Social Media Trends to Know for September

ep46 - Social Trends to Know For September

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Nine new features on Instagram you need to know about! 🤔

Listen in as I cover what you need to know while creating your social media content for September. In this episode, I'll cover:

✔️ The short life of Instagram's new newsfeed

✔️ 9 new features to use for your business

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Hello and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. I am so excited to have you here today because mainly we'll be answering the question: are you okay, Instagram? Like genuinely, I am concerned for you. This has been a crazy month for the platform. Unprecedented amount of new changes on Instagram.

Buckle up, maybe get out a paper and pencil, whatever your favorite writing utensils are so you can write down the, not one, not two, not three, not four, not even five, but nine new features that Instagram has rolled out this month or in the past month. And one major thing they rolled out and rolled right back on in and said, "we're so sorry".

So if you do not have any idea what these features are that I'm gonna be talking about, you know, where you could get them and you would already have this information. It's by getting my weekly trend report called This Week in Social Media Marketing, you can get it at So just go there, and sign up and you'd already have all this information at your fingertips, but I am glad that you're here.

I am glad that I get to tell you in person or at least as close to in person as we can be here. So to get started, let me tell you about the feature that was rolled out and then rolled right back in. It was the new Instagram news. this feed functioned very similar to TikTok. It had full screen, meaning that you could only see one post at a time when you swiped very similar to how TikTok works.

And it had a few other features on there. I was somehow included in the beta test for this. It did not roll out to everybody all at once, but there were a few major differences. For some reason, it was stuck in black dark mode. I couldn't get it off dark mode, which bothers me that may not bother some people, but you got some additional Reel features.

The way you turn the sound on and off, you could scrub through the video. There were a few cool things that I really liked about it, but it did take some getting used to you felt like you didn't get to see as much just because you were scrolling through them one on one. However, you did really focus on those ones that you were seeing. 

So, it rolled out to a smaller group of beta testers, and already people were in arms about this. They were like, this is too far. You have gone too far. We do not like you messing with our Instagram like this. And within a week, people, I don't know the Kardashians who have the largest followings, some of the largest followings on the platform were even complaining and they don't typically do that.

So Instagram was like, okay, we get it, too much. We're disabling this new feed. Now I think that that messed with they weren't anticipating that and that messed with a lot of new things that they were rolling out. Therefore, lots of glitches are happening on the system and lots of features that would have that new full feed view now don't make sense. If you wanted to see what that feed looks like, I have a Reel up on my account, it's pinned at the top. If you wanna go check out and see what that looked like, but that may answer a few questions for you if you've been wondering what's been going on.

So without further ado, here are nine features Instagram has rolled out in the past month that they have not yet taken back. So hopefully these are here to stay. 

Number one is all videos are posted as Reels. Now this one's a little confusing, not everybody's experiencing it in the same way, but some of the accounts I manage this is true on their account. And some of them it's not, but in some cases, Instagram says all cases, this will happen for eventually your Reel tab and your videos tab will merge to only be a Reels tab. So anything posted 15 minutes or less will be considered a Reel. And again, we don't know the full implications of this yet because I think some things got lost in the transfer when this new newsfeed was taken away.

So some people are experiencing this in different ways. However, the big takeaway is if shorter video is being posted as a Reel, it's getting all the algorithm juice that reels get. I think it's a positive thing, but it also tells you how heavily Instagram is investing in these reels. They really, really, really, really, want you to use Reels, that's hard to say three times fast. So that was number one, all videos are Reels. 

Number two is add your sticker on Reels. So we have been able to use this for a few months. Now, these stickers that you can ask poll questions, you can do sliders, and now they've added the add yours sticker, which enables you to add a photo to this series.

We've been able to do this in Stories for a little bit. It works slightly differently, but it's been going crazy and has been performing really well in Stories. So for example, you could put, you could be talking about going back to school on your Reel, and you could post and add yours sticker that add your kids' first day of school photos. So you click through, you could see everybody's photos and would also give you credit for starting that, hopefully, viral trend. So that's something fun they've added. I love more engagement on Reels. That 's never, never, never a bad thing. 

So number three of nine is cross posting Reels. This is exciting because you can do the job once you could create the content once and get it posted on two accounts at once. So either, or you post an Instagram Reel and make sure you have to put it in your settings, that you will allow Reels to be cross posted, and it would simultaneously post your Instagram Reel to your Instagram account and your Facebook account, vice versa. So this is great in that you don't have to try to download and get the video as well or the audio, and then re-upload it into Facebook. All of that. You can cross post to both accounts. So again, always in favor of time savers. You you can say I want all of them to be cross posted or select individually. And I like to select individually because especially with my content, some stuff that I post on Instagram may not make sense on Facebook. So just keep that in mind when you're using that feature. 

All right. Number four, number four is dual camera. You may have seen this when you've either created a Reel or Story. It just had like a little new little camera icon. And this came out of a new social media app. It's another Instagram is mimicking this thing from someone else who's doing really well so this new app is called, BeReal. And the whole point of the BeReal app is for you to post things authentically. Literally there is no filters there. You can retake the picture, but you cannot change it. It's really hard even to get it to look good sometimes. And it takes a picture simultaneously of the front camera and the back camera. It's the idea is like behind the scenes, what you're doing right now.

So it sees your face, you get a selfie and whatever you're looking at. And you can add a caption that says whatever you're doing at the time. So this app is slowly growing in popularity. It is by no means an Instagram or a Facebook or a Twitter yet it's currently 10th in the lineup of most popular social apps. However, it was the number one downloaded app a few weeks ago. Instagram took notice and they added this little dual camera feature where you can do the same thing simultaneously record your with your front and back cameras. I think it's fun. I mean, it's a nice little thing to add. It could be cool if you're giving somebody a tour of something and you're narrating. So they can see your face while you're narrating, but also see what you're looking at. It could be cool for behind the scenes things, or just a quick picture and update on what you're doing right now in your Stories. Either way I think it's a fun little feature, but, I don't think BeReal is scared at all that Instagram added this Google camera.

That was number four, number five guys, our fifth new feature, is the Remix feature and the Remixes have been there for a while, but they've added lots of new things to Remix.

So this is kind of like a bonus for some points to this one. Not only are you able to Remix a current video or Reel but they're adding the capability to even Remix images. So if there's a funny photo that you wanna, like, pretend you're doing the same thing with, or if you just wanna react to and say how great this upcoming event is, and you want people to go, you can Remix it that way. You can also do, yet again, what they do on TikTok. You can Remix by having a clip of the original video in front, and then you record the next half. So this happens all the time on TikTok. 

One that's trending right now is somebody saying, "what is a scam that's become so normalized we don't realize it?" And then you could come on with your face and say, what is a scam in your industry that people just accept anymore and move on. But you know that they really don't have to be charging that extra fee or whatever the case is. So that's really cool.

They also have a green screen effect where you can do something similar. The original video is playing behind you and you pop up onto it. And there's like a picture and picture option as well. So lots of fun things that have been added to the Remix feature to make it a little more, flexible for you, but also, so you can use it like you use TikTok.

ALl right, so Sally is asking, "where is the Remix feature?" That is a great question. So on any feed post Reel, what have you, you push the three dots and if it is available to be Remixed, it will say Remix this post there, and you click that button and it'll take you through tap on to Remix. 

So Abigail asked number four, the dual cameras, where do you find that? There will be a little camera button that is in where you create your Stories? It'll be on an online it's on the, the left hand side. And then when you create your Reels, same thing on the left hand side, there'll be a little camera thing. And if you click it, you'll see picture and picture. You'll see both your cameras at the same time. So hopefully that helps. 

OKay. I love the questions keep them coming. All right. 

So that was number five is our Remix features. Number six is 60 second Stories. And this is a feature that I got for a day and then it wasn't there anymore.

 I haven't seen being any indication that they've taken it away completely, but just for some reason I saw it and then I don't see it anymore. So we'll see if they continue on with this. But what it is is that you can record a full minute of video without it clipping into 15 second chunks. If you've ever used Stories in this way, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

And it is kind of annoying because you have to edit every 15 minute segment versus being able to edit the whole minute at a time. So if you're doing captions, you've gotta go to the next one and add the filter and do the captions for the next one. And next one, or add titles, whatever you want. So it's a fantastic feature.

I hope I get it back. And it really, I mean, I don't see why not. So it makes it a much better user experience. I don't know if it would be frustrating to people who are watching it, if they're like, wait a minute, this is a lot, lot longer than I bargained for either way. I think it is a big benefit and I hope they keep it. So 60 second Stories is your sixth new feature. 

All right. So if you have followed along with me here, you have heard Stories changes, camera changes, Remix features, lots of things. Reels. 

Our last three are all financially related. They're all related to money and hopefully making it easier for you to make money. 

So our first one is boosted Reels. Before we were not able to make current Reels, something that was posted organically into an app, but now we can. Now we can take those fantastically performing Reels and boost them, or create an ad with them so that you can get even more eyes on your content. Now, I absolutely recommend this if you currently have products for sale or something that won't make up the cost of purchasing the ad.

In general, I think that's a great way to run your business is to be able to cover the cost of ads versus doing it to gain more followers or to, just get more likes and more eyes on your things. So I think this is a fantastic thing. If you have, if you're selling something in the Reel, or even if you're promoting something that will eventually lead to sales.

It's fantastic because they've been promoting Reels so much on the platform. However, we weren't able to boost them even farther by putting advertising money behind them. So I think it's a great move on their happy behalf. And there is a, just wanting to let you know number one is that you are not able to do that if you have used somebody else's sound. So it has to be all original sound, either voice talking or royalty free music. So if you look in Instagram's terms of service, you can see what that means if you're going that route. But just so you know, FYI, you can't do a trending sounds. 

Okay. So that was number seven. Number eight is payment in chat. How cool is this? You can collect payments via PayPal directly in DMS. Now you have to set it up. So it's not an automatic thing. However, you also have to have a business account because Instagram is assuming you're not gonna take payments if you're a personal account, you need to be a business. So it has to either be creator or business account, but you can start maybe even selling your services and take payment right there in a DM. I think that's pretty cool. 

And then our last one, drum roll please. Number nine, the last new feature they've added on the platform in the last 30 days is NFTs. This is the ability to share your digital collectibles or NFTs, on your account. Now, if you don't know what this is, don't worry about it. It is more technical, it is something that not everybody dabbles in, but cryptocurrency NFTs, those sort of things have been just really exploding in interest across all of social media and Instagram doesn't wanna be left behind. As we know, Twitter is a little ahead of them in all of this. So they're, they're just adding that now. So that's something to check out. 

I'm gonna do a really quick round up here, or I'm gonna recap for you, all nine that I talked about. So we have number one, all videos are Reels, any short form video that you post will now appear as a Reel in your Reels tab.

Number two. The add yours sticker on Reels. Being able to ask people to add a picture and it become a fun thing. 

Number three, cross posting Reels to both Facebook and Instagram. 

Number four, the dual camera feature will simultaneously record your front camera and your back camera. 

Number five Remix features. They've expanded your capability here so we can make a lot more different types of Remixes.

Number six 60 second Stories. So it's not clipping them into 15 second segments. 

And then number seven, boosted Reels. You can now advertise a Reel.

Number eight ,payment in chat through PayPal.

And number nine, sharing your NFTs.

So which one is your favorite? Let me know here, DM me to let me know. I'm happy also to answer any of your questions via DM. 

 Thank you so much for being with me here, learning about all the new features on Instagram. This tells me that you are investing in yourself. You're investing in your business. You're continually learning that you will make it here. You will continue to grow your social media to grow your business. Don't forget that. 

I also have my weekly trend report, This Week in Social Media Marketing that you can get by going to

And you would already have all this information in your inbox. You wouldn't have to watch this so thank you so much for being here and I will see you on Instagram.