Don’t Should All Over Yourself

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jun 10, 2019

Don’t “should” all over yourself!

One of my mentors said this once. When it came out of her mouth, I literally thought: I will remember those words for the rest of my life. I have never heard so much wisdom (and cheek) packed into 5 words. If you know @drtammysmith, that description is so on brand for her.  

Though those words hit me like a ton of bricks, I still do it constantly. I should all over myself daily.

I shouldn’t do that. I should do this.

I create expectations for myself and others All. The. Time.

I know I have a greater tendency towards this being an Enneagram Type One, but I think we all can relate.

Today, I release you of the “shoulds.”

I can’t speak to all areas of your life, but on social media, I can tell you this:

Release yourself from:

  • You should post daily.
  • You should have prettier photos.
  • You should post Stories daily.
  • You should have a strategy behind every post.
  • You should post videos of yourself talking.
  • You should have a curated list of hashtags.
  • You should post selfies.
  • You should use emojis.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Doing the above list will most likely net you more engagement and followers. However, you don’t have to do ALL of them.

Do the ones that you enjoy most. Try a few others. Leave what’s anxiety-filled behind.

And, whatever you do: Don’t should all over yourself!