ep37 - Social Trends to Know for April

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If your engagement is down, it's not just you! Listen in as I cover the trends you need to know while creating your social media content for April.

In this episode, I cover:

✔️ What do to when engagement is down

✔️ The most engaging post type on Instagram (and other tips)

✔️ What trends Pinterest says will be hot in 2022


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Hello, and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing show. Today, I'm going to tell you what to do when engagement is down, what is the most engaging post type now on Instagram and what Pinterest predicts will be the hottest trends in 2022. And they rarely get it wrong. So you will want to buckle up, maybe even get out a pencil and paper. If you're not listening to this while you're driving or something like that, be safe guys, but I will give you all the trends to know for April in this episode. 

I want to tell you at the beginning, I talk about all these trends in This Week in Social Media Marketing, which is my weekly email, where I give you one trend that is happening on social that week and whether or not it's worth your time, because just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time. We are busy people. 

You may be an entrepreneur, a mama with a side hustle. Maybe you have your own online retail store. All of you are welcome here because my mission here is to help you grow your social, to grow that business. So let's dive in. Shall we? 

Our first trend is: engagement being down. 

This is not a good trend. Nobody wants to hear this, but I will tell you that overall, all social media, I'm seeing this with my clients. I'm seeing this with the people in my Social Growth Society Group. I see this everywhere, is that engagement is down, reach is down. Stats are down overall. And I just want to tell you, number one, it's not just you. And it's not your fault and it's nothing that you can change. 

Unfortunately, we have to deal with the hands that were dealt sometimes on social and with the political unrest that's happening right now. With lots of people being overwhelmed. With just what we're dealing with right now, there aren't as many people on social media to engage with you.

So if you think that your posts flopped, it didn't necessarily. If you think that by posting even more, it's going to do better, your posts are going to do better, they may not. 

However, I will say, this is what you do and you should do when your engagement is down, in this kind of situation is: keep calm and keep on posting.

That is my biggest advice to you because the thing you don't want to do is just throw your hands up in there and say, it's not worth it. I'm not going to get great engagement right now. Nobody's watching or listening. 

Why? Because when you do that, then you are giving up on those loyal followers that are still here are still listening and still need encouragement from you. 

You also, if you step away from social for awhile you lose all that great algorithm flow, that you have going, so you lose momentum. You'd have to build it back up and then you lose some trust, maybe from your followers who really enjoy reading your posts. So I don't want that to happen to you. 

However, I will say that if you are one of those people that's overwhelmed and stressed out and feel like you can't keep up with social, I would encourage you to look at your actual social habits. Is it because you're creating things on social, that you're spending so much time on social, or is it you're just scrolling and just scrolling. You can put boundaries around. 

We don't have to be on social media to create posts for social media. There are schedulers and things that do that, but if you limit your own time, I guarantee you guys, it doesn't take longer than 15 minutes unless you have a million different comments, unless you have a really large following, it takes 15 to 30 minutes max, a day for you to go through and answer your comments and engage and respond to your DMs, that sort of thing.

And if that's what you're doing, then you're keeping up, you're doing a great job. So that was my encouragement to you. Keep calm and keep posting. 

That is our first trend to know for April. I hope that trends back up. I'm not seeing it yet, but I am hopeful for it. It always bounces back. 

Okay, so our second trend to know for April is courtesy of an amazing report that HubSpot and Mention put out this month, it was the 2022 Instagram engagement report. So you guys are all on Instagram, so I know you really want to hear about this and drum roll, please for the most engaging posts that you could post on Instagram it is your carousel posts. 

Is that surprising to some of you? It is not Reels you probably thought I was going to say Reels, but carousel posts are the most in engaging posts on Instagram right now. And this is largely because Instagram has a built-in function where if you share the post, a user sees it, they don't interact it with the next time they open the app, you will see that carousel post again, but maybe not the first frame. Maybe you'll see the second. It'll do it up to three times. So that's a built-in way to get them to see your post more often, or at least that post and also carousel posts are interactive in themselves.

Meaning you don't just sit and watch it or read it. You have to move through them. And normally we, as creators have spent a good amount of time thinking through what's a consumable amount of information that we're going to put on each of these. So it's interacting like a story, but can we just keep turning the pages? We love carousel posts. Keep making them. It is worth the time, the extra time that you need to make those extra graphics. So use those posts. 

Other really fun stuff that came out of this report is that the potential for growth is even bigger than ever on Instagram, even though it may feel like, I said, because engagement's down and may feel dismal right now, but actually the potential for growth in like they, they tracked how much people grew in 2021. And it was record amounts. I mean, it was even more possible to grow. So right now the largest amount of accounts is between 1,010 thousand followers at 47%, which is up from 38 last year, which is a pretty significant increase. And then 12% of followers have 10 K to 15 K 50 K followers. 

So also I took that as an encouragement as well is you're doing better than half the people on Instagram. If you have one to 10,000 K I know we're like 10 K was kind of the place to be and the echelon reached out. So he got the swipe up. Well, that's not a thing anymore, but it doesn't make me feel good that like, if you're trying to reach that, if you are, if you are getting to 10 or you even surpassing 10 year and the top 12% of Instagram, that's amazing. But if you're even above a thousand, you're in the top half. That to me, it was encouraging. I hope that was encouraging to you. 

Another other fun facts from this report is that including at least one emoji in your caption boosts engagement up to five past five, you're spamming us with emojis. Don't go past five, but one to five emojis and boost your engagement and your caption. All you gotta dois add a fun emoji to what you said, and it will boost engagement.

Use as many hashtags as possible guys like it helps hashtags do still work. So use as many as are applicable to your post. 

And one little fun tidbit. I thought it was Michelle Obama has the most is the most followed politician in north America, overtaking her husband Barack in this last year. So I wonder if that was discussed over dinner? I wish I could be a fly on the wall. 

So those were key takeaways from the 2022 Instagram engagement report. Post those carousel posts. It is worth it. 

So trend number one was engagement going down. Trend number two was those key takeaways from our Instagram report. So it's really well worth knowing what's performing well on the platform so that you can help create a post that has its best chance at doing well.

And our third trend, our third trend is: what is going to be hot in 2022, according to Pinterest. Now, if you're not a Pinterest don't show off here, because Pinterest knows ahead of time, what is going to trend because if you're a smart pinner and you know, that people go to Pinterest to plan. So while we would have just maybe planned and posted our St Patty's day posts last week.

People on Pinterest are thinking about back to school or at least the pinners are maybe not people are going to search, but three to six months in advance. So Pinterest has the pulse on what is going to be hot. And what's really cool about this report. And yet again, go to Meganericson.com/newsletter to sign up for my weekly email where you'll get all the links to these things.

But what's really cool about the report is that you can search by your audience age. So say your ideal audience is a millennial. You can filter for that. And then you can also filter by industry. So you see the trends that makes sense for your specific niche.

So it's really fun report. I recommend you go there, Some of the things that I thought were really fun were things like goth being back. Guys. Do you remember the nineties? Do you remember goth? Did you go through a goth phase? So get out your black nail polish. And I don't know skull motif from Halloween because it's coming back. It is coming back. 

So I already have like a dirt charcoal in my branding. So I might be leaning into that a little more. So again, you don't have to go all in on these trends, but it's really good to know what's coming up. 

Other things that might be more applicable to what you're talking about. Fin Powerment meaning financial empowerment for women. So if you are in that space or if you're talking about women business owners, as I am, that's important to know. 

Another one is I do not know how to say this biophilic biophilic design, which basically means nature. So adding more in your designs or when you're talking about, or in your background, having plants is. The aesthetic that's hot now. And it really is just helped to make a little warmer and to invite people in. 

Another interesting thing is emotional escape rooms. So this is a place that you go to where you can, like let's get out the emotions. So it's kind of like making your own little safe Haven, where you can either go crazy and get all the anger out, or you can just, be zen and calm in that space. So making your own emotional escape. 

Gosh, there's so many good ones. I can't say all of them.

Flex-exercise is one of my favorites. Cause I'm, I'm a dancer. I am very big into keeping flexible because it's the first thing that you lose as you get older. So I stretch every morning. So I'm really excited for this trend to come up because I want to see, I am looking for people to tell me how to do this and do this well. So if you are a trainer, or if you're anywhere in the health and wellness space. Lean in on the flexersize content and you'll be on the cutting edge and people come to you. 

This is why it's important to know these trends and why they're coming, because then you can tool your content to them. So just a few examples of how you could do that is creating a blog post or a podcast around that content.

If you are not an expert in it, find someone who is. And they can come on with you and talk to you about it, or maybe they can guess post. 

Other ideas is develop a lead magnet, which is usually a downloadable PDF that someone can exchange their email address to get that crucial information. Maybe there's a paid product around the trend. Maybe you have a retail shops. You're like, I'm stocking some goth stuff, you know? Might be your vibe. I don't know. 

Then let's see, you can partner, as I said, with an expert in these trends, maybe it's not only going live on Instagram or collab, but maybe there's a product that you can, you can come together with your two individual skills to create, to help your audience learn about these new trends or this new thing that's coming up. 

And then refreshing the aesthetic of your marketing. As I mentioned, adding floral accents or something to another one of them was Hellenistic revival. So maybe some kind of Grecian inspiration. You could use your imagination. 

That is our third trend is including what's up and coming in your content because that just really increases the chances that people are going to come to you.

If you start talking about first, then you could be known for that thing. Maybe who knows. It's something that you get really into and you decide, Hey, I'm going to go in this direction. I'm going to make products and this, or it could be. As minor as reflecting it in your graphic design or mentioning it on your feed.

Thank you all for joining me today to hear the top three trends that you need to know for April as you're planning your social content. As I mentioned before, you can get one of them emailed to you per week at Meganericson.com/newsletter. It's called This Week in Social Media Marketing. I give you one trend and if it's really worth your time, because we're busy people. 

So thank you so much for joining me today. And I hope you have a wonderful week in social media marketing.