ep43 - Get People from Social to Your Website

ep43 - Get People from Social to Your Website

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Are you spending a ton of time creating posts on social media but no one's going to your website? Allison Hardy is here to help!

In this episode, we cover:

✔️ What's a funnel and why you need one

✔️ Best tips for getting people to your website with organic and paid social

✔️ The #1 thing Allison sees people doing wrong



About My Guest:

Allison Hardy is a lead generation and email funnels strategist, and she helps busy mompreneurs stay in part-time hours by scaling their businesses through selling more of their course or membership.

Allison teaches her clients how to implement her proprietary email funnel framework that introduces habit-based automation into the email funnel, so that your lead is qualified for the pitch, and you’re never a sleazy slimeball in someone’s inbox ever again.


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I am so excited to bring to you today, a wonderful guest and, if you are here and you are an entrepreneur, you have a side hustle, you're trying to add some more income to your family and are doing it by generating leads from social media online, then you have to stay here and listen to the whole conversation because Allison Hardy my guest today.

And she will absolutely blow you away. So without, further ado here...


Hello. How are you?

I tend to be dramatic on video. Sorry about that. I use the hands all the time. Wonderful. Well, thank you for being here, Allison. I cannot wait for both for myself and for everyone to hear what you have, all the nuggets of wisdom you have to share with us today.

well, thank you for having me. I'm so excited to be here. 

Oh, so glad. So to start out, let us, for those of you who may not know who you are.

 I help really busy mompreneurs, who want to scale their business without working more set up a six figure email funnel so that they can sell more of their course or their membership without actually adding more hours to their workload. 

Okay. Mm. And everyone collectively said, amen. 


Absolutely. So as a part of that email funnel, right? We've gotta start somewhere. And I'm guessing is that social media. Is that where we start? I mean, it can be other places, of course, but I would guess that organic social would be a large part of that. Am I right? 

Yeah, absolutely. Because without, you know, anyone in the funnel, your funnel's never going to actually do the work for you.

And I think that's where a lot of people get confused. Like they're like, all right, I set up the funnel. I built it. Now they're gonna come. 

No, actually like the work has just started. You gotta get people into that funnel first so that you can help more people. So yeah. Organic social media is an amazing way to do that for sure.

Wonderful. And in case anyone I already threw out jargon in case anyone's not familiar with the term funnel, we just mean , that's the way that you get your people from where they first discover you, which normally usually can be other places. It could be a referral. It could be somebody forwards you an email. But most likely they're finding you on social media. So the funnel is how we get from the most people that are in your audience on social to take them from there. So when we say funnel that's, that is what we mean. 

So in your experience, we'll just kick it off here. In your experience, what are say the best ways to get people from social media? And if it helps, like you could do specific platforms or generally like what's the best way to get people from social.

To click out because that's the goal, right? Like we don't want to hang there. We love to have build relationships with you, but , we're trying to accomplish something here. Yeah, yeah. 

Yeah. Let's talk about Instagram since we're hanging out here on Instagram and that's really like where I mostly hang out.

If we're talking organically, like, honestly, I don't really focus a ton of effort on getting people over to my website organically, because like you just hinted at, like, that's not the point of it. Instagram doesn't want us to drive traffic off the platform. So. The way that I do this without like, saying, Hey, go to this link is by starting conversations in the DMS.

And I think that's one of the most powerful tools that we have. So something that I like to do, and that if you follow me, you see me do this all the time is use Instagram stories to ask questions and I make it really, really, really. Really easy for you to respond to me. So like right before we were live here, I posted a series of questions on my Instagram stories.

And I used the poll features, cuz those are the easiest way for people to actually engage. They have four choices or three choices, however, and they just click one and that's really easy. And so if someone, you know, respond response on that pole, I'll DM 'em and I'll be like, I have a question. Can I ask, like, thank you so much first off for taking the time to respond to my poll.

Can I ask you a follow up question? And they always say yes, cuz people love to be acknowledged and let's be honest. We like to be helpful. And they say, yeah. And I say, cool. And I ask them like a question, not selling them anything. I just want like really am using it for market research. And so I'm asking them questions about the topic that we're talking about.

and it's just an organic conversation. And I thank them so much when I'm done with the conversation and that relationship is established then. And when they engage more on your stuff, especially on your stories, you're, they're gonna get seen more of your stuff because the algorithm says that's valuable to them.

So. I'm continually asking questions and continually engaging with my audience. And then about once a week, I'm like, Hey, I have four spots open for one on one coaching, or, Hey, I'm taking sales calls or I don't call 'em sales calls. I call 'em fitting calls. I'm taking fitting calls next week to find out if this program I have is the right fit for you.

And those people are going to see that and those people are gonna be like, yeah, I probably should consider that thing for my business to help me do the thing that I want to do. So I don't really, like, it's not like I'm creating specific. The drive traffic off of Instagram, it's an encouraging engagement and I'm developing those relationships and it just lead into that very naturally and organically.

Mm-hmm sounds a lot. 

No, that's fantastic. I love it. I love it. I always, yes. Sales happens in the DM 

sales happen. for sure. And it's, it's the easiest way, cuz as you 

said, Instagram is not based around link clips. We cannot obviously put them in our posts. So. You know, they can get lost. They, if you send a post at links and bio, then they're trying to find the it's three steps before

If they even find the link that you refer to. 

Right. So it's a lot, it's a lot to ask it is, 

and it's not hopeless, like still promote your things, but as you're right, like that's kind of the relationship building flow on Instagram is like, They, they might see a reel. They see something that's like really getting engagement outside of their audience.

And then they come into your audience. Hopefully they follow you. They, they get all that really value rich content on your feed post, and then they, since they're following you, they see your stories. I love that they ask all the, they answer the questions like, oh yeah, I'm in, oh, I hadn't thought about it.

I'm interested in this. Or this is the way I normally do this. And then you, if they've engaged with you, they've started a conversation. So you can respond back and ask them. Yeah. As you said, follow up questions. That is a fantastic way to. Keep the conversation going and, and genuinely, I think this is one of the questions I get is how do you make it not feel cringy?

Or like you're trying to sell them. 

So I think first off, it's important to understand, like you are a business and you are here to like sell things to people. However, how do you like to have conversations with people? We're all people we all like actually have real lives outside of this little screen that we see how do you like to talk to people?

Like how do you do that in real life and exactly how you do that in real life is probably how you should do that on Instagram. So like, if you're at a party, do you walk up to someone from across the room that you've never met and be like, Hey, you should buy my thing. No, you say, Hey. I'm Allison. It's really nice to meet you.

I know the host of the party through here. How do you know them? They'll respond. You're like, oh, that's so cool. You met in college. Did you guys do a sport together or you a sorority together? You get to know them, you have an actual conversation and then, you know, maybe it'll transition to, what do you do for a living or how many kids do you have?

Like, it's just a conversation. And I think that a lot of times Like you said, we get all caught up in our heads and we forget that we're all human beings on the other side of the screen. And. It's just a matter of having asking questions and getting to know people. And if they're your ideal client, sorry, they started following you.

Cuz they're, they're your ideal client. They're probably gonna bring up working with you or whatever the thing is that you're selling organically, it's probably going to happen. There's a reason why they started following you. Maybe it was because you have 10 kids and they have 10 kids or you have cats and they have cats, but also like there's this business that you run.

And they probably were like, Ooh, That might be something I need to consider enrolling in or investing in. So they're gonna get to know you as a person, but they're also like behind the scenes learning who you are as a business as well. 

Yes, absolutely. And I think there is one thing that we, we haven't touched on yet because I, I specify at the beginning organic social. Where, what are you doing? Yes. But. There is sponsored post advertising. What's your philosophy around those generating sales? 

I think that paid advertising is amazing. I think it's an amazing way to fast track your results. It's probably the number. It's the number one way I generate leads right now because my time is short.

Like my kids are coming home pretty soon for school. Like I know like things are gonna get real, crazy, real fast. So. If I don't want my business to go stagnant, which I don't, I want my business to continue to grow. I know me showing up on social organically is not going to happen as much during the summer.

It's still gonna happen, but it's not gonna happen as much. So how can I. Kind of supplement that effort that I'm not gonna be able to be putting in or that I don't wanna put in over the summer. And so for me, it's paid advertising and I think that a lot of times people get really freaked out by the idea of paid advertising.

They're like, oh no, whoa, it's a terrible thing. And they think it has to cost a lot of money. They think it's gonna like make them into a robot. You know, there's all these objections. A lot of people have. You can spend $10 a day on paid advertising. That's $300 a month. You can spend $5 a day on paid advertising that.

$150 a month. It doesn't have to be this thing that sucks all of your money. And when you have like email funnel that produces sales on the other end of that, it's kind of like a guaranteed way of making money. So like, I, for example, one of my clients recently made a reel about this. One of my clients recently made she had a.

and she told, sold two products and they were a thousand dollars product and she was feeling kind of bummed. She was like, oh my launch. Wasn't that great. Like my results weren't so fabulous. So I was like, okay, what are the numbers? And she paid $3, an email address. And at a hundred people go through her funnel.

So she paid $300 for those 100 people. And she sold two things and that got $2,000 into her bank account. So like, after like, I've pointed out those numbers for her. She was. Oh, I was like, you actually killed it. Your launch was amazing because think about it. If you put 200 people through that funnel, you're spend 600 bucks.

You're gonna get $4,000 in return. That's a good ROI. I would do that all day long. Every day, I would spend a thousand people through that funnel, like get as many people through that funnel as you can. And that was all three paid advertising. So, you know, when you have the, the funnel that backs up that work.

It's a, it's a sure thing instead of a, a stressor, it doesn't have to be a stressor anymore. 

Absolutely. And this is where yes, this is where I think mom, entrepreneurs, mom thought who maybe haven't been entrepreneurs before. You don't have a business background where it gets scary because our only experience is. Money out the door is money out the door. But that is not the case. When we're talking about paid, it's a numbers game. It's kind of like, if you, I have friends who started to buy houses and flip and I'm talking to them about, you know, how much work a house they're telling me like, oh, okay, well we bought the house at whatever it was, you know, say $50,000.

We bought the house and it it's, but it's a wreck. And I'm like, oh no, that's gonna be so horrible. You have to do all this work and spend all this. And they. It's just money and that's what they were saying. They were like, you just have to look at the total picture of, okay, it costs thIs much. This is just how much it's gonna cost to fix it up. And then, you know, and how much can we sell it for? They run the numbers and then they're like, is it worth it or not? Yeah. You know, like, and that's very, this very much the same way, because it's not a physical thing. It's hard for us to like yeah. Our brains around it.

But you know, it's very, it's very much. You gotta spend money and make money. And if you, as you said, have really built your business in a way that, you know, you will get it at the end, or you can start to predict where you will be at the end. It doesn't hurt to spend that advertising money because you know where you will end up. And that's a very pro boss way to run, to run your business, right? Like that's where we wanna get to.

And that's, I guess the thing that I always tell my people that I coach and, and my clients is that, but don't do that. Don't spend the money on the advertising until you have, you're able to pay for it. Right. yeah. Like you have to have a way to pay for it on the other end.

Is that, is that also your philosophy? 

Yeah. I mean, that's the point of the funnel is to be able to pay for it on the end. So if you're spending money on paid advertising and you're not spending like putting people through a funnel, like I know people do this, like they don't have a funnel set up, but they have a really killer, like, lead magnet and maybe they have like a three email nurture sequence.

They just know they're gonna spend that money up front and that they're not gonna see the money on the other end. Like they just, they have the money to make account. They're like, okay, here, we're just gonna do this now. And then maybe I'm gonna live launch in like two weeks or something and they just need people in.

So like, there's that, that always, that is a way of doing things, but. From my perspective, like, why wouldn't you have a funnel set up? Why wouldn't you have something there on the end that they could actually buy? And, and what if it was just like a break even like, what if you could sell like a $37 product inside of that funnel?

It doesn't have to be like this big thousand dollars thing. If you don't have a big thousand dollars thing quite yet. Like what if you could just break even like, what if the funnel could just pay for the ads and then your list bill for free. Think about it like that. And. Really the sky's the limit there too.

So I always think there should be something to buy at some point. And if you don't have something to buy right now, or you're like gearing up for something else at a live launch, just just know that going into it and then your expectations are, are there. And, you know, everyone's on the same page. 

Yes, this is true. Cause I also have, because of my work with hope writers, I have a lot of people here who are writers, right. Who are like, girl, I don't even have , you know, like I have zero info coming in until I sell this book. Yeah. Yeah. And that, that is absolutely. That is a hurdle that is absolutely a hurdle of some industries. If you're trying to build your platform to have as an expert in something or yes. Building toward that book contract. But. You have to also look at that as an investment of like, what could I potentially, you know, sell this for? What you know is your agent or editor. If you have one telling you and, and look at it as a investment in your future or.

Make that product make like the $30 as you were saying, the $30 product, the low end thing. It could be templates. They do whatever it is, you know, whatever it is that your message is that you're helping people to create something valuable that they will pay. The seven doesn't even have to be $37, whatever, you know, that an ebook.

Create make, write a Novella, whatever it's to then start, get filling people into your funnel, start getting them on your email list. So then when you do launch the big book whether it's. You're publishing it yourself or you're having it, doing it through a publisher. You have the people to go to, as I know, it feels often like a catch 22 for those writers.

Yeah. Cuz they're like, I can't do the thing until the thing is done, but I can't get the people until I have the thing, you know, it's a whole thing. 

Yeah. yeah. So like also like if you're an expert based business, like you're writing a book on like this topic that you have. I am sure there's like a template you can make.

There's something like a infograph, like. Something, you could like turn into like a digital product mm-hmm and you could sell it for it. Doesn't have to be $37. It be seven, like you said. But I think a lot of times we get all, and I see this in, in my business all the time with my clients, we get all caught up in like, I have to have the $2,000 course or the thousand dollars course.

And like, we spend all this time creating that thing. What if like you could start to make money now, or you could start those build for free by having. Smaller thing, like a little component of it. And you sell that in the funnel, or what if instead of a lead magnet, it was an actual offer. Like instead of running ads to a free download, it was like, Hey, buy my $27 thing.

It's gonna help you save time or whatever the thing is that you're gonna do. That's something to think about. 

Yeah, true. There are, there are many ways to, there's an analogy. There's a, a euphemism, I'm not going with many ways of skin and cat. I don't know. Yeah. There's so many different ways to do it.

That can work for your business. You know, it's not one size fits all by any means. For sure. 

Yeah. And you're never stuck, right? You're never stuck with like one thing you can always pivot. You can always shift, you can try a couple of different things and see how it goes. You never know until you. 

Yes, this is true. This is where I get stuck is I'm like I see all the things and I just have to pick one I know. Just pick one and move forward. oh, so what are, oh, I love this question. So what are some of, maybe you don't have to name names. You can, if you want, but what are some of the missteps? What are some of the things you see people doing on social organically or not, that you're like, oh, if only? You just wanna be like, oh girl. Mm. 

What are some of those things? 

So I'm always a fan of like, I always, I you'll hear me say this all the time. Like you make the rules in your business. Like you get to decide what you do and what you don't do.

However, if you want to focus on, let's say Instagram, for example, to like grow an audience. You should probably do what Instagram wants you to do. So what I mean by that is like, we all know reels are really popular. We all know social media is going over to video when you were on income and impact summit with me, you were like video is king or queen.

However, I wanna think about it. So like, if you're not using video, like I'm taking a page from your book, like if you're not using it video, You need to get on the video train. You need to use reels because it's doing what the platform wants you to do. And if you are going to spend all this time hanging out on Instagram and building an audience might as well get like more bang for your book.

So if you're gonna put the effort in to crafting a still post, I would just make it into a reel and still do the same thing. The same topic, same idea. Turn into a real, it's going to get you more traction. And instead of feeling like, oh my gosh, nobody sees my. You're gonna be like, oh, my reel had 500 views.

My reel had 10,000 views. My reel actually got seeing my people and let's be honest, more people see your stuff. The more likely you already to get more followers, the more likely you already to get more conversations, more comments. It just works out at it for everybody involved. So like hop on the Reel train if you haven't already.

And always be a, and I was having this conversation earlier this morning with a client. She was like, I just keep doing these. Like still image posts on, on Instagram. They're not getting any traction. She's like, I just think my content is off. And I looked at her content and I was like, your content's not.

It's just the vehicle. Like you're not using Instagram in the way that they want you to use it. She's like, well, why do they still have still posts? And I was like, I don't know why they still don't have why they still have still posts. But like they've told us multiple times, they don't want us using them anymore.

So like, I don't know why, but use the real, like, just turn the still post into a Reel, you're gonna get so much more attraction and you're gonna feel like you're actually getting something done on Instagram instead of feeling frustrated and. 

Yeah, absolutely preach into the choir. Oh my goodness, it's true. And you don't have to use, you don't have to lip sync. You don't have to dance if you don't want to, you can literally just say the words that you put in the caption or that you were gonna put on the graphic. You know, if you had five tips, then just start recording and record those, say them out loud, you know?

Yeah, absolutely. That is. And, and fun 

fact, you could do both, 

if you want, you could say the words of that, and then you already have the content, so repurpose it, new feed post. So if there, cause there is something to be yes, absolutely. I agree with what you're saying. There's also something to be said for how people like to consume content, you know, and some people will read your entire caption, but they would never watch a minute long video. 


You know, so I, you know, I think that's part of the re you know, they'll still, there'll always be feed posts. There have to always VP posts, graphics, but it's adjusting how you do it. Like they're right now experimenting with full, full screen image uploads. Right? Yeah. So that we'll start to see. Not yet. It's not out yet, but we'll start to see it where it cover the image covers your full screen. So you can't see the caption. You can't see anything, you know, so we'll start to have to adjust our strategies so that we figure out how best to do that.

And we'll start. And the people who do the squares, they'll still be people who do the squares and you know, it will. Again, we need to like learn to evolve with the times I just saw posts that was like, oh, like the POV. Remember when in 2016 they launched stories and we were like, no something else to learn.

I remember at that time I was a network marketing and my upline like sent us a, we all met like DM chat. She was like, Instagram is. Snapchat, the Snapchat was super popular during that time. And we were like, what's like horrified, the Instagram would try to do Snapchat. And now it's like, so, you know, it's so easy for us to do now.

It's like second nature for most of us. So yeah, like listen to the platform, pay attention to what they're telling us and do what they want us to do, because like we're spending our time here. And if you're spending your time here, like get the most outta of your outta your. Absolutely. 

Absolutely. Okay. Well, I can't believe this has gone so fast. I so enjoy talking to you. You have brought your perspective and I think helped some challenge challenged. Some of you I know, into thinking about. What is that thing? Like I know a lot of you don't even have products. I know, I know you don't so think about what that first step for you might be.

If you're going to, they develop that product. You gonna start some advertising, you already have those products. Are you gonna make sure your email funnel, follow, follow Allison to get all those details for how she structures hers? 

So in our. Wrapping up here, Allison tell us how they can do that. Like where to find you and where maybe the next step in following you is?

Yeah. So my Instagram handle was Allison underscore Hardy underscore. I would love to have you follow me. DM say hi, I'm always down for a good chat DMS. My podcast is called a six figure mom for podcast. It releases every week. And we feature interviews and solo episodes talking about mom, entrepreneur, life, email funnels, automation, social media. Strategy, all kinds of fun, things like that. 

And then I have a free resource called to $80,000 email and it's the email that brought in $80,000 in sales the last year. So I'd love to have you download it and you can copy it and use it inside of your open cart sequence or inside of your email.

Fantastic. Well, thank you, Allison. Thank you for what you do to help us and to make us better and to help, you know, generate some more income for our family. So, yeah, I really well, thanks. Appreciate you. And I will see you around Instagram. Thanks for being here today. 

Thanks for having me, Megan.