ep43 - Social Media Trends to Know For July

ep 44 - Social Media Trends to Know For July

show social media social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jul 06, 2022

New research tells us the Reel Deal 😉 about what's happening on Instagram.

Listen in as I cover what you need to know while creating your social media content for July.

In this episode:

✔️ New Reels features

✔️ Have Reels Really Taken Over Instagram?

✔️ Instagram Engagement Rates Are Down (And What To Do About It)

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Welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. Happy summer to those of you who are on my hemisphere. And today I am bringing you all the trends you need to know for July and spoiler alert. These trends appear every week in my, This Week in Social Media Marketing Trend Report. If you do not have this trend report, then go to Meganerickson.com/newsletter to sign up for it.

You'll get. All the news you need to know about social media. I comb through all the trends, all the research, everything that's happening every week and give you one special thing that you need to pay attention to, to help. Grow your social to grow your business. So I hope you're here. Your mom, entrepreneur, you have a side hustle.

You are trying to make money for your family. If that's you listen up because I have some great information for you. . I'm so excited. Let's dig in. The first trend you need to know is that there are new features for Reels for real, there are new features for Reels

couldn't help with the pun, but. This is exciting. And you may have seen some of these things pop up. Some of these things may not quite yet be available on your account. Just be patient Instagram sometimes takes a while to roll them out to all accounts, but here are the things there are six, six new updates, to Reel, the first one.

 Grid pinning you can pin your feed post. You can pin your Reel you can pin anything that appears on your feed that you've shared to it, to the top. This is not uncommon for social media platforms. Facebook does this. Twitter does this. lots of 'em do where you can tell the person who is just seeing your account for the first time.

What things are most important or what promotions or specials you have going on right now. So I think this is great. This also takes the stress off of your grid to always have something in those top nine. For example, I used to recommend that you always had something with your face in it, in the top nine, so that people could see who they're talking to because we connect one on one with people.

So now with grid pinning, you can have. A video with your face as the first thing. If you want on there now, what, what should you pin? What should your top three pins be? I would recommend an intro post, right? Makes sense. Tell them who you are and why you're there to serve them. I'd also recommend.

Something about something you're selling. So if you have a product, a service, a lead magnet, or some way for them to get on your email list, have that be another one so they can learn or get immediate, satisfaction out of ways that you can serve them immediately. and the third one I would say is either a key message graphic, something that your audience really relates with, or one of your best performing posts in the last year.

So they can get an idea or a feel for the things that they will find in your account. So that was a big one and it was a big new feature on Instagram. Another one is 90 second Reels we had previously been able to post Reels up to 60 seconds. They've now increased that to 90. I don't really know what the logic is, why they only went up 30 seconds.

my guess is if they follow the trend that TikTok is setting that they will continue to increase the length of the reels that you can post TikTok currently is up to three minutes that you can post. So initially I think it was. did they launch with 30 seconds? I'm trying to remember now how, many seconds you could have on a Reel initially, but regardless, doesn't matter, the point is you're able to post longer Reels.

So something you might have had difficulty getting in your words of wisdom. If you're talking to the camera, you can tell a longer story. You can give them more tips. all the things now that doesn't necessarily mean that a longer, Reel performs, better shorter reels usually get more views because they watch it in a loop.

You can watch it multiple times. You might have missed something the first time. So you watch it again. However, the longer form ones are really great in helping to establish your expertise. So. Think about in a 90 second chunk, how much information you could pack into there and do all you can to add value for them.

that was the second we have six guys. That's only two. The third is importing your own audio into reels. You have always, well, if you have the right account, been able to add music, to your Reel or shared or, or I, I guess, use the audio from somebody else's Reel but now you are able to upload audio and how this works.

It's not as intuitive as you might think. You need to record the audio in video form. So you can just. Turn on your video, doesn't even have to be pointing at you. Doesn't matter. Just say the words or record the music, what, whatever it is that you want to add to your Reel, then once you go to add music to it, you can click the import button, which is new in the music.

what's the word in the music? Oh, goodness. you know, the place where you add the music so you can add import it will import the video, the sound of the video, not the actual video itself. So that's a little confusing, but it's easy because you don't have to have an mp3 file that's audio only.

You can just use your iPhone camera, like you would. Any other video and record it and upload it. So that's fantastic because it enables you to either clip together or get really tight and practice the audio if you're verbally saying it. or if there's an unique sound that you're not finding, maybe you have a favorite.

TV show or a movie that you want to use an audio clip from. You can just like play it on YouTube and record it with your video and then upload it and add it. Maybe lip sync to it. Do whatever you want to do. It's just gives you a lot more flexibility. So I love that they enabled us to do that. That was number three, three of six of these new Instagram features.

There's it's so much it's so. Okay. Four is interactive stickers. Why is this important? I will tell you because engagement, these interactive stickers work the same as your story stickers. They. Enable you to add a poll or a question or a quiz so that people can interact right there on your Reel video with what you're asking them.

So just like story polls, add a whole nother level of engagement to what you're talking about to enable people to invite them into your conversation. It does the same on Reels. And since Reels can be seen by everyone, not just the people following you, cause Reels have a much bigger reach they're outside of who's following you.

You have so much more, potential for people to interact with you that wouldn't normally. I love this. This is very powerful. I have seen so many posts use them and it just adds another layer, of interactivity. And then you're, once they've interacted with you in that way, you know, it's so much easier than a comment often then that kind of invites you into a conversation.

Hey, thanks for taking the poll. You can DM them. Thanks for taking the poll. How are, are you feeling better about this thing? it's another option for engagement. I love that they added that possibility. All right. That was number four. Number five of six for new features on Instagram is sound effects. This isn't a huge headline, but it is kind of fun.

I looked to add some to a recent Reel ended up not doing it, but because I was looking for like an applause sound, which they have, or, like a horn sound, of course there's farting noises and all kinds of comedic sounds. But I think it would, it'll be fun to interact and, and the, with the right. flavor of Reel it will work really well, but it's another option there for you.

If you are looking for maybe like crickets chirping as to communicate that you're thinking about something, you know, just adds another layer of creativity to the Reels that you're using. So You create the Reel and then in the editing portion, after you've done all the recording, then under the music button, there is a sound effects button that you're able to add those at different points in time, in your Reel. All right.

Number six of six of the new updates are templates for Reels. I love this. This is a huge time saving thing. I've talked about them before, but I wanted to bring them back up because when you are watching Reels, you may have noticed this at the bottom of the reel, above the person's little headshot photo.

There is a used template button. If in fact that Reel has multiple clips, it could either be a photo montage or a video montage. You can click that used template button and automatically it opens another interface that allows you to add your own photos and videos at the same cadence. And at the same times as the previous person's.

Reel So if you have ever like, gotten so mad at your screen, because you can't get your fingers close enough to pinch and the right time. I feel you I've done that a million times. I was so happy when they came up with this new feature. and this is guys, this is only. number one of the three things I had to bring to you.

This is a huge meaty episode for July with all these fun, new features. So all the new features, just a quick review grid pinning allow people to get to know you through the top three posts that you've pinned to your feed. There's a 90 second Reels. They've increased the time of Reels import your own audio.

You're able to take a video with a unique sound. Either you talking, what have you, and upload it to your Reel. Interactive stickers. So you can add polls and questions for more engagement. Sound effects. Hey, if you need a farting noise. Instagrams got you. And then six is the used template buttons you're able to quickly and easily recreate someone else's photo montage or video montage.

Reel okay. Number one was big. Let's just take a little inhale and an exhale. I love the template feature says one of you so good to hear it. Let me know which one of those was your favorite. And I will move on to number two. We had, I had three big things for you. New trends. I'll move on to number two, as you're thinking about that, the second thing I have to bring to you is a question.

I get asked a. Have Reels really taken over Instagram. Does it, you know, do they have any effect really? Do people really follow you because of the Reels? And I'm here to tell you that a new research study out from Later, who is a social media scheduling software, they analyzed. Millions 60, some odd million posts from half over half a million accounts to bring us the answer to this question.

And it is unequivocal that yes, Reels have taken over. since the introduction of Reels in August of 2020, the average feed post engagement rate has decreased by 44%. That means you get nearly half the engagement rate for the same amount of work. Let me say that again. Any feed post, either video.

pictures, graphics, carousel post doesn't matter. The type of feed post, you get 44% less engagement than you got in 2019. This is the landscape of where we are. There are a lot of reasons for this, but what this does tell us is that the power then lies in Reels, which is exploding the reach and engagement of our accounts.

So if people are growing, if people are reaching those outside of their immediate following it's with Reels, it's just a fact. It's not that you can't reach people with the feed post. Reels are just the best way to do it now. And if you are going to spend, you are very precious and most limited resource of time on Instagram doing something.

put it into Reels, learn how to use Reels, post them more. And I'm not talking about like, you need to be releasing a reel every day, but two, three times a week, you know, at least get one a week in there in your regular cadence of posting. It really does make a difference. For those of you who are hesitant to even try, start out, like I said, with one a week and then just play with different styles and have fun with it at first, see if your audience reacts to contemplative reel that are more thoughtful, maybe just one quote or some kind of statement over a.

very slow and contemplative video of nature, a babbling brook, leaves flowing in the breeze, that sort of thing. Or if they respond well to you just saying your words versus posting them in a caption, that's a really easy. entry level way to do Reels, or you could get, you know, have some fun, do the trending sounds, lip sync, make them your own, but just, tiptoe in there, I guarantee that you will benefit your account will benefit from it.

that ending soapbox speech on getting on Reels, but the more we dig into it, the more we look into it, I mean, Instagram has been telling us they are no longer a square photo sharing site. They've been telling us that they've been going in the direction that TikTok has. So it's time to listen to it. I think.

And then number three is Instagram engagement is down. And what to do about it. You've probably noticed this you've messaged me about it. It's a whole thing. And again, the Later recent research has told us, definitively that in looking at all of, from 30 different industries, millions of posts that, reach and engagement are down.

Well, I should say engagement is down. Not necessarily reach. so what that means for you and your account now, I don't want this to be a negative thing because these trends will go up and down. They always do. And what we need to do though, is to find a way to make it work for us. And one way to do that with

Instagram with all social media is to be a pro and actually track your stats. I know this isn't a popular opinion. This is like giving you homework and it's math and nobody loves math homework. Well, maybe some people do, but. Typically, if you're here trying to grow your business, you do not want math homework, but I will make it super simple and easy for you to understand.

Number one is engagement rate for all industries one and a half percent is the average engagement rate. And what that means is that the engagement you get on a post likes comments share. Add them all up. How much is that? Then divide it per the number of posts that you had during that period, or just that one post divide it by how many people are following you and you get the engagement rate.

I track my collective engagement rate every week and every month. Just maybe do it for the last month, if you've never done it before and get a good gut check idea of where you fall in that one point a half percent I don't know about you, but one and a half sounds small to me that can be a.

Blow to you thinking I'm working so hard. And then only one and a half percent of the one out of every hundred people is seeing this thing or engaging with this thing. And yes, that can be the feeling you have, but also once you check the stats and you know that you are doing better than this average, , you know, you're killing it and you're doing all you can do.

You don't have to try harder. That is the message I'm giving you here. You don't have to try harder. you can continue what you're doing and know that you're being successful at it. I mean, how many times do we get told that with social media? Is it like you're doing a great job you're doing better than most people in your industry.

Like that's such great news and it takes the onus off you to make your organic social media. Be and do everything for your business, which it can't, it can't be that. But I know you and I know me and I open up this app every day and struggle with. Am I doing this, right? I'm not growing. It's like, I see everybody else that is blowing by me and their accounts are blowing up.

I, I feel the same things and see the same things. And I'm here to tell you and to be an encouragement. That you were doing a great job. If you're staying consistent, you're consistently posting you're people are actually engaging with it. And this is how you measure that. And this is how, you know, for effect like data is facts.

not feelings. That's what we're getting at here. We are taking your feelings, your ego out of the situation and. Legitimately evaluating where you stand and hopefully that would be good news for you. And that will be a relief and we'll get it off your brain off the treadmill of beating yourself up.

So that is the average engagement rate is the one and half percent reach rate is another thing that is covered by this Later report. And the average reach rate for all industries is 15 and a half percent. And what that means is reach is the total number of people who see it, whether or not they're following you.

And I like this stat way more than engagement rate, because people can see posts that aren't following you. It's not, I don't feel like it's completely accurate. Way of evaluating your actual influence on social media. So I like to use reach rate much better, and that is the amount of people who see your post during a certain period, divided by how many posts and then divided by.

oh, I'm sorry. The engagement divided by how many posts divided by how many people actually saw it. So again, it sounds maybe a little complicated, but these are things that you're able to pull easily from your insights, if, and you must have a creator and business account. So I should have started this out with the disclaimer of make sure you have a creator business account then you're able to.

Get all these stats that I'm talking about. So get yourself a fresh new Google spreadsheet, open it up, add up these things, divide them out, see where you're at. Do a gut check at least once a month, just so you know how you're doing. And if you're not doing well or. Up to this industry standard, then that's, those are things we can fix.

Those are things we can work on. We can create more engagement type posts. We can create more posts, AK Reels that reach people that are outside of your following and include hashtags or keywords in your post, which again will go beyond those people that are following you. So I know that's a lot of math.

It's a lot of. pro level stuff, but I know you can handle it. This is absolutely for you. And just like a quick review, we talked about all the new Reels and Instagram features. We talked about. If Reels have actually taken over the Instagram platforms, spoiler alert they have, and that engagement rates are down.

But what we can do is actually do the math to figure out where you fall in that spectrum. So I hope this has really helped you to have the confidence to consistently move forward with posting and engaging and serving your audience. So thank you so much for being here today, drop in the comments, which one of these has really helped impact you and you will use moving forward in July.