This Week In Social Media Marketing - Create Super Fans With Instagram Broadcast Channels

Create Super Fans With Instagram Broadcast Channels

Mar 20, 2023

What's Happening 

Harness the power of your super fans (and create even more) with Instagram’s new broadcast channel feature!

If you’re an avid reader of this report, you’ll recall I didn’t have an incredibly favorable opinion of the feature's usefulness in 10 Instagram Updates So Far in 2023.

But Jade Beason, who delivered a keynote at Social Media Marketing World 2023 this week, helped change my mind and see several opportunities for broadcast channels. Before I get into those…

What are Instagram broadcast channels?
Think of broadcast channels like a group DM, but only the creator can post. The creator can share links, text, voice recordings, video recordings, and polls. Followers of the channel can’t post in it but can react to messages and answer polls.

To get your broadcast messages, people must follow you AND subscribe to your channel. They cannot subscribe to your channel without following you. When you create a channel, you get a new link option in your bio to promote it.

When people join your channel, notifications will appear in their DM inbox among the rest of their DMs.

Creators can charge for access to the channel if they wish with Subscriptions.

Currently, broadcast channels are rolling out to creators. Use these instructions to start your channel. If you don’t have the option yet, your turn is coming!

If you’d like to see a channel in action, you can join Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram), or one of my clients just launched hers, Torrie Sorge.


Use it for Your Business

Create super fans with your Instagram channel!

1. Give them FOMO
I was struggling with how this feature could be used to generate more leads to grow your business until I heard Jade Beason’s strategy idea:

Position the channel like you would a newsletter. Give them a reason to sign up for it.

You get more signups for your newsletter if you tell them why they should sign up versus saying, “Sign up for updates from me!” Not to be mean, but…

No one wants your updates.

They want you to help them solve their problems. You want them to feel like they’re missing out on something huge if they don’t subscribe. Then, deliver on that promise.

Some examples:

  • Be the first to hear about…
  • The only place I’ll share about…
  • Behind the scenes of…
  • Daily inspiration for…

2. Get More Link Clicks
Direct messages are the most likely place people will click your link on Instagram. Sure, you can put them in Stories, but they want to keep watching Stories, not leave Instagram. And, yes, you have your link in bio, but that takes a few clicks, and you lose people along the way.

People who subscribe to your channel are not only following you but have opted into the most intimate space on Instagram, the DM. These are your super fans. They will most likely click that link and follow you off social media.

3. Increase Followers
You are given a link to promote your channel outside of Instagram. Since they have to follow you to subscribe to your channel, they’re motivated to do so with all the exclusive content you will give them.

You could also promote your channel on carousel posts or Reels – post types with the most reach to non-followers.

4. Increase Engagement
When you interact with someone in DMs, your content is shown to them more. This is already baked into Instagram’s algorithm. Though I don’t have data to prove this yet, I think it’s safe to assume you’ll get more post engagements from your channel subscribers.



Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is using Instagram broadcast channels worth your time?

Yes!: I give it 5 out of 5 thumbs up.

The efficacy of this feature will depend on where you are in your business. IMO, this feature is not for those just starting out.

You need to have both an established Instagram presence AND a product offering to maximize the potential of the feature. If you’re not posting consistently to your feed or haven’t figured out who your ideal customer is yet, work on those first.

If you’re fully established and ready to gift your super fans something extra, broadcast channels hold a wealth of opportunity for you!


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