Megan's Social Media Marketing Show - episode 16 - Encouragement for When It Seems Like No One Cares on Social Media

ep16 - Encouragement for When It Seems Like No One Cares on Social Media

show Apr 14, 2021

I have a message of encouragement for you when your social media followers are down, you’re not getting any engagement and it seems like no one cares. Reach and engagement is down across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – the three largest platform – and that can make it feel like all our efforts are for nothing.

This episode will help you remember:

  • Your post’s performance doesn’t equal your performance.
  • You’re doing a good job! Social media is changing constantly continuing to return day after day is a triumph.
  • Doing something IRL (in the real world) can help us get a fresh perspective and inspiration.
  • Finding other business owners to help encourage and support you is crucial.



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Hello, and welcome to Megan's social media marketing show. Today, I have a message of encouragement for you when it feels like no one cares on social media, for when your followers are down your engagement is non-existent, maybe you went an entire week and no one commented on anything that you posted. I have had weeks like that.

In all, honesty, this episode is inspired by the fact that all of my platforms and all of my clients' platforms are down. It is brutal on social media right now, especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which are the three largest platforms. And it's been really discouraging, almost crushing.

I wanted to record this message as an encouragement to you and an encouragement to me and something that we could return to over and over when we have a bad week, we have a bad month, maybe even a bad season on social media, because it just happens and we need to come back to the fact over and over again, that we are doing a good job. We cannot control the things that happen on social media, but we can move forward and be inspired to do new and better things in the future and to continue to grow our business. 

One thing that I want you to remember is that your post-performance does not equal your performance. How a post does on social media does not equal your personal value or worth. A rejection of a social media post does not equal a rejection of you personally.

I know that it may feel like that because our business is our baby. And we're so passionate about the things that we're posting. And if we just hear crickets after we hit post, it can be crushing. Believe me, I understand that. But if we can learn to separate that, learn to separate the facts, the results, the stats, from what we've done to take the emotion out of it. Then we can start to see it in a different light.

That's why I'm a huge proponent of tracking your stats weekly and or monthly and trying – even though it's really, really tempting – not to check that follower-count midweek, but only doing it once and only looking at how your posts are performing once a week because then I've had a little time to separate the emotions from what I've posted, and how I think and feel it should have performed with how it actually does perform and take it as a piece of information rather than an evaluation of how I've done. 

I know it's really difficult, but the more I tell myself that, and the more I do it the better I get.

I also want to tell you, in case it's been a long time, that you are doing a good job. This is hard. There is nothing natural about social media.

I even went to college and have a marketing degree, but social media didn't even exist when I graduated. So this is all new. We are all working in an environment where the rules are changed on us weekly, if not daily. And so much work goes into it. Each and every post, the rules, and best practices are different on each platform.

So it's complicated and it's hard. And the fact that you are showing up day after day, week after week for your business is a triumph. You are doing a good job. This is hard.

Having those things in mind, there is very little that we can control on social media. There are lead measures and there are lag measures in business. The lead measures are the things that you can control. They are: how many posts you put out there, when you post, if you use images versus video, and what kind of engagement strategies you use afterward.

All those things are things you can control, but you cannot control the results. Those are the lag measures. You cannot make somebody follow you no matter how hard you try and, believe me, that is one of the most frustrating parts of social media. No matter how hard I try, I can't make somebody follow me, make somebody stay. And really do we really want them to if that's how they feel?

So, what we can do though when that situation happens? When we're in despair and when it feels like nobody is in our corner. We can take a break, go do something IRL, in the real world, and get some perspective because this is a really strange world, the social media world. And it can feel like our whole lives live in this box, in this phone, on this computer.

And, really, that's not the case. That's only one aspect of our lives and our business and just taking a break and getting some perspective is helpful, even if it's only for one evening or for an afternoon.  

We can also find a buddy to commiserate with. Find a fellow entrepreneur or business person who's trying to do something similar who is also trying to grow their social media and commiserate with them.

Maybe find a mastermind group where you can support one another or a mentor that's gone ahead of you, but just somebody to vent, to verbally process. These things are immensely helpful for me. And I know if I start getting resentful toward this job, that I truly, truly love that I need to talk to somebody about it and it doesn't help to just keep it in. I need to let it out, let it go.

And, the last thing  I'll leave you with, the last thing you can do to help, to go from a mindset of despair to positivity about your social media is to find fresh inspiration. And I think it's easier than we may think it is. Meaning when you're talking to that buddy or that friend,  ask them what they think you did really well or what they really liked about what you did, or even having them remind you of the things that you said that they thought were genius, that you thought were just commonplace. That's one place to find inspiration. 

We can also go look into other platforms that we may not be on. I know I love to go on YouTube and just fall down a rabbit trail of videos. And oftentimes I find inspiration there in different types of businesses that aren't even in my industry, ways that they're innovating. They inspire me and spark ideas for things that I could do. 

Exploring other social media. If you're normally on Instagram, go on Pinterest and see what people are doing there. If you're normally on TikTok, maybe try LinkedIn. They're very different worlds. And oftentimes that can spark something in us and get us excited to create again. 

Because that's where we need to be in the place of, Feeling like we're in control again that we can do this because we can and we have, and we will. I believe in you. And I believe in me and we can both do this together. 

I hope these things were encouraging for you that you learned to separate the performance of the post from your personal performance, that you can recognize that this isn't a blame game. We're not here to be in despair because we can't control these things, but there's freedom in not being able to control it because then you're off the hook and you can use your creativity and get inspired again, to do great things and grow on social media.