Megan's Social Media Marketing Show - Know Your Customer on Social Media: Enneagram Type Three

ep31 - Know Your Customer on Social Media: Enneagram Type Three

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Previously recorded from an Instagram Live.

I’m delighted to {virtually} sit down with Erin Moon to talk about how Enneagram 3s experience social media.

I’m on a mission to discover what the Enneagram can teach marketers about the personality of their one, perfect customer.

Erin Moon is the host of the Faith Adjacent podcast, as well as the resident Bible scholar on The Bible Binge podcast. She’s the author of Every Broken Thing, O Heavy Lightness, and Memento Mori, and she is also the Senior Creative at The Popcast Media Group.

During the interview, we cover:

  • Why she would rather be an Enneagram Zero (and what that is exactly)
  • Her pet peeves and social catnip
  • The importance of setting social boundaries as an Enneagram 3



About My Guest:

Erin Moon is the host of the Faith Adjacent podcast, as well as the resident Bible scholar on The Bible Binge podcast. She’s the author of Every Broken Thing, O Heavy Lightness, and Memento Mori, and she is also the Senior Creative at The Popcast Media Group.


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Megan: Hello, everybody. Welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. I'm so excited you're here and I'm even more excited to welcome in our guest today, Erin H. Moon, who is going to talk to us about social media and the Enneagram. What it's like to be on social media as her type, which I'll let you hear from her.

Erin: Hello. How are you?

Megan: I'm doing well. Thanks for joining me on a Monday night.

Erin: My pleasure Mondays are my favorite.

Megan: Okay, good. I will say it's technically not morning anymore.

Erin: That's fair.

Megan: Yeah, still feels like morning.

Megan: Well, Erin if you wouldn't mind real quick, just telling people just a little bit about Erin. Who are you? What do you do? Why are you here?

Erin: That's a great question. So I am Erin Moon. I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I have three kids, one husband. We are like so close to getting a dog.

Erin: It's just like really very close. We're very excited about it. I work my full-time job. I work for the PMG, The Popcast Media Group. I am senior creative here and I also do The Bible Binge Podcast with them. And I also, I consider myself the mayor of a thriving and lovely internet community called The LIttle Swipes and they are truly, truly very magical.

Erin: So, but yeah, that's what I do.

Megan: Oh, great. Well, I am a huge fan of all of those things, especially The Little Swipes, I love getting that every single week.

Megan: And yeah, so, I mean, we asked you here, I asked you here because we've been talking about, as a marketer in which a lot of people here are entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, solopreneurs all the preneur names, and they're trying to figure out how to grow their social media, to grow their business.

Megan: And a big part of that is knowing who's in your audience and how to speak to them. And you know, all the Enneagram types are in your audience, but sometimes there's like one that's, there's a lot more of than the other. So we're trying to help them to figure out how do I serve those people?

Erin: Well, that's such a great idea.

Megan: So you are a representative today of an enneagram three, real quick, like real quick description, like a couple sentences. So if anybody's not familiar and this is from, this is an amazing book, Taking Care of Your Enneagram Type by Christina Wilcox, if you happen to check it out. It's like great self care tips for each type, but, they are the ones who walk into a room and can immediately become whoever it is they need to be for the people involved. They are the friends you always go to for career advice. They empower you and make you feel like you can achieve anything. And they are usually terrified of failure and embarrassing themselves in front of others.

Megan: They're naturally inclined towards living a life of success however they define that success to be. And living their life to the fullest means striving toward principles of achievements and milestones that impress the people from whom they seek approval.

Megan: It's tough. And it's hard to like hear that because number one, I realized like these are very generalizations, right?

Megan: And it can never encompass all of who you beautifully were created to be obviously, but that being said about that, do you identify with pretty much all of it?

Erin: Yeah. I'm an Enneagram three. I am the three-est three that has ever three-ed. I really,

Megan: You're a three with a three wing.

Erin: Well that, yes, that's definitely true.

Erin: I thrive on challenges. I love to do things. Work and work is often enjoyable for me and which is puts me at odds with everyone in my family. They don't seem that joyful as I do. But I'm very vain, enormously vain and yeah, I like all of the good things and all of the bad things.

Erin: Also, yes. So wow.

Megan: You know, you gotta take both in stride. I do think it's interesting that one of the adjectives, one of the identifying statements for a three is influencer, which obviously means a lot in the social media world. How does that play out for you?

Erin: Well, I think. I don't fully know here.

Erin: Let me preface this with the fact that I have a following on Instagram because I accidentally peed on $300 worth of Spanx. So it's like, that is God's way of singing Kendrick Lamar over me. Like, sit down, stay humble. Like you are this the it's not that you're so great. It's the, the stupid thing. That's why.

Erin: But I think, I think a lot of, people, they enjoy getting recommendations about things from people that they trust. And when you admit that you have peed on $300 worth of Spanx, that creates a relationship between us and then they want the rest of your Amazon recs sometimes.

Erin: So it's very,

Megan: Ah well, before I dive into like, kind of seeing, just what is your average everyday social media life look like? The most asked question when I announced that you would be on the show is, but isn't she an Enneagram Zero? Okay, what's that all about?

Erin: So, I just, I love the Enneagram so much and it's been so helpful as a shorthand, but, you know, as things become more popular, they tend to kind of break to the lowest, common denominator of whatever they are.

Erin: And so it really bothered me that literally everyone would hear that I was in Enneagram three and they would be like, oh, well now I know. And I know all of your weaknesses. I know all of your Achilles heels. I know your deepest, darkest secrets. And so I didn't love that. That is probably also an indicator of my enneagram threeness.

Erin: And so, in and of itself, very meta. But so I, I started saying that I was in enneagram zero and, we're actually, the podcast or the Bible binge is actually gonna be we're gonna, we're going to have a moment to actually talk to the godmother of the Enneagram, Susan's Stabile about this in the future.

Erin: And I, I want, I want to know her thoughts on my zero. So if you don't want people knowing your deepest, darkest secrets, come be in any Enneagram zero with me. And just like your people that you feel comfortable sharing that with.

Megan: Oh, it's so funny. And you know, that could be interpreted as I dunno, like, so all of the Enneagram types are around this symbol and the center of the symbol is said to be like where we're striving to be. Like we're all we need to take, like qualities of all of them. And the center is like perfection is Christ. Right? Sure. So I wasn't sure if that's what you were saying, like I've achieved zero I'm in middle

Erin: Jesus is a 10. I'm a zero.

Megan: Got it. Got it. Okay. Well, yeah. All right, moving on. So, just so we can get an idea, because again, the idea is to help to serve enneagrams in our communities well, what is an average day on social look like for you? Where are you hanging out? What are you doing?

Erin: Yeah, so I'm hanging out a lot in DM and Stories.

Erin: I feel like a lot of people have, forsaken the main feed. Like I had a friend who told me that main feed your best work. So don't put it in there. It's not your best work and stories is for stuff that you're just messing around with. So, I'm, I'm hanging out a lot in DMS. Like I, that is where I really feel like, I've fostered a lot of genuine friendships with people in a DMs, on the newsletter, in the comments. And that is what I really, really love. I try to put really strong boundaries and parameters around the amount of scrolling. I try to, you know, if I'm on for work, that's one thing if I'm on for just, you know, mindless scrolling in the evening, that's a whole other thing.

Erin: I try to pay attention to that. I don't, I don't get on during the weekends usually. Just because the first time your kid tells you, I don't ever see out your phone in your hand, that is enough to to make you put it down for the rest of your day. So, I try to be good about that. I don't do it all the time, but I try to be so, but yeah, I really love the connections that happen over social.

Erin: I have office hours on my paid substack and I was talking to someone last week and just saying genuinely, what I've wanted after this community has just kind of bubbled up, is to sit down and have coffee with people., I feel like I want to know as much about them as you know, we've gotten to know each other, and this has been the best opportunity to do that is to sit down with people for 30 minutes over a video chat.

Erin: Get to hear their stories and learn about them. And that is what I really, really, really love.

Megan: Oh, that's great. And I love that you said that you've learned ,learning to put it down over the weekend. That's healthy. That's healthy boundaries right there. That's really good because it's not always easy.

Megan: For anybody, who's a creator online it's hard, but especially, I would guess for an enneagram three. So that's very difficult to do. And so you hang out in DMS, you hang out in the comments around there. What is it that you can't resist when you see on social? It's like catnip for threes?

Erin: Okay. That's such a great question. Like, I think, are you talking about like on someone's Instagram or like a product or what?

Megan: Whatever, like you're, you're scrolling and you're like stops and you're like, I have to have whatever it is, or totally pulls you in.

Erin: Okay. So I really love, I love when people ask this is random, but I really love when people ask questions in the comments that are unique.

Erin: One of my favorite things is, and I used to do this a lot and I haven't in a really long time. Maybe I'm going to bring it back. But I love when someone's like, what is the weirdest Christmas present you ever got? Or what is what's the worst picture that you ever took? Like I, on stories, I do weird ornaments and because people find like people have the weirdest, weirdest ornaments that they put on there, like this one woman this year, like it's an angels butt like, that's the ornament, it's just of an angel. And I love that. That speaks to me, I want to know all of the weird and quirky stuff that people are. I want to know, like the worst haircut they ever had or, you know, whatever, like that kind of thing. That is catnip to me because people are, people are just, they're just so wonderfully rich and they just have so many layers. I love it.

Megan: Oh, that's so good. Now, do you like it because you too want to add your weird thing?

Erin: Oh yeah. And I definitely want to win the weird thing. Like even if at a contest, I want to be the one with the weirdest thing, but I love the communal effect as well. I think that's really fun.

Megan: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. What is it that total pet peeves like you're like, can we just shut this down? You know, you see this, like, can we stop doing these things? Well, it turns you off for your life this is an unfollow.

Erin: For me. I I dislike very much when people go on social media to cry the evils of social media that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I also I don't get this a lot, but people who, they have no relationship with me and they want to be mad about something that I said or did when they have no context for who I am. So like, if it's like the first time someone's asked me and it's like, this sounds racist.

Erin: Okay. It's not, this is literally the first time you've ever DMed me. You don't have any idea what my history is, what my life is like. That makes me crazy. Gosh, I had so many, I have so many things that make me make me insane. What else? Oh, please stop driving and recording stories. Please. Stop driving in your stories.

Erin: Got to stop doing that. It's it's, it's so dangerous. I just want you to live. That's all. That's all I care about. So please don't do that. But I like, I, I think it's, it's a tool, right? Like, no matter what, there are things about it that are annoying or things about it that all about how you use it. And honestly, I've just, I hold all of it loosely.

Erin: Like I'm not, if this person, if I like keep getting annoyed every time I watch this person's stories, I'm just going to mute them because that doesn't bring anything to either one of us, you know? And it's not like, not like genuine, like, Hey, here's a way that the view this there's a way that you could look up.

Erin: And maybe change the way you understand something like that is all very valid. And I want that and appreciate that. And I've had followers do that for me, and I'm very grateful to take time to like that, but it's just like, I also don't want to, I don't want to just keep looking at something that kind of upsets the apple cart of my, like my soul, my peace.

Erin: So, Yeah, I've just kind of stopped. I've stopped putting myself through that. This is supposed to be fun. Like this whole thing is supposed to be a good time.

Megan: That is for sure. The landmines and the, yeah, I absolute I'm with you on the people that get on social media to tell you how evil it is or how you're doing it wrong or how we shouldn't be doing this. And I'm like, well, bye, bye Felicia.

Megan: I mean, why are you here?

Erin: That's very true for some people and it, and I don't begrudge that, but I also don't want people coming on social media to talk about the evils of social media. Now you are a part of the problem because I have had, I've had deep, meaningful relationships. I've met some of my very best. friends through the internet. And I've seen the internet do incredible things like last year when the winter storm hit Texas, my people, they raised over $8,000 for different for Feeding,Texas and all the Houston food bank, like all of this stuff.

Erin: So I know it's a good place and it's kind of all in how you wield it, I think.

Megan: Yeah.

Megan: Yeah, totally. And it is just supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be entertainment. I mean, like it's a little really made for entertainment, so yeah, if we can keep that

Megan: in mind.

Erin: Yeah, it is. It doesn't have to be so fraught.

Megan: Yeah, absolutely. So we've talked maybe a little, a little, because we're on Instagram. We've talked a lot on Instagram, which is natural, but just curious, like, what are the other spaces that you live in? If I just kind of like throw them out? We can tell me we obviously talked a lot about it, about Instagram, but Facebook, do you have a relationship with Facebook?

Erin: No. The only relationship I have with Facebook is that Instagram owned space or Facebook owns Instagram. That's literally, I hate it so much, the worst. And I do not get on it ever. If I can help it.

Megan: Yeah. It's kind of like one of the, like a commodity thing. Like you have to have a land line, so you of like one of those,

Erin: I hate it so much. And I don't know. I don't know what it is really like. It's I, it makes me, it makes me sad and I don't, I don't want to be there. It bums me out. So I've, I'm pretty much completely off of.

Megan: Well, just to be clear to anybody watching, it's not like Facebook's dead or what have you. It's just a preference thing.

Erin: No bribing, apparently, but I'm not.

Megan: It's the largest platform. You can't ignore it.

Erin: You're not supposed to,

Megan: Twitter?

Erin: I love Twitter. I am not an intense Twitter creator, but I am a Twitter curator. I really love Twitter. I think Twitter is one of the best, but I I'm not, I'm not fast enough for it. I'm not, I'm not quippy enough for it, but I appreciate the art form for sure.

Megan: Oh, my gosh. Yes. That is one of my favorite parts of your emails every week. Like, Ooh,

Megan: just tweets of the week.

Erin: And it's just a chance for me to be like, look how funny this other platform is. Gosh, I wish I could see this funny. It's so good.

Megan: Oh yeah. It is a whole nother language. Almost well, it is so such an art form for sure. I know you have to kind of like I found, like you just have to like, let go of even punctuation of like normal speech pattern. Like don't try to be good at it.

Erin: Yes.

Megan: Okay. Pinterest?

Erin: I love Pinterest. I used to be when I was at a job that I had a lot of downtime at, I really loved Pinterest and now I like it for specific things, I like it when I'm looking for like I'm trying to make a mood board or my daughter wants to redecorate her room or something like that.

Erin: I like it for specific things like that. I haven't scrolled on Pinterest in a really long time. Really, really long time. Yeah.

Erin: Yeah.

Megan: So you use it more like, like a search engine?

Erin: Pretty much like a kind of like a digital scrapbook almost. There we go. Yeah.

Megan: Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. You Tube?.

Erin: I don't do YouTube at all.

Erin: Like I, my coworker, Jamie Golden, she is, she's a YouTube fiend. She loves it. She watches makeup tutorials. I don't after I listened to down the rabbit hole from the three-line podcast, I stay as that algorithm scares me now. I don't like it.

Megan: Oh my gosh. I have to listen to that.

Erin: Well, you may not ever get back on YouTube.

Megan: That's the one where, like, I could lose myself. For a really long time. Yeah, but it, yeah. That's okay, great now, but yeah, I totally get, but yes. You find like these niche things, it's like, oh, and then like another one, another one, or like, just like, I actually, that's how I watch a lot of TV because I don't, watch live tV, so, or TV that's past. SNL or, you know, the, the Jimmy Fallon or what have you like, I'll be like, let me just pick what I want to watch some of the show rather than, you know, the whole

Erin: I went down a weird rabbit hole on YouTube a few years ago.

Erin: That was people who thought they were doing magic and like that they would. And it was really, it brought me out of joy and then it like started getting like too dark. And I was like, okay, we're done. Got to get outta here. I had to extract myself from it. There's just, there's just a wide range of people.

Erin: Like I found out earlier this year that there is a subset of ASMR videos, which are like the, I can't remember exactly what ASMR thing, but like, but, but it's like Christian ASMR and it's like a world war two hospital Christian ASMR. It is very niche and very intense. And I was just like, I don't think I'll ever like, what, what could be my thing?

Erin: Like I don't even, it's just, it's insane. It's so.

Megan: Wow. It is. Yeah, you can probably find there's probably a video for that. If you can search.

Erin: Oh, they're there. They're there just be like, the comments section of these are, are like so encouraging and so wholesome. And you're like, no guys, this is weird. You know, to each their own.

Erin: That's what I say. Good for you. Not for me. Enjoy your world war II hospital, Christian ASMR. I am, I genuinely am happy for those people. ,

Megan: I don't want to search it to know what that's like, but I kind of want to know.

Megan: I'm going to get an incognito tab situation. Oh, okay. All right. So Tik Tock?

Erin: Boy, when I look at Tik Tok, I am like, I am too old for this. So what I do is I just, one of my newsletter subscribers, she curates Tik Tok on her Substack. And because she used to curate them in the comments and she'd be like, here are my favorite Tik Toks for the week.

Erin: Well, now she has her own. It's great. I'm going to, I can't remember the address, but it's so good. I'm going to link it in my newsletter this week, so you can find it, but it is I want people to bring me the good ones. Like I feel like when it gets to Twitter and Instagram that has risen to like, it's the cream of the crop.

Erin: And so I'm perfectly happy getting my facts off of Twitter and Instagram. That feels like it feels like a curation device for me personally. Yeah.

Megan: Yeah, for sure.

Erin: Because it is one of those like Tik Toks. We're done. I'm never getting up again. Never going to,

Megan: yes. Absolutely. That's the thing. And the algorithm is scary, accurate as in it does its job. so well, I'm like, how does not everybody else figure out this algorithm? Cause it's, it's so crazy how, yeah. How it gets you like instantly. It's crazy. Okay, so you're not on it, but you, you, you view it from other platforms.

Erin: Again, people are so clever and so funny, and I respect that so much, but if I get on that app, my children will never eat again.

Megan: And you just kind of wake up like 90 minutes later and you're kind of, yeah. Yeah. So any other niches like clubhouse, Snapchat? I don't know any of these other ones. Are you on anything weird that, or that's not like mainstream?

Erin: No, I'm not really. No, actually I'm not. I love NextDoor. But just really, really it's mainly for the drama.

Erin: But no, I'm not really, I, I have found that I need pretty solid boundaries around social media because unfortunately it is catnip to Enneagram. In general. And so just because we love, we love we love a dopamine response when we get a like. We love, we love all of that. So, it, it can be really like a drug for me.

Erin: So I really do have to be careful.

Megan: Gotcha. Yeah, absolutely.

Megan: So if you could, let's say, I'll ask you this kind of final question as we're wrapping up. If you could, like, if you sat down in the marketing department marketing meeting of like your favorite account to follow whatever that is, doesn't matter what it is, but if you could sit down and tell them, like, this is how you get all the Enneagram threes on your account, what would you tell them?

Erin: My gosh, I don't know. That's hard because I don't, because I think part of it is Enneagram threes we have to be careful or we will, we will lean into the hate follow. Okay. So. we will lean into the hate follow because we love other people, but when we see someone succeeding in a way that we feel like is stupid or dumb or annoying or takes the attention off of us, honestly we will really get into a bad place. And so I think, I don't really know what is a, is a strategy for all Enneagram threes, other than we just, we liked good astatic content.

Erin: I love something that makes a decision easy. So what I really love is when people will put like, Like one of my favorite shops is Some Call Me Crunchy and she is in Greensboro, North Carolina. And what I love about Ariane is that she will, when she posts things, she is very fastidious about links.

Erin: And so if I, I use her products all the time, I should have them. I should just have a calendar alert, like just put a calendar alert. You're going to need to re redo this. But I don't and I can immediately go, okay. Oh my gosh. Yes. I need more soothe serum. I'm just going to do it right then. And if it gets put on the back burner, if something doesn't, if like I'm supposed to remind myself, thinking of, it's not on the calendar, it's never going to happen.

Erin: So because my brain lives on my calendar. And so, I think anything that makes decisions quick and easy we really love that. We love a buy. Now we love a buy now link. My, gosh, do we love that? But yeah, I mean, I think, I don't know if it's particular to Enneagram threes, but I think those things.

Erin: I love a good graphic. I love a good shareable graphic. That's always a good, I know. I just, I don't know if it's, I don't know if it's enneagram three specific, but those are the things.

Megan: Those are great. This is what you want. So that's what we wanted to hear about. Well, thank you so much it was so lovely and I think it'll help a lot of people to serve their people. So, now speaking of which, how can we, where can we sign up for Little Swipes? How can we support you?

Megan: You

Erin: can go, there's a link in my bio, Erin H. Moon come join Little Swipe, the weekly Friday email, and that's always free.

Erin: And then we have a membership community, that is right now we're going through Advent. We just went through a study that I did called Disentangle about deconstructing and that kind of a thing, your faith and then we'll do Lent. We'll do that kind of stuff. As the, as the year goes on.

Erin: So I would love to see new faces in there. And it's, it's really about the community. People like they are lovely. Some of them have their own book club that I have nothing to do with like, They're wonderful. They, frequently, like we had a Little Swipe this week who has had a couple of rough months and is about to have a baby.

Erin: And so she asked if we could put her baby registry up and we did, and she's gotten a ton of stuff and it's just really cool. They're really genuinely the coolest group of people.

Megan: Oh, that's lovely. Okay. Oh, we will do that. We'll join. And thank you so much again, I really appreciated this conversation. I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Erin: Thank you so much. This was so much fun. Thank you for asking me.

Megan: All right. Thanks. Bye. Bye.