ep42 - Social Trends to Know For June

ep42 - Social Trends to Know For June

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Trying to grow your social to grow your business, but also struggling with what to post after tragedies hit national news?

Listen in as I cover what you need to know while creating your social media content for June. In this episode, I'll cover:

✔️ What to post after a tragedy

✔️ Instagram testing limiting stories to 3

✔️ Save time with a new template feature for Reels


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Hello and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. Today. I would love to talk to you about social media trends to know for June.

 May went by so fast and I will be sharing with you three trends to know for this coming month based on what happened, the previous one. And. If you are not aware, these trends are coming directly from the weekly trend report that I email out. All you have to do is go to meganericson.com/newsletter to sign up, to get these in your inbox.

So you don't have to be delayed. You don't have to wait till the end of the month to hear my little recap here, you can get that. Every single week, every Sunday in your inbox to know what is going on. And most importantly, if it is worth your time to pursue, because you guys are all busy mompreneurs side, hustlers, you don't got time for stuff.

That's not going to be affective for you to grow your business. So let's dig in to the three things that you need to know for your posts in June. First off, we're going to talk about what to post after a tragedy. Secondly, Instagram is testing, limiting your Instagram stories and thirdly, How to save time using the new Reel template feature.

So we have lots of fun stuff to dig into. Let's get started. Okay. So the first thing we're going to cover is. What to post after a tragedy as maybe most of you are aware.

There was a mass shooting in Texas here in the United States this last week. And it was heavy on the hearts of many throughout the week. And I had several questions and I heard through my meetings throughout the week. people questioning, do I post or not? This gets weird and wonky. Since many of you are personal brands, which means you are the face of your company and you're the one putting the content out there.

And if you were struggling with something, do you post about it on your business account? And I know that this is difficult. This can be really hard for. People like to not show what you're struggling with on the inside, on the outside, if that's what's required of you. and I can't tell you whether or not it is right for you to post about it, but I have a couple of questions to ask yourself that can help to lead you to that decision.

So the first question is. Do people need to hear about my product service or message right now, is this crucial for me to be telling you about the sale? That's going on to me to be telling you about the services that I provide. The answer could be. Yes. If you are a grief counselor, we really need to hear from you right now.

That could be a major yes. But if you're someone who say, I think my example was you repair HVAC systems here in Ohio. That may not make sense. So on one end, It may seem a little, I know this is something we struggle with sometimes. Is it insensitive to keep continuing posting? So if you feel like it's insensitive for your audience to continue to post about a sale that you have going on, maybe pause your posts, on the other end, if they really need to hear from you on a certain thing.

Then absolutely. This is your time to help your audience and what they're struggling with. another question is, should I address the tragedy in any way? Should I post about it? Should I stay silent about. And I think the question to ask yourself, maybe a better question is, is your audience affected by the tragedy again?

And our HVAC system explanation. or if you're usually B to B business to business, the other. Businesses that you're dealing with. That's not probably not a part of their personal awareness in their everyday business life. So it may not make sense for you to address it. It may be a weird pivot, but again, if your message is one of social justice or if you really help people process through their emotions and your messaging, absolutely.

That would be something that has affected them. Right now, especially too, if you think of your audience demographically, if, if you know that many of them are mothers, parents of school, age children, or if you were in Texas or you're very close to where this tr this particular tragedy happened, then. Yeah, it is on their minds is probably thinking about it.

So if it doesn't make sense for you to address it, maybe pause your posts for a little bit, but if it does then, absolutely do so next question, question number three, is this, this tragedy personal to you, but not your business or your audience. That's where a dissonance can happen, where some tension might be rising inside you.

Is that. You're the one that's struggling with this, but your audience is not in that case. It may be better for you to address this well, how you're feeling about it, how you're processing about it, your thoughts and feelings, or even how to act upon it on your personal social media accounts. That's absolutely a really good way to process through that emotion and really share about something that you're thinking and feeling about, to your friends and family.

You don't have to always address it on your business account as well. Now, for some people, this may be like a no brainer. They're like, I don't care. I'm just going to I'm processing through it. So I'm going to talk about it. And again, that's totally fine. There are no right and wrongs in this situation.

It's a very difficult. Thing to decide. So if that's your personality, go for it, go ahead and do it. But if you're struggling on the other side, that may be another option is to think about it on your personal accounts or they'll post about it on your personal accounts. All right. question number four is what does your audience need right now that you can provide?

So if you've decided, yes, I need to move forward with, or you're like, yes. I feel like I should address it, but I'm not sure how. Then the answer might come about in thinking about what your audience needs or is thinking about. And posting about that. So for me, I was like, okay, I talked to business people, but we're, I'm feeling the same tension within myself of should I, or should I not post about what can I do that is helpful in this situation for my audience and this whole thing I posted about it the day after This decision, matrix these questions to ask yourself. And I put it in my newsletter and I'm talking about it to you now. So that was my personal answer to that question. It's like, I can't help you with grief counseling. I don't have the resources. I don't know how to contact your Senator to talk about gun control.

Like I, that is not my area of expertise, but this social media. And where and how you, you can chime in on this and what your social posts should look like is something that I can address is what I am, I am qualified to do. So that was my answer to that. So I hope that that helps you in the future. If not now, to know how to address these things again, just a quick review, the questions are:

Do people need to hear about my thing right now? Should I address the tragedy in any way or is my audience affected by this tragedy? Is this tragedy personal to you, but not to your business or your audience? And what does your audience need right now that you can provide? So I hope those help you to process through this.

It's a very difficult and personal decision many times, but often, go with your gut is my big advice. If you feel like this is you very passionate about it, absolutely go forward with it. So that was number one of the things you need to know as you craft your social posts in June. Number two is. Instagram is testing, limiting their stories, your stories to three.

And what I mean by this is they are not limiting the amount of stories you can upload and have active at a period of time. That is still limited to a hundred. If you can imagine that, I don't think I've ever done a hundred in one day for any client ever, but. If you didn't know, you can upload up to a hundred and a day.

They are not restricting that what they are testing is if you should have a preview of those posts, meaning it would show three stories and then there'd be a show, all button that the user would have to push to see the rest of the stories that you've uploaded. Now, this, this is a whole thing I realized.

There was major panic when this kind of came out. And I will tell you that the background behind this is that Instagram gives access to a small amount of people to test things, beta test things. To see if they want to move forward with it. So this is one of those things that they are testing. This is not something Instagram has announced that they are officially moving forward with.

we don't often even hear about these things. Because they're just quietly tested. But since this had such implications for creators, I have never seen such huge outcry about things being tested before. So this like news got out and many people were commenting on what you should do and all the things, but I'm here to tell you right now, My advice with anything like this is stay calm and post on.

I need a little inspirational poster to give to each and every one of you to tell you that this is only a test. This is only a test. Instagram has not announced this. It is not officially rolling out to everyone. Now I have my personal opinions of course, about this test. Usually when they're testing a feature, I can see the benefits to both the user and to Instagram, why they would be doing that.

But in this case, I don't really see the benefit because it's already a very easy user experience to flip past somebody's stories. With one swipe. I don't understand why they would restrict the, how many you see to only three at a time. And then you have to push the button because you know what would happen?

We wouldn't push the button. I feel like on a user end, it would annoy me. I try to hit it and I couldn't and I have to go back and I feel like it would be super annoying personally. I can't see the benefits. To the user. So I really hope they don't go through with this one, but if they do, it would mean a lot for how to change up your strategy on Instagram, for stories to changing up your story and strategy.

I haven't even thought through it. And how you would exactly do that yet, because again, it's just a test, but. If I hear that they will be moving forward with this, it would mean a major change in strategy for you to make sure that you capture their attention and tell them to see more, to see the rest of your stories.

So trust. I will tell you, as soon as an official word, something official comes out, I will, you'll be the first ones to know. Again, sign up at Meganericsson.com/newsletter, and you'll be the first to know too. Okay. Last thing. The last thing you need to know for your social posts in June. Quick review. We talked about what to post after a tragedy we talked about Instagram is testing, limiting your story previews, which is something you don't have to worry about.

And third is save time with a new template feature for Reels this is really cool and really fun and will save you a ton of time. If you are one that makes Reels a lot and you like the video photo montage, feel, this is the feature for you. You may have noticed it or seen it already on your Reels.

There is a use template button that will appear above the person's profile photo. Now on Reels, your profile photo is at the bottom banner so don't look for it at the top, look for it at the bottom. And if you hit, if you really like the Reel you like how they put it together, you hit the use template button and it will open a whole new interface that allows you to upload your own photos or videos to recreate the exact same cadence as the one that you just saw.

So if you are one. Like me.

who has like fat fingered it and couldn't figure out how to squeeze the timeline or the, the amount that you wanted into like micro seconds. So you get a ton of video and photo. Those kinds of things. The struggle is real guys for figuring out that format and getting everything to change right on the beat of the music that you want to get it to change on.

I can be half the battle. And so this saves you all that work and you can just benefit from what the other person did and formatting it. And. Being able to package it really quickly and make your own version. And I will say, this is my one word of warning. Do not. I repeat, do not. Replicate the exact same thing do not have the same titles, same topic, same kinds of videos and photos, and just rinse and repeat because that's not stealing like an artist.

If you're familiar with that, that is just stealing. So you want to put your own creative spin with your own messaging and something that will pop out to people. When they see that trending Reel because I know we've all had this experience of getting on Instagram and seeing this same one over and over.

And we're like, Ugh, I don't want to see this anymore. But if you put your own unique spin on it, then. it stands out they're more willing to read your caption, click over to your other things. So, it is such a great new feature. I love that Instagram, put this in is really helping out the creator because that's who it's for really, so that.

Is my summary of things that you need to know the trends you need to know to post your social content in June. Let me know which one of these is your favorite, which one of these did you need to use the most? What to post the tragedy? This whole secret news about Instagram limiting stories or this new template feature, like which is going to help you the most.

I would love to know. Thank you so much for being with me here today. And if you want to get these trends, be the first one to know, then go to Meganericsson.com/newsletter to get. Your weekly trend report. Thank you so much. I'll see ya on social media.