January in Social Media Marketing

ep33 - January in Social Media Marketing

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Welcome to January in Social Media Marketing! I will record these episodes once a month to give you more actionable, on-trend information that you can use in your social media life right now.

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Hello, and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. Today I have a treat for you, this is January in social media marketing. I would love this year to give you more of that actionable on-trend information that you can use in your actual social media. Right away. And one way I do that is I send out a weekly email with one trend.

You need to worry about it's called this week in social media marketing. So if you want to sign up for that, it's Megan ericsson.com/newsletter. And every week I send you, like I said, one trend, but then a couple others that are like runner ups, that a few links that I want you to know about. But yeah. Is not my top for the week.

So I thought I would tell you about the things as, I mean, January is not over by any means, but here are the things kind of a monthly wrap up of what's happened in social media in January that you can use to equip your. Moving forward into February. So I can't even believe that we're talking about the end of the month.

This is so crazy. So three things I want to give you. The first thing you who are on Instagram, I can imagine you booing and throwing digital tomatoes at me when I say this, but Tik Tok is a platform that you should keep your eye on. I'm not saying you have to be on Tik Tok. I'm not saying you have to dance in Tik Toks. I'm not saying any of the things about being a Tik Toker, like you have to be a creator, you have to be over there to be relevant. That's not what I'm saying. What I am saying is it's where the short form video trends start. It is where they begin. It was the original platform that started that entire, really small package of video extravaganza, which on Instagram we call Reels. 

So if you want to know, what's coming up, what's going to be trending. What's going to be the latest thing in Reels you gotta pay attention to Tik Tok. One thing in particular is corporate Tik Tok, literally hashtag, corporate Tik Tok is a place where if you were a business, which this whole show is to help you grow your social media to grow your business.

So hopefully if you're watching this, you have a side hustle, you have a business, you have a personal brand that you're trying to bring into the worlds. And corporate Tik Tok is a place for you. It has been trending for the last couple months even and there've been some great creators that have been out there talking about corporate life tips for dealing with remote corporate work, which we're all like, I mean, I've been working from home for like 10 years now, so welcome home everyone.

But this ,in particular, is new for a lot of people. And so, because people are home, they don't have their boss looking over their shoulder and look at their computer. They're more afraid to make videos and have a presence on Tik Tok. So, corporate Tik Tok is the place to be check it out.

 Three reasons why it's really great is that You know, what's cool if you're getting it from Tik Tok. So it's a way to look relevant to your audience. And it's where I guess a new trends are coming. They're usually safe for work where not all of Tik Tok is safe for work. So if you're borrowing a trend from corporate Tik Tok, it is most likely pretty Say for work SFW, and it is very recyclable. Anything you use to create a Reel, any type of those short form videos can be shared to any other social platform. And they do really well. I have been doing that to Twitter, to Pinterest, even to Facebook, for sure. Even LinkedIn they've performed really well across all other platforms. So that's thing number one, is Tik ToK goes corporate.

So my second trend to be looking out for is for you who love Instagram, who live right here. And that is three feeds for Instagram. You may have heard this hubbub and I'm going to give you the downlow right now. Number one, don't panic. Don't forget. This is a test. This is only a test. Not everybody has it yet, but Instagram. And now announced that they are testing three feeds for your main page, where you scroll and it would appear as a toggle in the upper left-hand corner. You could choose between home,favorites, and following. 

And what those are, the home feed is what you're normally experiencing, driven by the algorithm. It is your main feed though they have mentioned that they will be adding more suggested posts from people that you're not following. So, it will be the same feed you're used to, but maybe a few more people you're not following a few more suggested posts than you're used to.

Secondly, is the favorites. This is where they will only show I'm kind of excited about this actually. So you will be able to determine which counts you want to appear in the favorites. So I don't know if they'll put a limit on it, but say you get 30 accounts and you can put a little star on them. They haven't added this capability yet, but you will somehow determine that these are the favorite accounts. And I want only these to be in this feed. So if, like, for example, you never see your sister's post and you're really want to see your sister's posts. You put them in your favorites feed. 

And then thirdly is the following feed. And this is circa Instagram 2018, the feed that we used to have, where it is, literally somebody hits post. If you are following, it will be the next thing on your feet. So it is cool in that it will feel more fresh. It'll literally be as people are posting things, but the whole reason that they started an algorithm based feed is that there was no way that you could get to all the posts for people that you follow.

Especially if you follow thousands of people, there's no way that you could see everything. So they've started curating it. So you would love your experience more now, of course not everybody loves that. So they're experimenting with giving you the option to have your feed be chronological again. So like I said, this is something to be aware of, but I will tell you, this is a trend to know about, but it is not one to worry about.

And I have a little scale that, a little relevancy rating and this one just gets one thumb. It's one to five thumbs up. And this one. Yeah. One, which means like, really, don't worry about this. This is not worth your time to worry about because first of all, it's not available to everyone yet. I don't even like, think about changing my strategy.

Like I don't even think about how I might change my strategy or theorize, how I, what would be smart in these situations until it's available to a majority of the people, because, why?

Secondly, I don't change my strategy, even when it's available to everyone. What I do is I make sure to track my. My stats. I make sure I literally keep a spreadsheet and strap and track my stats to see how this change is affecting, how people are engaging with my posts.

How many, how much reach I'm getting beyond the people that are following me, those key metrics. And so then I. Actual data to decide how I might change my strategy. And then once I have that, then I play around, right. I keep the basic strategy that I've been doing the main things, but then I play around with some extra different posts here and there.

With maybe a new strategy that might work for what's changed on the platforms. That being said, I don't think you have to worry a whole lot about these three different fees. It's good to know that they're coming and pay. If you get them on your account, let me know. Tell me comment here. Reach out to me, DM me.

Let me know if you have it and if you love it, if you hate it, what's happening. So I want to know about that. So trend to know about number two is three feeds for Instagram. 

All right. So we had corporate Tik Tok. Three feeds for Instagram. And my third trend to know, as you go into February is reconnecting with your tweeps.

I'm not sure if that's what they're called, Twitter followers, your tweeters, whatever you want to call them. But again, don't shut me down. If you were like an Instagram only gal. But this is something that I want you to keep your pulse on because it is number one, so smart to diversify your social following.

It's cool. If you're I'm Instagram first, I call it. I do primarily my stuff on Instagram, but I also have accounts on all the other major social media networks. And I. Post to them. Occasionally I check the comments once a week just to make sure that there's nothing there that I'm missing. But for the most part, most of my followers are on Instagram, but if something were to happen tomorrow, because we don't own any of these accounts, we don't own.

The servers, we're not paying to be on these accounts. So, you know, Instagram could make major changes tomorrow. And my main following is gone. So having uh, a diversification of where you're getting your main leads for your business is a very solid business practice. And also helps you to test out your, your Test out your content on other platforms.

Twitter is my favorite platform to test content on because it's super easy. You type a sentence and hit tweet it. And there's an immediate feedback. And if it goes well on Twitter, I know it will crush on Instagram cause they are very, it's a little more raw and in your face, over their Twitter. So I get it if you're afraid of Twitter, but the reason that I tell you to reconnect with Twitter or start my account on Twitter is because they just released a report where they talked about specifically brands on Twitter. 

So this was really exciting to me because I've not seeing report like this before, where they specifically told you how businesses perform on the platform. And there's a great news guys. Like people actually want to follow brands on Twitter. They really want to know how you feel about current events, social change, big issues, things that are affecting their lives.

Now I know this is scary. Because we don't want to lose customers. We don't want to lose followers because we make a big stance on something. However, in their studies, they found out that yes, you will get a variety of emotional responses back, but overall the net will be positive. So that was very encouraging to see. And that's the reason that it's most intimidating for people to be on that platform because people tell you what they think. Don't worry, they'll tell you what they think. 

So the other thing that was super exciting to see is that they don't mind if you sell to them, like people on Twitter are following you to hear about what's going on. So as long as you're doing it in a non gross way, as long as you're being authentic in your own brand voice and you're not just all selling them all the time on things they want to know, they want to know what's happening. They want to know if they can get a discount. So that is all great news, I think for us.

So, I definitely think it's worth four out of five thumbs up. I think it's worth your while to reconnect or connect initially with your Twitter followers and to explore that social platform. 

So those are my three things to know, three things, to be aware of, three things to consider as you go into February.

And you think about what you're going to do. To your social media accounts in February. I hope this was helpful to you. And again, if you want to get my weekly updates with even more links of things to check out, you can go to Meganericson.com/newsletter. 

And definitely, like I said, DM me, let me know. Do you love Twitter? Do you hate Twitter? Do you hate Tik Tok? Do you watch Tik Toks to know where the trends are coming from and do you think this three different feeds on Instagram is a horrible idea or are you very excited about it? I want to know all the things. So let me know. 

Thank you for joining me today and have a great rest of your day.