In Bio” in my Instagram caption?

Inquiring minds definitely wanted to know the answer to this question, and I still stand by it today!


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