Megan's Social Media Marketing Show - episode 8 - 5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Reached 10,000 Followers on Instagram

ep08 - 5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Reached 10,000 Followers on Instagram

show Feb 17, 2021

Follower count isn’t everything. You can make a living on the leads generated from a smaller following than 10,000. BUT, sales is a percentage game. The more followers you have, the more potential for sales. There’s no getting around the math.

Why is getting to 10,000 followers a big deal?

The biggest benefit to hitting 10,000 followers is Instagram grants you its coveted Swipe Up feature that allows you to link to any webpage you like in your Stories. Besides the one link allowed in the profile bio, the Swipe Up is the only place a direct link can be used. Eliminating that one barrier is huge for clearing the path to the sale.

If you’ve been on Instagram for awhile striving for that 10,000-follower mark but your follower count keeps falling short, I cover the top 5 reasons this may be happening.



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[00:00:00] I'm challenging myself to hit 10,000 followers on Instagram, my personal Instagram account in just 10 months, but doing it by myself, didn't sound any fun. So I'd like to invite you along with me, I'm gathering a small challenge group and giving them a new growth strategy to follow each month. We'll cheer each other on as we grow together.

[00:00:25] If that sounds fun for you. I'm going to tell you more about it at the end of this episode. Hello? Hello today, I'm going to give you five reasons why you haven't reached 10,000 followers on Instagram. Now. Follower count isn't everything. You can make a living on the leads generated from a smaller following than 10,000.

[00:00:51] I make a full-time living and I'm not there. However, sales is a percentage game. The more followers you have, the more potential for sales, there's just no getting around the math. But why specifically is 10,000 followers a big deal on Instagram? The biggest benefit is Instagram. Grant you its coveted swipe-up feature.

[00:01:18] You're then able to attach a link to your Instagram stories. So your followers, see the words swipe up, appear at the bottom of the story. They can then move it up with their finger and be taken directly to whichever link you wish. Besides that one link in your profile bio, the swipe up is the only place a direct link can be used on Instagram.

[00:01:44] And of course you have to have 10,000 followers to get that, but eliminating that one barrier is huge for clearing the path to the sale. Otherwise in stories. Or even in your feed, you have to tell them to click the link in the bio. And then usually you have a variety of links. If you're using a link tree service or something like that.

[00:02:10] And then they get lost along the way. If you've been on Instagram for a while, striving for that 10,000 mark, but your follower count keeps falling short. Here are the top five reasons why this may be happening. Reason number one, you're not giving them a reason to follow you. People go to your profile.

[00:02:36] And the question in their heads is what's in it for me. They're not going there to see you. And. I hate to break this to you, but it's not about you. It's your account, but it's not about you. If they look at your profile and can't find an answer to that question immediately, you won't get the follow, pure and simple.

[00:03:02] They're trying to figure out what's in it for me. What will I like here? If they look at your bio and it's all about you and what you like, and they look at your first night and posts, and you're only using I and me pronouns, they won't feel welcome or included. Tell them immediately, what value you'll bring to their lives in your bio and continually invite conversation and inclusion in your posts.

[00:03:34] Reason number two, that you probably haven't hit that 10,000 follower Mark on Instagram is they can't trust you. The guiding principle in making sales and gaining followers online is getting them to know like, and trust you if they don't. They won't follow what fosters trust on social media? I think the secret lies in four of my favorite C words, consistency, content, clarity, and confidence.

[00:04:12] Consistently showing up for your followers, shows them that you care, creating content that adds value to their lives, makes them want to come back for more and being super clear upfront about what you'll provide and following through on that promise post after post creates confidence. And as we all know, Confidence is sexy.

[00:04:41] Reason number three, you're posting, but not engaging social media accounts. Aren't virtual billboards where you post your announcements. Bill billboards don't invite conversation or community social media is meant to be [00:05:00] well social. So don't treat your account as one-way communication. Don't hit "post" and ghost your followers.

[00:05:09] People want to see a fun engaging place to hang out. No one wants to hang out a billboard for fun and your followers. Won't either instead ask questions and every post start conversations, use those question boxes in stories and. Be genuinely curious, you'll get genuine answers and people who genuinely want to hang around for the next conversation.

[00:05:41] Reason number four, you're spending your time comparison scrolling. You may think you don't have enough time to start focused growth strategies, but I know you're spending time on Instagram, but you're mostly posting then [00:06:00] scrolling to see what others are doing. What if, what would it look like if you took that time that you spent scrolling and actually.

[00:06:11] Put it back into in connecting with your community and finding new members for it. What would that do for your following? I'll clue you in on a little secret, there are places your people gather. On Instagram in-person gatherings. Remember those have been replaced with a different kind of gathering system called hashtags, showing up at hashtag parties and adding value and insights to those conversations is a way to go beyond those who are following and reach out to others to bring them in.

[00:06:50] Do your party. You'll also learn their, what they're into, what they struggle with and where you can be of service. And you don't even have to delve into those hashtags. Your followers will tell you exactly what they want. If you take the time to ask them, everyone wants to give their opinions. All you have to do is ask in your posts and your stories and your videos, your direct messages anywhere.

[00:07:21] I mean, a question is a way to start a conversation. And reason number five, that you are not hitting the 10,000 follower mark on Instagram is you are trying to do this alone or maybe even worse. You think you're the only one who can do it. Building a following means building a community, and that can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders.

[00:07:54] It can feel like you have to keep feeding the content machine for it to be happy [00:08:00] with you. With the algorithms changing all the time and new features being added. It can be hard to keep up, but. What you can get and what you need is to find a support network of other community leaders to help you bear that burden.

[00:08:18] Not only can they be a support to you, but they can support your community as well. Collaboration is powerful. Finding other leaders, AKA Instagram accounts that are running parallel to yours. They're in your same niche, or have a similar focus and working together with them, whether it's sharing each other's posts, guest, writing, blog posts, or hosting contests.