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You have to be consistent first before you can correct.

I am a truly terrible bowler.

My brother-in-law was trying to explain to me when we went bowling last Friday night that there are oil patterns on the lane and when you first start a game you have to figure out where they are. Then, you can spin your ball a certain way to get the right arc and hit the pins the way you want to. 

That part was completely lost on me, but it’s what he said next that I latched onto:

“But,” he said. “You have to throw the ball consistently before you can correct.”

I can’t count on my spaghetti bowling arm keeping the ball on the lane and out of the gutter – let alone adjust for these mythical oil stripings I can’t see no matter how hard I squint in the glare of the fluorescent lights.

I don’t throw the ball consistently enough to be able to make small adjustments and evaluate the results. 

His words struck me because this is exactly what I’ve been telling my clients when it comes to social media. 

You have to post the same amount of times, roughly at the same times of day each week to understand your baseline results. Then, you can make slight adjustments to see how the post performs against your baseline.

First things first. Post consistently.

Then, you can adjust for the oil on the lane or – in the case of social media – when your audience is online and other factors. 

You can’t see either, but both can impact the results of the game.