Can’t Buy Me Love

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jul 16, 2019

Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you followers.

It’s impossible to know how someone got the following that they have. 

Don’t assume someone else has more followers than you because they:

  • Have been doing it longer
  • Have better content than you
  • Had a successful book
  • Was on a TV show
  • Are married to a past President of the United States of America
    (Well, maybe that last one’s always true 😉)

They could be paying for:

  • Followers (it’s shockingly cheap)
  • Advertising/promoted posts
  • Sponsored posts
  • Someone to like/comment on their behalf
  • Professional photography
  • A copywriter to write the posts for them

I am NOT saying everyone with a large following is spending tons of cash. And, except for paying for followers, there is nothing wrong with paying for any of those things.

My point is you may be assuming they are getting all these followers organically and they are somehow better than you because of it. Nope. False.

They highly value growing their platform and are putting resources behind it. And these options are available to you too.