Megan's Social Media Marketing Show - episode 17 - Know Your Customer on Social Media: Enneagram Type Nine

ep17 - Know Your Customer on Social Media: Enneagram Type Nine

show Apr 28, 2021

Find out how Enneagram Nines approach social media!

Modern marketing says you need to find your one, perfect customer and get to know their preferences, habits, likes, and dislikes. The Enneagram is an ancient knowledge system paired with modern-day psychology to describe nine distinct personality types. I'm on a mission to discover what the Modern Enneagram can tell Modern Marketing about the personality of your one, perfect customer. 

My next guest in this series is one of my friends, Jenn Collins. 

Jenn is an Enneagram Type Nine. We discuss:

  • What she likes and dislikes on social media
  • What makes her click on a post, comment, or share
  • The platforms she loves to hang out on
  • How marketers can make sure Nines feel loved on their social

If you've ever wished you could get in your customer’s head and know how to create social media content for them, this conversation with Jenn could get you one step closer.


About My Guest:

Jenn Collins is the founder and Chief Self-Care Officer of the Mama Needs Subscription Box and host of The Mama Needs Podcast. She's on a mission to help Mamas understand the need for self-care and give them the tools and inspiration to prioritize it. She’s been married to her high school sweetheart for 15 years and they have 3 kids ages 12, 9, and 5! Jenn is an enneagram 9 and loves coffee, a good Netflix show, and dreaming up new ideas for her subscription boxes!


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Megan:  Hello and welcome to Megan's social media marketing show. I am so excited to bring you today. A special guest Jen Collins, who is one of my good friends who we have yet to meet. In real life, Jen, I cannot help, but you know, global pandemics and all that, all that, no big deal that no big deal.

But, Jen, I will let her introduce herself and all the wonderful things she does, but she is here as a part of our, get to know your customer through the Enneagram series, representing enneagram nines. Thank you so much for being here today, Jen. 

Jenn: Thank you for having me. 

Megan: So tell us about you, what you do and anything, anything else, a little bit maybe about your family and where you are?

Jenn: Yeah, sure.  So I live in Western, North Carolina in the mountains sort of near Asheville. Most people have heard of Asheville, but most people have not heard of where I live. It's very small. But very Charming mountain town. But I hail from the Fort Lauderdale Miami, Florida area. My heart will always be there.

I'm a native Floridian. But we live here in North Carolina. Love it. Total change of pace, of slower, slower life, which we were craving and needing. I live here with my husband. We've been married almost 16 years. And we have three kids, a 12 year old girl, nine-year-old son and a five-year-old son.

Uh, and I started my own business. I never sought out to be an entrepreneur, but here I am. And I started a subscription box. It's a self care box for moms called mama needs box. And I started it in December of 2018. I also started the Mama Needs Podcast just around the same time where I interview moms about all the things that mama needs and our boxes are super special, curated by me with self-care items that are just for the mom because our mission is to help mamas remember that they matter. So. 

Megan: I love that. I love your mission. I'm a subscriber. Like, I feel like I need to disclose that I love it so much. I am a subscriber. I get it every month. And if you to feel like there's a mama in your life that needs this box, definitely go subscribe to that. It's worth it. So, Jen, we're here to talk about social media.

And I just would love to get from you an overall sense of how you spend your time on social media. What apps do you deep dive in or not? Where do you spend your time on those individual apps? Just kind of a general overview to get us started. 

Jenn: Yeah. Well, I, I feel like I'm an elder millennial and because of that, I don't remember.

So I sort of remember a time without computers, but it's very,  very dim memory. So we got a computer pretty early on. My dad owns a TV repair business and he brought home a computer. He used to fix all kinds of stuff and. We've had a computer for a very long time and we got AOL America online. We had, you know, all the dial up, we have everything.

I have been on Facebook since it started from the very beginning. When you had to have a college email address. And, uh, so I joined in college, I think it was like 2004, maybe. And so I just feel like I'm kind of anOG  Facebook user makes me feel really old about that. I've been through all the changes and seeing all the things happen.

But I basically, you know, I, I use it on a daily basis. I use Facebook and Instagram for the most part. I have Facebook, you know, for me personally, and then for my business and then Instagram, I have a personal private. Profile. And then I have my public business profile and so I use them interchangeably.

I, again, go on daily. I did full disclosure hire a social media manager for my business, which was one of the best decisions I've made in 2021, just to help me with strategy and not be on my phone, like all the time. And so she has been a godsend she's been amazing in just the two short months that she's been working with me.

And so. So yeah, those are pretty much the only platforms that I use on a daily basis, just Instagram and Facebook. So kind of boring, but I like to keep it simple.

Megan:  I know right? Nothing wrong with that.. So what, since we're talking about those two, Facebook and Instagram, What do you spend time on when you're on Facebook?

For example? 

Jenn: I basically use Facebook for just my personal life. You know, I do follow some brands and you know, people that maybe have some influence. But I basically use it to just catch up with my friends and share pictures and videos of my kids and our life and what we're doing. So yeah, that's basically how.

How I spend my time on Facebook. I also have a Facebook group for my business, and so I use that quite a bit as well, just to connect with my customers and not all of them are on Facebook. So of course they don't get to connect with them, know all on, on there. But it's kind of a good mix of like, some customers are just on Instagram and I connect with them there.

And then some are just on Facebook. And so I'm able to, to share things in both places that are relevant to my business. So, do you ever catch yourself clicking on ads in Facebook? Do you interact with them there? Yeah, I thought about that question and I, I don't know, I'm not really a big ad clicker.

I will, if it, if it's really something that I'm looking for, but I get really angry. Megan, when, when I think my like eight lane comes out, maybe when I'm targeted, like where the, I know that I had a discussion, like let's, let's, I'm trying to think of an example, something totally random that maybe my husband and I were discussing something that some kind of lawn tool we moved into a new house last summer.

And so now we're like, you know, really taking care of our own house brings a lot of challenges and, and extra expenses obviously. And he was talking about something that I've never heard of before. And I can't remember what it actually is right now, unfortunately, but it was something. Outside lawn, how home-related and I had never heard of it.

And the next day I saw an ad for it and I was just so mad, like stop listening to me. I clearly don't want that. I have, I've never searched for it. I never even would, I didn't know what it was. So things like that. Kind of deter me from clicking on ads when I know that I've been targeted because of that, because of the conversation or because, or because of something that I looked up, you know, Googled or whatever.

So they kind of drive me crazy. 

Megan: My theory on that, especially with spouses. Is that Facebook knows that they're your spouse. You've told them, right. So they're like, Oh, well, if we sent the ad to the wife, maybe they'll be more likely tomorrow. That's my theory on that.

Jenn: It's a good theory. Yeah, probably true.

Megan: It's similar situation where you were talking about something and it shows up, this happened on Instagram though. I was at. I'm in a dance company and on Sunday nights we were at rehearsal and one of the ladies get these really cool new shoes and we're talking about them. And of course they showed up the next day and I was not surprised about, I was like, okay, fine.

The, so then two or three weeks later, I told her, I was like, of course your shoes showed up in my feed. Like that's so creepy. And we just like, had this literally in my explore tab, it was the first picture of the next morning. I was like, what? And we weren't even, I don't even have my phone on me in the dance studio.

That's the weird part is that like isn't geo tagged to know that I'm sitting in like the. Like it's sitting in the, uh, what's the word I'm looking for? Parking lot of the dance studio is that Holly? No, I don't know. Anyway, just the fact that I don't know, I do watch a fair amount of dancing videos. So just assuming anyway, all that to say it is creepy because they have so many pieces of data on us.

That we don't even know. Probably they've probably just connected the dots and been like, Oh, since she likes X, Y, and Z she's of a certain age, her husband does this, whatever the like this, anyway. Yes it is. And I totally understand. However, it's interesting because I don't get angry about it. I just know I'm like, sometimes I'm like kind of happy about it.

Cause I'm like, I would like, I'm just telling my phone right now, you know, I'm really looking for, so at least the Instagram, at least I feel like the ads know me better than I know me sometimes. And they suggest better things that I would know to look for. 

Jenn: Oh, well, I, I don't, I don't get like super angry anymore.

I think I used to, and now it's almost just like, well, There it is like, but it just bugs me. And we do laugh about it because I'll be like, Joel, my gosh, this show just showed up on my phone. Remember when we talked about this? Like we got a puppy and we were talking about potty, not potty training her obviously, but like.

How's training her and getting her to go outside, to go to the bathroom. And of course I was getting ads for days about, you know, pads for dogs, like pads to put on the floor. And I'm like, why would I buy that? Buying that? But just like stuff like that, where I'm like, they know that we got a dog. I mean, obviously I've posted pictures and stuff, but yeah, it just bugs me that.

Uh, the information is out there. I mean, I put it out there. I know like it's, it comes with it, but it just yeah, it just bothers me.

Megan: Yeah. So message to advertisers is don't do super creepy things. Yeah. Just don't be creepy. 

Jenn: Stalker-ish yeah.

Megan: Curious, on Facebook, are you one that. Keeps up with making sure that you post pretty frequently about your kids personally, you post pretty frequently about your kids.

Every milestone is documented, that sort of thing. Or has that. Was that more frequent before and now you're getting more away from that?

Jenn:  I think I used to be more, frequent about that, uh, about miles, family, milestones, sharing all the things before I had a business. And even though my account is private, like I'm not worried about that.

I think I just, I just don't want to be on the phone all the time. And so I just don't share, or maybe I've just gotten older where I'm just like, I just want to keep it to myself. Like I didn't share that we moved for quite a while, and that was partially because I was trying to be sensitive because we moved during a global pandemic and lots of people are going through a hard time and it just, it was just weird and I just felt.

Really strange about sharing that. But then I found when I did share it, people are like, why did you wait so long? We want to celebrate your good news. We are so happy for you. Like, I can't tell you how many comments I got about that. Like keep sharing good news. And so once I heard that, I was like, you know, maybe I shouldn't hold back so much.

But I do not post as regularly on my personal stuff. As I used to, but I pretty much always post you know, birthdays for my kids. I just love to look back at all the old pictures. I love Timehop, uh, the time hop app. Cause it goes through my Facebook, my Insta and the photos on my phone.

You can connect all of those things and it'll show me that's actually. One app. I open every single day. I don't know if that's considered social media, but it does use social media to, to tell you. So I love opening up that app every day and seeing, and I would love to like, show my kids, like, look when you were at baby, 

Megan: Until you said that literally I did not realize it was a separate app.

Like I just assumed it was like baked into Facebook somewhere and I just never accessed it. 

Jenn: Facebook has its own like. Memory's true section, but the time hop app is something that you have to like go and download specifically. But I like it because it shows me Facebook, Instagram, and pictures from my phone that maybe I just didn't post, but I took that day.

And so, I love, love, love to look back on, you know, funny things that my kids said that I shared, like my kids. When I, I think when I stayed, when I was a stay at home, mom and I still stay at home, but I, you know, I have a business now when I was a stay-at-home mom, like my kids would say the funniest things.

And it was a way for me to share what they said. And for my family who lived far away to keep up with me, uh, you know, I moved, like I said, from Florida to North Carolina, and it was just a really great way to document kind of their lives and what was going on  In that time. So I'm grateful when I open that to see some of the funny things they've said and the cute pictures.

So, so yeah, as far as posting frequently, I've kind of slowed down on that and they're older. My kids are 12, nine and five. And so I'm, I'm trying to also be sensitive to their privacy, you know,

Megan:  Two things I'm hearing you say, number one is that. Nines are overall there. I'm trying to think of the right term there.

Viewpoint is in the past. So. You love that when people remind you when you are reminded of things that happened in the past. So, and that, so that's very important to you and you love that aspect of social media, which I do too. And now I'm absolutely gonna download the time off. I'm excited about that.

And. Secondly, you are very conscious of other people's perception of what you post. So as you said, you waited to kind of, even though I'm not sure what waiting did for you just delay telling people maybe, maybe you were delaying until were you thinking like until the pandemics kind of farther along or that it is.

No, you didn't. 

Jenn: I don't even know. It is something that I struggle with, uh, is what other people perceive and what they think. And I, because I'm a nine, I literally can see every single viewpoint of, of what people are, might think, you know, what they even. I like, I can put words in people's mouths that they haven't even said, you know, that's just like a horrible thing that I can do.

And so, yeah, I think I was just, it was just a mental thing. I just wasn't ready to share it. And I just waited, so I don't know. I don't exactly know why it is.

Megan:  So does it bother you? When you're viewing other people's posts, let's say from brands or PR or people who own businesses, when, what you're reading from them might be perceived as insensitive to certain groups.

Jenn: Does it bother me? 

Megan: Does it bother you? 

Jenn: Yeah. Yeah, it does. It does bother me. I think that I, because again, I can see other people's point of view. I'm like, Ooh, that might be bad for this person to read. And I, I'm a, I'm a person who looks at the comments. And reads all the comments and I'll even save a post that I want to go back later and read the comments.

Cause I know like maybe the person just posted it and I'm like, Oh man, this is going to be good. And so

I, you say that to relate and I am not, uh, I, I might not comment. I probably won't because again, being a nine Not wanting to cause controversy, not wanting to enter into conflict, unless I feel strongly about that subject. And I feel. I like I can speak to it with authority and experience and knowledge.

I'm probably not going to engage. I may like somebody's comment. I may like the post. I may not. It's depends. But yeah, I'm very sensitive to, to those posts. So you can imagine how election time was for me. Reading posts and going back, reading comments. I like, I just like to know what people are thinking.

Megan:  Right. So you would, let me ask you this then what brands, businesses, people who own, I know you're in your heart, you love mama owned businesses and small businesses. So which ones are you most attracted to? And maybe not even just which ones, but the types of things that they post. 

Jenn: Well, not to be too super shallow.

There are some deep, deep things too, but I love people who share like what they're wearing. That's working for them, especially if we have similar body types because I think, you know, representation of different body types and sizes and shapes matters. And so for me, I'm always looking at. Okay, what will that look good on me?

And you know, it looked good on her, so maybe I'll check that out. There, I don't, like I said, I don't really click on ads, but if somebody I follow who I've already kind of established that, like know like, and trust with them, if they share a shirt or a beauty product or shoes, or, you know, something like that I have been known to buy it based off of their recommendation.

I think that, I think that's what matters to me is like, is that I already have an established, you know, relationship with them, even if it's just one sided, they have no idea who I am. I like them. I trust them. I've seen what they've posted and I feel okay about, you know, Yeah. Even if it's affiliate I'm okay with that.

I want to help people you know, make money and with our businesses. So I pay attention to that. I do pay attention of course, to any, any self care type of message that I would want to reshare. That's important to me too, is just getting, getting that message out there as many ways as possible.

I also don't believe in competition. I believe in collaboration. And so for me if there's another. You know, business that is similar to mine. Uh, but we have the same message. I, I love it. And I will celebrate with them and I'll comment. I'll like it I'll sometimes share. You know, and I just, I want, I want the message to get out to as many people as possible.

We have different, you know, we're different people. We have different reaches and like I heard you say on a. Uh, on a recent episode of yours, you know, there's like 1 million Instagram followers there's enough to go around.

Megan:  So it was 1 billion is billion. 

Jenn: That's what it was. With a B.

Yeah. So I just feel like, you know, I'm, I'm over that kind of, uh, competition lifestyle. So I, I really enjoy. Any messages like that, that I can reshare. And then anything that kind of makes me think. Any strong messages, anything like going on in the, the world where I want to have our, I want to read different people's viewpoints on it.

Because I, I may not know how I feel being a nine. I might not know exactly where I stand on an issue. Of you know, of anything and, you know, name it. I'm not, I might know. I might not know. And so I love following people who think different than me, I don't follow you know, everybody who thinks the same as me, I just, I don't want to hear the same message over and over again.

So. I love you know, following different accounts that may believe different things as me may share different things as me, but I want to hear that side of it because again, I just, I want to know what other people are thinking and, and weigh, you know, weigh the different viewpoints and then kind of make a decision on where I stand.

Megan: Hmm. Oh, that's so interesting too. So then you use social media as a way to find out. How you feel about things  too, 

Jenn: but I think it's important to hear from actual people. You know, I've, I've want to read the facts because I'll read it somebody who's opinion in a comment or something, I'll be like, Hmm, it doesn't sound right.

Or, you know, where's that coming from? Uh, is that somebody just, you know, saying it to say it or is it actually real? And so, I mean, there's definitely a place for, you know, Following the news and facts and stuff. But I also like to know what actual people are thinking and saying. So, so you would probably attract into accounts too, that are starting great conversations.

For sure. Yeah. And again, I like to read the comments.

Megan:  You're like get those problems. That's great. So Instagram, let's talk a little bit about Instagram. how you personally, like when you were there, maybe you're not creating your business. Now. I realize that those lines cross trust me. I realized they crossed, but when you're just there for your own personal entertainment, what are you doing?

Jenn: Yeah. I mean, when I'm on my personal account, I am keeping up with my friends and seeing what they're doing and seeing what their kids are doing. And just interacting with them, sharing their posts, commenting on their stuff. You know, Obviously, if I'm following them as a friend, I'm more apt to to comment and interact and engage.

Because I already have a relationship with them and I feel comfortable. Like they won't, you know, shut me down or argue with me incessantly in a comment or a post So I feel like it's my personal profiles feel just like a safe place for me to be, you know, who I am and say, say what I want to say or can, or feel like I need to say.

And. So, yeah, I, I mainly use the, the private social media outlets just to interact with the people I, that I love and that I know. I don't, you know, I don't know why, but I think a lot of people will. Follow or try to add me as a friend, just knowing me for my business or  I live in a small town and a lot of people, everybody knows everybody type of thing, but like I've never had a conversation with that person.

I usually will say, you know, delete because, and I hate to say that, but yeah, because it's like conflicting for me. But at the same token, I'm like, I don't know you, like, why would I. Add somebody that I never talked to. It's different if like, I haven't actually met you in person, but we have a relationship.

We have a friendship to build off of. But if you know, somebody who's just coming on and following me and asking, you know, asking to, to be a friend when I'm like, I've never met you. I just feel funny about that.

Megan:  So do you spend more time in stories or feed posts? 

Jenn:  A little bit of both when I go on I'll, I'll kind of scroll a little bit on the feed and then, you know, obviously the stories of like the closest friends that I have will appear first.

And so I'll, I'll go through and watch stories. I used to, I used to do a lot more. I used to watch a lot more of them, but I've just. Try to set up some boundaries for myself. But but yeah, I th I'd say stories and feed posts are kind of equal for me. I, I appreciate it. And like both.

Megan:  Okay. So the other platforms, yeah.

Tell me real quick. I'll just name them. Pinterest. Pinterest. 

Jenn: Yes, I love Pinterest. I just don't use it daily, but I'd say I use it a good amount at least a few times a week. I don't put content on Pinterest though. That's where I, I just haven't gotten there yet. I don't really know how to use it in that way.

I use it as a search search engine, uh, to find recipes for the most part. I have my own personal you know, Account on there. And then I do have a business account. Uh we've. We've kind of experimented with using, uh, boards for like last year we did a theme for one of our boxes. Every theme is mama needs something.

As you know, and so last April, I believe it was, we did mama needs a meal plan. And so everything inside the box helped us plan meals helped us kind of, you know, you had kitchen tools, it had, you know, everything was self care related, but it also helped you actually do the work. And it was really timely because we were all staying home in the pandemic and it was like, okay, well we're all cooking whether we like it or not.

So this is what we're doing. And so we added a little bit of value by Allowing the subscribers only to have access to a board that had a ton of recipes on it that I've personally made and love that my family loves that are always like wins. And as moms, like, I can't tell you my best friend texts me.

Weekly, almost daily with like, I need a plan for dinner and I'm like, why do you always think I have a plan? And so we just share constantly recipes. And so that's what, that's the field that I wanted. So I love Pinterest for that because I could share it easily with people. And, and you can make secret boards too, which I also appreciate.

I use it for, you know, house projects, how I want my kid, you know, we're eventually gonna kind of not gut our kitchen, but like just refresh our kitchen. It's from the nineties and it has green counter to Hunter green. Countertops, which are lovely. So, you know, just things that I, ideas that I have for them, how's that just to refresh it and make it our own.

But mostly I use it for you know, recipes and home projects. If I'm, researching self-care products, I'll go there too. And, uh, search for things that I know will help me figure out what people want, what moms need. 

Megan: So, what I'm hearing is a theme of anything that you post or share, you make sure that there is a personal connection for you.

Like we know authentically that if you are sharing this, this is something you wholeheartedly believe in, have either used or have really trust from a recommend, from someone that, you know, personally, is that accurate. 

Jenn: That is accurate. I, I don't just post willy-nilly. But I I'm very intentional about what I, again, because of the, the outside per you know, what people would perceive from the outside.

I do want to be really careful about what I, what I post and what I say. I want it to, I want it to matter if I'm going to say it, so, yeah. 

Megan: Okay. How about Twitter? 

Jenn: Uh, I think, you know, how I feel about Twitter. I I don't like Twitter at all. And I joined when it first launched and I actually grabbed my handle name, which is at Jen Collins, which, you know, uh, there's a million Jen Collins is in the world.

And so, somehow I grabbed that first, but there is a Jen Collins photographer. Somewhere. And she gets tagged accidentally with my account all the time. So I just don't even use it. I got so frustrated with Twitter, with the, the character count. I'm just like, why, why I don't, you know, I just, I feel like I don't want to be limited in what I want to say.

And I just found it overwhelming constantly, you know, just like. You know, you could have a thousand tweets come up within two minutes of refreshing it and that's just overwhelming to me. And I'm like, I just don't, I can't, I can't read it. And so, I do have a handle for mama needs box too, but again, I just wanted to save the handle.

That's something you taught me, so I, uh, I'm on there, but I'm not on there. 

Megan: Gotcha. Yeah. LinkedIn. 

Jenn: Nope. Uh, I think that I do have a.

But it's just not a place where I want to be time it. I'm sure. It's great. I, and I've heard some people who've really benefited from it. I think I'm on there, but again, I don't use it. I don't, I didn't really understand what it was for. I feel like it's more for corporate professionals and that's just not who I am.

And so, yeah, I'm not really on it at all. Okay. 

Megan: Any other platforms that you, where you tick tock? 

Jenn: So, uh, I have to talk because I think I, I needed it to see something. I don't have an account but I, I, if I want to watch videos like that, I just go to Instagram and watch reels. I prefer prefer the reels.

Cause you just don't know what you're going to. Swipe up and see on Tik TOK. And I don't allow my kids on it. But I have it just kind of too, just in case I needed to see something for whatever reason. Clubhouse, I heard, I heard an interview recently you did where? I think it was Carla who is on clubhouse and I loved the way that she described what it is because I'm like, I don't even know what it is.

I'm on it. I have a, I have a handle because you told me to get a handle. But I haven't used it. I don't know really what it is. So hearing her explanation of it was so helpful. And I was like, Ooh, maybe I'll give it a shot. But no, I haven't. Haven't used it yet. As far as any other social media platform.

I don't think, I think those are the major ones for me is just Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest. 

Megan: Were you ever into Snapchat? 

Jenn: I was, yeah, a little bit of, for just a little while. Oh, and you know, Oh, what was that called? I'm sorry. I should know this, but what was that app that everybody used for a long time that was live videos.

Like you would go live and people could watch. Oh, man, not vine 

Megan: Periscope 

Jenn: Periscope. Yes. I was invited to be in a Periscope group when it first started. And they, we called ourselves called ourselves. The scope spurs, uh, it's kind of lame, but somebody in this group came up with a calendar every day.

You would go on and go on Periscope and you would talk about something. And so I hadn't even started my business. I had to. Very young infant at the time, but my husband had started his business. And so we went on there, we were on there for that purpose. And just to kind of, we felt like my husband's in video production and it just kind of made sense for him to be on it.

And so we made a lot of good connections and contacts through that. It was probably like a six month thing that we were doing. But yeah, Periscope for like a hot minute Snapchat for the same. Yeah.

Megan:  Okay, well kind of wrap up our conversation. If you could be in a marketing meeting with a favorite brand, what would you tell them to do to attract all the Enneagram nines to their account?

Jenn: I don't know if this is an Enneagram nine thing, actually, but I, I would, I would want to sit in on Instagram meeting Instagram marketing meeting and. Just be like, why haven't you done this yet? And the thing that I want them to do is put live links in captions

and not even just because I'm a business owner and it would really help, but. Which is why? Like, why not? Why aren't you, 

Megan: Because then it would be Facebook. They have the one sale, it was owned by Facebook. I know, but it's the one distinguishing factor that makes it okay. 

Jenn: And the other, the other thing about, about Instagram that bugs me, not only the live links, because they roll out all these features right.

All the time, which is fabulous. I use them and I love them, but I'm like, why can't you just do this one thing? Like, this seems pretty. Pretty easy to do and it would make I understand it would take people away from Instagram. So I understand why, again, I see the viewpoint, but I just I would like them to make it easier for people to shop on my website.

Because I don't have 10 K followers. I don't have swipe up, uh, things like that just annoy me. The other thing that Instagram, that a nurse that I would tell them is they roll out these new features. Again are they're fabulous, but they don't give them to everybody. And so like, why tease me with this new thing you're offering?

Like, just for example, they just came out with the captions Feature where you can, you know, as you're speaking in a video, then you can then go to the sticker area and click on captions. And it will literally just type out what you're saying, because as you know, most people don't watch it with a sound on.

And so for me, I've been going on and when I do have of. A real or a video or anything with my face on it, and I'm talking, I will type out everything. And I know that there are apps that you can do that with, but I'm like, it's just another thing that I have to do. And so I don't have captions yet.

And I'm like, what are the criteria? Of getting these new things and like the music the music feature I didn't have for a long time. I finally do have it, but it's all garbage music. So I just get so annoyed with these things. Like these are great, but I don't have them. And it really, it really deters me from.

You know, it doesn't deter me, but it, it, it makes me not want to be on Instagram sometimes. And I'm like, I can't even use that feature then what's the point of having it. So, uh, sorry.

Megan:  I hear ya on that. No, I say a Hardy amen. To the frustrations with roll-outs like, why can't you just push a button and give it to everybody?

Why can you not do this? Even if. You could, or even if you needed to roll them out for capacity issues or something over time, they are, it's still is never consistent. And people still are without the ability to create reels people's you know, and it's been,

Jenn:  it doesn't make any sense. Yeah. I follow somebody who has over.600,000 followers. And she just, somebody asked her in a message. Do you have captions? She's like, no, I don't have that feature. And I'm like, she doesn't even have either. It's just bizarre to me that, you know,  who gets it and who who's chooses, who gets it. I don't understand that. 

Megan: Just have to pray to the algorithm gods.

Thank you. Get it. I know, I know. I hear you on all those frustrations for sure. Yeah, because it's not fair, right? It's not fair, everybody should get it. Oh, well, this has been lovely. Thank you so much for coming on with me and, and giving your perspective. I really appreciate it. And I know that it, it could have been maybe a little difficult for you because you might be worrying about what other people will think about what you would like.

Sure this is going to be helpful for so many people. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much. Yeah. 

Jenn: Yeah. Thanks for having me, Megan.