Trends to Know for Social Media in 2022

ep30 - Trends to Know for Social Media in 2022

show Dec 15, 2021

Previously recorded from an Instagram Live.

Tired of talking about the holidays on social media already? Start planning ahead! I'm kicking off December with FOUR trends to know to set yourself up for social media growth in 2022!



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Hello, everyone thank you so much for being here today. Today's topic is social media trends for 2020. What do you need to know, I have an entire newsletter that every week, if you want to go to Megan, to sign up for it every week, I sent you a trend or a topic or a new feature that you need to know that has happened on social media during that week.

And then I also have, "Is this even worth your time to do?" Because not everything that's new is necessarily good or worthy for you to spend your time on. And I know as busy entrepreneurs, as many of you have families, your mothers, you're doing this thing as a side hustle, you're trying to make money at it.

It is of the essence that we do not waste any time. So that's what I'm here to help you do. And today I wanted to talk about the things specifically that I see coming up in 2022 that are worth your time to focus on. I have four things for you. And the first one, I'm just gonna get this first one out of the way, because I know not all of you are going to like it. You need to invest the time to learn how or to continue doing your Reels short form video or TiK Toks or YouTube shorts or Facebook reels.

Every single platform calls them something else. Is worth investing in because whether or not we like it, the, that is the future. Our attention spans are considerably lowered. They keep getting lower and lower and the amazing and wonderful and powerful part of these short form videos. That they grabbed your attention instantly.

They can tell you one thing, one very impactful thing in a very quick way. And if you think about it, guys, these are not new. This is literally what commercials are. We have been watching these, our entire lives. They've been working to grab our intention, our entire lives. It is 15 to 30 to 60 seconds of a teaching.

You a message and you know how they do that. They do it through humor. They do it through teaching you, they do it through grabbing your attention with a situation, a problem that you have. And showing you the solution, which is that wonderful message or product that you have that is aimed to help them.

So it is definitely worth investing your time, energy, and effort to figure out how that works for you. And that doesn't mean you have to dance. That doesn't mean you have to lip sync, though. Those are really fun. And I love doing those, but at least following the trends, knowing which ones are doing really well, will help you immensely. I promise you, and they're not going anywhere. Even LinkedIn has announced that they are launching their own version. So now we're going to have people in business suits, dancing around telling us about their products. And I, I love it. I say, bring on it is just part of the evolution of all of these platforms. So that's number one, is invest some time and figure out how to do these short form videos or reels. 

Number two is long form content is not dead guys. If you're thinking, well, I've been doing half an hour videos on this, or I've been doing lives or I've been publishing a podcast faithfully for five years. Keep doing it because that is still very valuable.

People are still investing their time, energy and effort in listening to those. I mean, this year we saw the launch of clubhouse. I mean, which audio, which was complete audio and live audio and people just experiencing it in a different way. We also saw Facebook audio rooms. So they are another social platform also investing in audio because they see the future of that, Twitter spaces as another version of that.

YouTube guys, YouTube launched a podcast, which I was like, excuse me, what, your form is video. And I thought, oh, for sure. When they say they launch a podcast, YouTube launched one so that they could show their video, like it's just an audio. They just took the audio off their video. No YouTube launched a, an audio only podcast.

So I think that's, you know, that is justification enough to say that long form content is still wanted. People still want to hear two people having a conversation and learning a little something along the way. So I definitely think that's still worth investing in if you don't have a type of long form content already think about launching it and the wonderful thing I love about that is that you get so much more social media content out of that long form content. If you kind of think of how your creating your content, that long form content is the deepest, the widest, the biggest chunk of information that you will give that person. And then it, it goes down from there to the social media posts.

Like you may have a newsletter, that's a little more information or something else in between there, but your social media posts are the smallest derivative of your longest form content that you have. So that also provides you if you're investing time in that podcast or live show like this, that gives you so much great content to then pull out and talk about throughout the week or weeks in between.

So that was number two. We had short form video or reels. We had long form content. And then third is collaboration. And let me tell you guys, I have seen this on my platform. I run a challenge group of 50 members that we've been working on Instagram growth throughout the year and collaboration by far.

Makes the biggest splash in regards to growing your platform than anything else. It's so powerful. It does so many different things for you that any other little tip or trick that I could give you could not do. What happens is when you collaborate with someone else, their platform, which hopefully if you've vetted each other's platforms properly, there are similar people in your, your silos and your, in your accounts that what you're doing is you're exposing each other's audiences to one another. 

So you are opening up your circle of influence, making it even larger and not everybody's going to come over, but a certain percentage of those people will come over to you and become very loyal followers. And there are many ways to collaborate on Instagram and elsewhere, but just to use Instagram as an example, my favorite thing and the thing I'm most excited about.

Insta collabs, it's literally called collapse. And this feature you can find when you're either creating a reel or a feed post. You would create those pieces of content like you normally would. And then at the end, in the tagging section, you can either tag a person or you can invite to collaborate. And what that does, if you post that few posts are real and you invite them, it will be on your post until they accept that invite.

And then it will be on both your feeds simultaneously at the top. You may have seen these already at the top. You'll see. Both your handle and the other person's handle. And you share the, the insights that come with that. So both of the likes and the comments. All of that algorithm, juices that you're combining there to make a smoothie.

Is that the right analogy? Maybe not, but all your, all of that combines to give you some, just a bigger bang for your buck essentially. And I've tried it several times. Those posts have done fantastic compared to my other posts that I'm just publishing and I'm not collaborating.

So also it's a new feature. So Instagram usually tries to incentivize you a little bit to use that feature. So absolutely collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Other ways to collaborate is to go live with other people like I do here on this show. Today's a solo show, but I usually go live with someone else or you can go live with up to four.

People can be live at a time to get my little squares and you can have conversations. You can have discussions, you can do all kinds of wonderful things. 

And I just want to address, we had a question in the comments learn the hard way this week that you can't add the collaborator after the post is published. It doesn't seem to be available on the edit screen. No, unfortunately you have to be do it while you're creating it. You cannot do it afterwards. Posted again, post again and add the collaborator. You can even delete the earlier one if you want, but yes, you have to do the collab feature on the front end.

So otherwise the collaborate to go live to invite people on to your lives. That's a fantastic way because you get not only are all of your followers notified but all of their followers are notified and it's in those little circles at the, in front of your stories at the top of your feed. They are, are just so many innumerable ways to collaborate with someone.

You can do things like contests. You can do. You can have several people come together and each add different tips and create a collaborative resource that way. And then each of you has that free download magnet. Maybe you grow your email list, maybe you create a collective product. I mean, there's just so many ways to collaborate and work together that, I mean, that's just how it is.

So we had short-form video or real. Long-form contents collaboration, and my fourth trend for you in 2022. Again, this is something that's not for everyone, but I do want to let you know that paid advertising is becoming an inevitability. I know not everybody has cash in hand. I understand that however, organic, , organic reach is going down continually every single year.

I have a client, I have been their social media manager for seven years now, seven years. And we have tracked the reach and engagement for that entire time. And each year it continually goes down and that's not because the platforms are against you or they don't want you to succeed. It's just by sheer math.

The sheer number of people that are there and the opportunity for people to see things as that gets bigger, people see fewer things. There's more competition for eyes that is not a negative thing, but that's just a reality. And one way that we can push through that is to pay for that platform to show your posts, your videos, what have you to the other platforms.

So I always advise, do not jump into advertising unless you have a product or a way to make up that revenue. You want your advertising to be what we call a self-liquidating offer an SLO. You want to be promoting something that will then later bring new revenue to pay for that advertising. That's how you fund it.

You have to have a product or a service, or even something that relates to that product or service say you're like promoting a webinar that will eventually, that will then turn into sales. You know, the ad isn't necessarily selling upfront, but regardless you need to have some way to pay for the advertising.

Don't just pay out of pocket and go in debt with advertising. But if you create something to help pay for that advertising, then you can scale it from there. So I promise you the more advertising, more you invest in it. And there's usually generally a good ratio is around. Uh, like 20 to 30%, don't go beyond spending.

You're more than 30% of your potential revenue on advertising, but it is a way to dip your toe in it. There are many wonderful agencies and people out there that will help you and manage it for you too. If you don't feel like you can do that. But I'm definitely on my platform looking to only organic for a very long time.

And finally thinking 22 is going to be the time where I'm going to have to invest in some advertising to invest in my business and my future. It's how we work here on this platform. Or as, as a business in social, you have to invest, you have to invest in, put money in, he got to spend money to make money.

Right? Isn't that a whole thing? So, I hope that wasn't too hard to hear, but it is, it is a reality here. My four predictions for the trends to look for in 2022 that we can invest in to help grow our business and grow our platforms, our reels long-form content collaboration, and paid advertising.

So let me know, after you listened to this, DM me, and tell me which one of those you would love to pursue in this next year. So thank you so much for showing up today.