ep 45 - The Power of Connection: Mompreneurs and Masterminds

ep 45 - The Power of Connection: Mompreneurs and Masterminds

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The secret to up-leveling your business may be connecting with other mompreneurs, NOT seeking new leads.

As a third-generation mompreneur – Megan Moran is proof that it's possible.

In this episode, we cover:

✔️ How to grow your mompreneur network

✔️ What's a mastermind and why you need one

✔️ How to sell online without being creepy


About My Guest:

Megan Moran is not only a mom to two beautiful toddlers (Jack + Sophia) and a wife to the most supportive husband + business partner ever, Collin, but she is also the owner of The Mompreneur Guide. As a Podcast, Mastermind and Retreat Host + Authority-Building Guide, Megan is on a mission to help mompreneurs connect with themselves, their community and increase their visibility so they can create movements while also being present + productive. Because as a third generation mompreneur- Megan is proof that it's possible.


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Megan Ericson: Today I am so excited to welcome Megan, another Megan, who I want to introduce you to, who is also from Ohio, my home state. So I am so excited to talk with her. She is of The Momprepreneur Guide and she has some great information to tell you. She is very passionate about connecting with other moms to grow your business.

So without further ado. Hello. 

Hello, Megan, how are you? 

Good, how are you? 

Megan: Good. Can you hear me? 

Megan Ericson: Yes. Perfect. 

Megan: Awesome. I'm so excited that we're chatting. 

Megan Ericson: Yes. This is gonna be some fun. I already filled them in that. We're both Megan's and we're both from Ohio.

It's fine. 

Megan: basically the same person. No big deal.

Megan Ericson: No big deal. Oh, I have never met Megan that is not delightful. And who is someone I would want to be a friend with. So you guys are safe with us here. 

Megan: You're in a safe, safe space. Welcome. 

Megan Ericson: Yes, exactly. We welcome all non Megans as well. 

Megan: We do. We do we accept everybody into the club.

Megan Ericson: Yes. So Megan, tell us a little bit about the Mompreneur Guide and why you're so passionate about connections. 

Megan: Oh, my gosh. Yes. So yeah, like you mentioned, Megan, what we are all about here at The Mompreneur Guide is connection. So connecting with ourselves as mompreneurs, cause I truly believe it's not, what's taught it's what's caught when it comes to our kids, but also the people around us, like how we show up affects everybody around us and how high we can all raise up.

But then also connecting with each other, cause doing things like this when we can link our arms together, helps us all grow our businesses. And again, all raise up together. 

And then our communities, because when we can become a recognized resource or an authority in our space, then we can really help the people around us get the help they need, and also help us grow in our business, our mission, our movement, all of the things.

So connection is really at the core of anything that you do, if you wanna do it with heart and you wanna do it in an aligned way, that feels really good. And it's so important to me because I'm a third generation mompreneur. So not only do I have that, but also my major was entrepreneurship. I've always worked at startups like small business is so near and dear to my heart because I am proof that you can be a both present and productive mom.

That we could be around for all the moments with our kids while also following our dreams and passions. And so connection is that vehicle to, to get us to all those places that we wanna be. And so I'm so grateful to be here to share that with you a little bit of the moms side of my life, since I am all about entrepreneurship, I have a three year old son, Jack and a one and a half, almost two year old daughter, Sophia.

And then whenever I talk about. Because my husband, Colin is also a part of our team now, too. So it is a whole family affair over here. We love it. And I'm excited to talk about this topic more. 

Megan Ericson: Oh, yes, it is. So it's such an important topic. I think, particularly for social media, I don't think people think about collaboration all the time.

Like you kind of know, like, this is a collaboration, you and I getting on live together. It was a collaboration and it is absolutely one of my top recommended ways to grow your social, but let me go back. I digress. Let me go back just a second and tell us a little bit about, your experience. As you said, you were a third generation entrepreneur.

How, how did you, what is the arc there of you growing up, witnessing it this to then starting your own business? 

Megan: Yes, gosh. Yeah. So much. So, yeah, I was raised by a mompreneur, who was there to be around for all of my moments. Like she could take me to practice. She could pick me up from school, do all the things and yes, we would have to go back to her office, which seems like, you know, at the time, sometimes it was, Ugh, we have to go to work can't we like go play or whatever, but it was all just in hindsight, the biggest gift that she could have given me. 

And so by the time I was in high school, not only am I a third generation entrepreneur, but everybody in my family runs their own business. And so it was just kind of put out there that like, do what you love and the money will come, you know, let's try to be productive with our time.

And so what that looked like for me is when I turned 18 and I was still in high school, I was like, all right, what else could I be doing? Well, everybody's telling me I'm good at fashion. And so I started my first business. I started it as a fashion blog and then quickly realized at that time, uh, blogging, isn't what it was now. You had no idea who was viewing your stuff. And so I wanted to know the impact I was making. And so I quickly switched over to services and I ran that personal styling business for almost over for very much over 10 years. But really the thought was I see my mom being present and product, I know I've got a long runway until I plan on having kids.

So why don't I be super productive right now, make this a well oiled machine. And then I can go be present when my kids are here, which we can all laugh because that was my 18 year old mind. And that's not really how we want mom entrepreneurship to be, you know, like we want to be able to do both. We don't want to be siloed off in one thing or the other.

And so that was really how it started. I started in this personal styling space and I thought that that was what I wanted. And as time progressed and my kids came along, I was pregnant with our second and final, and I just felt this call that I was meant to do more, meant to do something different. 

And came into The Mompreneur Guide and realized that the core, the president productive was the true vehicle of what I wanted. And my background was always people asking me questions about business and how do I do it? And then eventually the business took a very meta turn in this authority building space, because that's what I was able to do so quickly.

But at the end of the day, that's really been, my goal is just, how can I help you live the life that I've grown up with because I've seen it from both sides. I've been in our kid's shoes. So I can support mompreneurs in a special way that way. But then also I'm in your shoes too. Like I'm right here with you with my little kiddos.

And so how do we do both? How do we juggle in the most beautiful way possible? Hmm. 

Megan Ericson: Yes. I, I love that and I. I hail from third generation working moms, for sure. Not mompreneurs necessarily. So that's the first time I like to do that. And my mom still doesn't know what I do. It's fine. I explain it every it's fine.

Megan: Neither does my mom. She, she only get out when she sees it, but she supports all the way . 

Megan Ericson: Yeah, absolutely. But I had great models for what it looks like to both advanced your own things that you're interested in your own career, support your family, but also be there for your family in a very, yeah, very real way.

I never, I never felt like I was lacking growing up and that's what I've aspired to do for my kids too. And now that we can work from home, like, they don't even know what a desk job even means anymore. Both of us work home. So it is very much, uh, that is one of my hearts of starting my own business.

And, and being there, like you said, I think it's so important to learn. From other moms, how they're handling it, what they're doing, connecting with them in those ways, sharing resources, I'm constantly texting other moms. Like what CPA do you use that they know how to handle this online thing and how are you doing that?

Launching this new product? Or what, what is another way I can do this? Or , do you have a babysitter? I mean, like just things that we need. So what is, what does that look like for the Mompreneur guide and what you're doing? What does connection look like? 

Megan: Yeah. So, yeah, I love that. You just said that too, about the, the connection and the support that it's not always just like the business stuff.

It's anything because like, we all have something to offer and we've all been through different experiences and have different ways to support each other. And so for us connection, in terms of like the business, it's, like I said, ingrained in everything that we do. And I love how you said Megan, like social isn't always looked at or viewed that at, in that way.

It's like, I mean the online space, like we can all raise our hands, like raise our, raise your hand, if you agree with us, it's just like its own little beast. And so our focus on connection is really bringing it into everything that we do. I had a local business prior to this business. So I'm constantly thinking like in the online space, you wouldn't just go up to somebody and be like, "Hey, have my free thing."

No. You would just say "Hi, I'm Megan. Nice to meet you. Tell me about what you do." Like, let's create a friendship. Oh, you're struggling with this? Cool. Let me help you. I have this resource, maybe it's not even related to my business, but oh, I know Megan, who can help you with that. That is really our focus when it comes to connection.

And so then we have containers obviously of places where you could be very intentional about that connection. Like we have a mini mastermind session coming up where Mompreneurs can come and do just. Hi, I'm Megan. This is what I'm up to. Actually, I'm really looking for this in my business right now, or I'm really struggling with this problem.

What do you ladies think? Can I get your feedback? Do I have ideas? I was listening to a podcast the other day and they were saying. How connection and community, especially in person are the only things that can help fuel us in our lives to help keep us going. And so the online space is a gift that we can make these connections, but then we're also thinking.

Now that we can be in person, which it's been so hard over the past couple years, it just hasn't really been an option. But now that we can, it's like that in person connection. The seeing each other's faces sitting in a cozy room together and asking our questions like. Then in hearing that just conversations, spur that are maybe related to business and mom, and maybe they're not, they're, they're just random conversations.

All of that comes when we're all together in a space. And so while we do have online containers, we also have like our connect retreat and our connect collective mastermind where us ladies can get together and really just not feel siloed off in our businesses anymore. And have a space where we can ask these.

Where we can give feedback. It's me being a facilitator, but also me curating the women that are there to help you in your journey. We don't all have all the answers, but as a collective, we can provide a lot of answers together. Yeah, mm-hmm well, let me

Megan Ericson: LEt's address both like online and offline, connection because yes, both are very, uh, needed. And also mastermind, if we talk about that and that's kinda been a buzzword, so I wanna make sure that everybody knows what that means and what that is. So, masterminds first, I have had both and still am in both of, in person and virtual masterminds. But what, Megan, just in your own words, what are they and, and how are they structured?

Megan: Yeah. So I have found masterminds to be an amazing space. It's a container where like-minded people can get together and either they're a step above you, or you all have that like-minded goal, that thing that you wanna reach. And so by getting together in a collective space, whether that's virtually or in person, you can sit down and have people who you trust to raise you up to where you wanna.

Who have some of the answers for where you wanna go and who just give you a space to ask those questions? Like we were talking about, especially people in my community are typically in year, like three to five of their business. And so they've just like had their blinders on, had their head down and been in the weeds of their business.

Just trying to figure out what in the world they're doing. But now they're at this point, we're like, whew. I have a sense of what's going on, but now I'm like, how do I take it to the next level? How do I put kerosene on this fire? And also I've had the weight of the world on my shoulders for three to five years, doing it all myself, and I'm always pouring into my community.

And now I'm looking behind me and realize I don't have anybody to fall back on to lean into. And so for me, masterminds are really that container where you can just feel fully supported and know that it's also gonna give you that momentum to go to that next level, because the people are already where you wanna be or are heading in that direction and being guided by somebody who's there and can take you there.

Megan Ericson: Yeah. And there, there are so many different ones. There are paid and not paid, meaning like we just all collectively agree that we're maybe six of you. I mean, anything larger than. That six to eight, then it gets like too many people to have 

that one-on-one experience, I think. 

Megan: Yeah. Without a facilitator.

For sure. That could be challenging. Whose leading the group. Exactly. 

Megan Ericson: So if it's a paid one where an expert comes forward and says, listen, this is where, where I can really help you. You pay to be in that group for a certain, usually it's a certain period of time or a certain amount of meetings, that kind of thing that can be hugely helpful.

Cause then you have the expert there and then you collectively, everyone is kind of going toward that same goal, but then there's also just mutual ones, of masterminds where you get together. Maybe you're all running a similar type of business or maybe you're all running businesses, but in different spaces, you know, it, it all depends.

But II just think they have been so enormously helpful for my mental framework. Let alone anything, anything else. Like being able to advance my goals? Yes, absolutely. They've done all that things, but then just having someone to text and like, I feel a lot crying today. You know, this is, it's hard and someone who knows and gets it.

It's just so wonderful. 

Megan: So yeah, I was just, with some of the women that are in the mastermind, that I'm a part of. So not only do I host my own, but then obviously I need to be a part of them too. And we spent some time together for retreat and it's like you said, it's that reentering.

It's like every time you get in that container and it's multiple containers, we have a group text and today is an example. There's a lot going on in our world right now. We're selling our house. They're over there taking pictures right now. So I'm at my grandparent's house. And just being able to see synchronicities and be able to text them and be like, I'm texting you because you guys will understand this.

Like I saw 11, 11, and like, that's a thing for our group. And so there's, there's little things like that where you can just open a text with those people and feel that energy, but you can be in person together and feel that energy. And it's like, y'all speak the same language. You know, like what I might say here might seem crazy to some people, but the people in my group, in my world who are doing that same kind of work we're on that journey together.

It's like, oh, you get me, like, you get me with just a look. 

Absolutely. We can, if you've ever been in a, like just a regular, a friend group where maybe your kids are kind of similar ages. And so you get together because your kids are playing together, that kind of. 

Megan Ericson: And then you're kind, you're kind of sitting around there, wishing somebody would ask you about your business, or like, so how is it with lead generation?

And they're like, what are you talking about? I have no, you know, like, like what does that even mean? I know. Or they're like, they either. 

Have a totally a desk job or they maybe are, are work from home mom or like stay at home mom kind of situation. And not everybody understands what you're going through, uh, trying to run your own business and run a family.

So it is, it's just amazing to have that, that connection. And like you said, to be able to speak the same language so that they know yeah, you. THey just know what you're going through. So that's been fantastic for me too. I'm so glad that you're doing this work and helping to connect women in that way. 

So we, we kind of handle like kind of in person and then pay did not pay that kind of thing for masterminds.

But then if we just wanna talk about like overall connection and social media, cause that's what we do here. That's what my expertise is in on social. Can you speak to maybe just connection and what that does for your personal social media growth and how you've been working on that?

Megan: Yes. So that is really how I've pivoted, because like I said, I was a personal stylist for over 10 years and it was a local business.

So the pandemic hit the day that we found out we were pregnant with our second and final and all of my clients were not going anywhere in person anymore. They weren't gonna be on TV. Like they didn't need to be dressed. And that was kind of the beginning of the pivot into this business. And so the online space is this beautiful gift where Megan and I live both in Ohio.

We've never met each other before though. And like, we, we couldn't have bumped into each other on the street. And now we have this space where we got connected from a woman who lives in Virginia, like to Ohios get connected from a woman outside and I've had all these types of stories. And so really for me, I view my Instagram platform. And Megan, I know that you do too, where it's like, this is a community. And even though it's not in person, I treat it just as if somebody's walking into my door, into my space and I'm welcoming you in. And so that's how I treat anybody who comes into my world. 

So like anybody here who follows me. I'm gonna hop into your DMS and say, "Hey, so nice to meet you. Thank you for joining my community. I'd love to get to know you more, like welcome to my home. Here's what we do here. And I'm so excited to chit chat."

And so my big thing there too is like listening to what people need help with. Again, local business. If you ran into somebody at a networking event or you bumped into 'em down on the street and you somehow got a conversation started, it'd be like, "Oh, what are you up to? What's going on? Oh, I know this. Oh, I have that. Like, let me see how I can help you and support you." And if my services fit in there too great.

I'm happy to tell you about them, but maybe I have a different way to support you. And so I think some of the mindset work that I've been doing that I really think helps with connection as well is like untying what we view as achievement and like specific outcomes to what we're doing. And instead just going in and being like being a real person, having those connections, starting a conversation because prior I used social media a bit for my local business, but that just wasn't the way that I had my following.

It was very much more Google, honestly, cause people would be looking for a personal stylist and I'd come up. So it worked. But being able to like create and cultivate and curate a space where you can then invite people in and have conversations with them and just support them in any way. That's how I view my social.

And that's really how I've grown it in such an quick and authentic way. Like even though the numbers don't have to be massive. I make sure that if I don't know you or I don't have a conversation with you, then, like we need to, to scoot you out of this space and, and bring in more of those people, you know, like bot is not gonna stay on my followers list.

I'm not just trying to get 12,000 followers or whatever, 12 million followers. I want 12,000 people who I actually connect with. And so you do that through conversation. 

Megan Ericson: Mm-hmm absolutely. And I love how you said that it's not about selling you on something, right? Like if somebody comes into your space into your community, into your following, it's about starting conversations and relationship building.

And I don't think everybody really connects what that looks like online, because it looks different. It's the same. It's the same as if you were to, as you said, meet somebody at a networking event or you're at a party where you're meeting your neighbors, whatever it is, it is the same. We still connect and build relationships by starting conversations.

Introducing yourself, all of that. It just appears different because we are on screens. Right? But that doesn't change how we fundamentally, as humans build relationships. 

 I talk about this in the Social Growth Society and with like our members, a lot about, um, social selling and how. Marketing and sales have very much merged in the online space.

They used to be siloed and very different things. But as an entrepreneur, as you learn, you quickly learn like, oh, I have to be a marketer as well as. An entrepreneur, 

right? Like you there's all these skills, you didn't know you needed. that 

Megan: so many hats that we wear. 

Megan Ericson: Oh my gosh. So many hats. So you learn, okay.

Well, let me learn mark, which is happens to be my expertise. So that's why I'm trying to help everybody to learn 

how to be a marketer 

in this space. But I personally have also had to learn how to be a salesperson and how, what that looks like. And. Number one, I don't have, my business is no place yet where I can hire a salesperson.

So I need to act as that until I can grow my business to this space where I can have a salesperson. but then also I don't wanna be the creepy one coming cold in your DMS. 

Like, Hey, why do you want this thing? You know, mm-hmm 

I have had to learn number one. How to, how to show up, how to like, just like you said, it's the perfect example.

Like, hi, How, how are you? Who are you? This is who I am exactly. See that even sounds awkward, 

Megan: like right. Coming in, you know, it's 

Megan Ericson: just learning how to do that. Naturally in an online space is a skill that you can acquire. And I, like we said, spoiler alert. It just starts with starting conversations. You know, this isn't.

totally life changing or outside of what you might know, but it just, it doesn't, it's not instinctual because it's weird this online space, so yeah, I guess, um, what does that really just look like 

for you? Mm-hmm 

Megan: I'm so glad that you asked that because that's exactly what I was gonna say next. Cause it.

So to, to keep using the word connection, but if you notice every time we use it, we're using it in different, um, like different versions of the definition, you know? And I think that's the biggest thing is like, so somebody follows you as an example. Okay. That's an easy connection point. They just reached out, raised their hand and said, I'm interested in what you're doing.

So that's easy to start a conversation there, cuz it's a thank you. It's a thank you. I know your time is limited. Like thank you for coming into my world. Now that I see you in my world, I gotta know about your world. Like tell me more. So that's one easy conversation. And again, remembering that all these connection points, these different ways that you can connect with people.

You wanna go back and think to how two things. One, how can I genuinely show up in that conversation? Which then also really starts off before you figure out how do I genuinely say this? It's like, what's really your intent in every interaction that you have and in your business and in your life. And something we talk about in our business and with our clients is our guiding compass, which is like, The overall thing, your legacy, vision mission.

Why like at the end of the day, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. So like, why are we all here? What, what is our purpose? What are we doing? And so if we allow that to guide everything, I think in the online space, the connection it gets, um, spammy, Sammy and uncomfortable because we feel like it has to be like Amazon prime.

It has to. Will you join my, you did this or I see you, oh, you'd be a client. I need to get you right now. And you better, like, I'll get that payment in two days, but I don't, I just don't think it has to be like that. I think it could be more like a snowball effect. That's been my experience where instead of trying to get the next quick hit, I'm in it for the marathon.

And I'm in it to make these connections and, and chat with you and cultivate that relationship because I know cultivating one deep relationship then increases that rate of me being seen all over. Because if I know you really well, and you've got a following of 3000 and you know me really well, and I've got a following of 3000.

Well, now that's 3000 new people that we got to tap into by tapping into one person. So to go back to the connection point though. Okay. So somebody follows you. That's an easy way to get a conversation started. Another thing too is sometimes it's like, I see, like Megan, I think , we saw each other through Allison first.

Before we even really connected and to see also you have Ohio on your profile. So even if maybe I haven't been introduced to somebody, then I can go and say like, "Ooh, you're in Ohio. I'm in Ohio. Hey Megan, I never meet Ohioans online." This is real life. Like I, I rarely ever meet Ohio so we can say Hi, I don't know about.

But it's really hard to meet ohioans and I see that we've got mutual friends, like, you know, Allison, I know Allison, that means you're good people. I gotta learn more about what you're doing and you can just take it from there. So that would be like, the next thing is looking and seeing what are those touch points maybe they posted about, , the college that you went to, or the school that you went to, where you have similar age kids, or like, there are so many points that can start a conversation that don't have to be, Hey, this is what I'm doing.

And I've got something for free. And I think you. You know, we could start somewhere else. Yeah. So there's, there's definitely those different points that you can think about in order to start a conversation. And then the last thing that I'll say in terms of connection too, is all of this becomes extra easy.

And Megan, I know you've got platforms like this, so you can attest to it. If you host something, if you have your own platform, which could be as easy as. You have Instagram, you can host Instagram lives. You have a podcast. That's an easy way to grow your authority and have a home to bring people back to, you know, Hey, I, Megan, I'm learning more about you.

You're amazing. My platform's all about this. My big legacy vision mission wise to empower as any, as many mom entres as possible. You're a mom entrepreneur, let's get you on my thing. And so I also view these connections as like, how can I give first? And I know like abundance mindset, it's an infinity loop I'm gonna give, and we're gonna find different ways to, to receive that as well.

And so I, the other piece of the puzzle that I think has helped me with my growth and my connections is that ability to have platforms that I host on mm-hmm 

Megan Ericson: absolutely. I love the, all of those. mindset and practical tips. They've just given everyone. So tell us if we kind of wrap up here. I can't believe a half an hour is gone my so fast.

But number one, shout out to Allison Hardy for connecting us because we keep saying her name. So I just wanted to say go follow Alison Hardy. She's amazing and wonderful. She's big connector of mom from entrepreneurs. So go follow her but also how can we support you, Megan?

How can my community support you and find you. And all the wonderful things you're doing? 

Megan: Oh my gosh. Yes. Well, thank you for having me. Thank you for all taking the time to watch. I'm so excited to meet you and have you in my network and all of the things, and I really would love to take it to the next level with you.

And so what we are actually doing on August 19th is like we're putting out the bat signal, calling all mompreneurs. We wanna get us all together in a zoom room and be able to mastermind to show you what a container like this, what a mastermind can look like and begin to have those conversations. Maybe it's something that you're struggling with in your business.

Maybe it's an idea you have that. You're not sure how it would hit. And so you wanna just get some feedback and finally feel like you can. Release that weight of the world that you've been holding onto because the women around you have got you. And so if you click the link in my bio, you can come, it's completely free.

It's a one hour session. We're getting all the mompreneurs together in one room and imagine the magic and ideas that could be created there. All in honor of our mastermind, that will be launching in September. So we're really excited to show you the power of this container and the power of connections, because we truly believe they are your currency.

 All right. Well thank you for being here, this is a great conversation and I know I will see you around on Instagram. 

Yeah. Thanks for having me, Megan. 

Megan Ericson: Bye bye.