Megan's Social Media Marketing Show ep47 - Why Social Media Sucks

ep47 - Why Social Media Sucks

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It's true. I'll admit it. About anything else is easier than trying to grow a following here.

Listen in to hear the top 5 reasons social media sucks as content creators and get it all out of our systems.

Then, I'll give you 5 mindset shifts to cope so you can get back to slaying the day! 


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Hello and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. I am so glad that you are here with me today. My goal every single time you tune in to one of these shows is that you will learn how to grow your social media to grow your business. That means you have something going on, girl, you have a side hustle, you are selling something.

You maybe have a full time job. You own your own company and you are trying to grow that company by growing your social media platform, sending those people to your website, to your sales pages so that you can grow your income for your family. So if that's you. Welcome here. Welcome in, come in here, come in here and let me talk to you because today's topic is why social media sucks.

Now, this may sound funny coming from someone who just told you that this is a goal that you can have, and it is something that you can do, and it is. And I wholeheartedly believe in it. I love social media with all of my being. However, it can suck sometimes. It can really suck sometimes. And whenever I go into a room, either a virtual room or an actual literal room filled with people and I tell them what I do, inevitably, I get a oh, So you spend your whole life on social media.

Like, you know, people do not get it because they have negative experiences with it. Maybe they're trying to create on it and they've been frustrated with it. so I wanted to bring to you the top five ways that social media sucks for business people, particularly you mom entrepreneurs out there that are doing this day in and day out.

These are the top five things that I hear that I experience myself, that I hear from you. you guys know me. If you've listened to me at all, you have seen anything else that I have created. I will also give you a positive mindset to counteract the ways in which social media sucks. So I promise this isn't gonna be a whole vent sesh here.

This whole thing, isn't going to be a big pile of negativity. It was even hard for me to create this list of things, because I was like, oh, I don't wanna believe these things, but they are true. I don't wanna wallow in them is what I should say. I don't want to continue to think about them. So this is our way of getting them out of ourselves, out of our brain spaces and start to reprogram with the positive mindsets that help you Get around these little hurdles that this industry has thrown at us. So, before I do, before I dive in, I just wanna remind you. I have a weekly trend report of what is happening on social media so that you don't miss anything.

You don't miss any of these hurdles that are new, that are being thrown at us. So go sign up for that at Megan, and you will know the newest and the latest that's happening every week on social media, in your inbox. So go do that but listen to me while you're doing that. so let's start with the top way.

They're not really ranked in order, but my first way, that social media just really sucks. And that number one is there are no certainties. There is no assurance, no matter what, no matter how many posts you do, no matter how many lives you, how many times you go live, how many Reels, TikToks you create whenever you hit post there's no certainty that it's gonna perform well,

or at all, right. We've all experienced glitches that happen, especially right now on Instagram. It's very glitchy. and in other platforms we experienced those, but beyond even that we're not even guaranteed that if you put in something, you will get something else out. It is not a vending machine. I cannot put in my $.55

and get our, any vending machines, 55 cents anymore, whatever they cost. I can't put in my dollar and get out the pop that I wanted. This soda, whatever you guys call it, your region. But it is more like social media works more like a slot machine. You put in your token, you pull the lever and you never truly know what's gonna come back.

A lot of times. It's really great. It's really good. A lot of times it's also okay. Fine. Nothing truly happened. You don't seem to have that much momentum. However, again, I'm not a gambler. I'm, I'm not like super well versed in the psychology of playing slot machines. But I do know that people sit at certain slot machines and.

Wait for that payout because they know it's coming after a certain percentage of time. And that's somewhat similar to how social media works in that. If you keep doing the work, you keep diligently doing it. It will eventually it will pay off. I promise you so. The fact that it's uncertain is what makes it hard.

The rules are constantly changing. It's true. Like I just said, sign up for my weekly trend report because the rules are always changing. They're always changing the algorithm. Algorithm itself is actually a mathematical program. That's trained an AI program, artificial intelligence. That's trained to learn and change as it goes.

So it's literally never the same. And even the people who create it, can't really tell you exactly what it's doing. Again, no certainties. So, you know, we feel like we can never get ahead. You can never get comfortable with concern as you do things change. Right? I mean, like raise your hand. Give me a shout out if that is the case.

If you have thought about this constantly, and this is the thing that's really bumming you out, on social media. It is not a sure thing. I will say that with any creative endeavor, this is the case, right? We are coming to. Our canvases, we're coming to our blank, cursor screens like any writer does, or our canvas, like any artist does, and we're starting to create something and we don't know how that is gonna come out.

And we don't know how other people are going to respond to that thing. We created. So it is very much works more like the creative industry than anything that is transactional. That is, I put this in, I get that out. So our positive mindset going into this is to. set, our expectations for risk management.

I love talking about this. I actually have a brother-in-law that's in risk management as the industry. That is his job within companies is to help them assess. Okay. How risky is this thing that we have? How vulnerable are we to these, this certain result that's gonna happen and how can we mitigate. So with social media, there are certain things that are certain, there are things that are certain.

If you stop posting, it is certain that your account will not grow. How about that? if you do not continue to post nothing will happen. if you though continue to put out content and you see the trend of growth, you're more likely to continue to grow. So that's certainty number one, and then looking at the risk factor for all the other things is it's up to.

You, and that gets into another mindset that I'll talk about later to guarantee that, you know, you are putting in what you can afford to put into social media. You set your own time and your set, your own content calendar schedule so that you are willing to risk the amount that you're putting into it.

That's where some of. Burn out and want to quit because we feel like we need to uphold somebody else's content calendar. We need to uphold what we're seeing other people doing on social media. And that may not be what you're capable of doing what you can sacrifice away from running your business. So.

We need to assess for ourselves how much we can invest and how much we're getting out of that. And that's one of the major things that I do in my one-on-one coaching with people is we look at that. What is your time? what is life giving or what gives you more energy when you put in, would a people responding to that?

You truly. Really enjoy making and let's do more of those things because that's where the best bang for your buck is. So just doing your own little mini risk assessment and understanding. What people are responding to and what you're really enjoy creating is the way to move forward and kind of get away from the uncertainties.

I could say so many other things about that, but I will move on to thing. Number two, that really sucks about social media. And this is that it is literally designed to be addicting. Social media is addicting. It is designed for entertainment to keep you on the platform. As long as possible, the people at Instagram, the people at Twitter, the people at TikTok, their goal.

Is to keep you on that platform for as long as possible, because then you will consume more content. You will consume more of the advertising. They will make more dollars that way you will continue to invest in their platform. So that is their goal. And they've done a really great job of figuring out psychologically how to make that work.

And that sucks for us as creators because we get addicted to the serotonin hit of the notification of how did it respond? We, we post and then we check like five minutes later. Did it do well? Are people responding to it? How many views does it have? this is the nature of the beast. And I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten on the platform to check one.

Like, I need to go look at this one thing. I need to go find this one post. I know I saved it. My, my folder. And then I am done. I open the platform and I am off somewhere else. My brain sees something and I am off. I am off scrolling. It's so hard guys. It is so hard. So. the literal addictive nature of the platforms is so hard to get over.

I struggle this day in and day out. Hopefully that's some solace for you that even somebody does it professionally, can't get away from it. But mindset shift, right? Knowing is half the battle. Actually knowing that that's how it's designed to be. I mean, I can give you a ton of tips and tricks on how to resist it or how to, for yourself build boundaries so that you're not taken into the addiction.

But really the first step is knowing that and not beating yourself up for getting distracted, because that's literally what it's designed to do. So you you're fighting, losing battle here. So even just knowing that going in is very helpful. I mean, other little tips and tricks I use. I set the timers that exist inside Instagram or literal physical timers for myself when I'm going onto platforms to do my engagement checklist and, and interact with other people.

Or I make sure that I have everything that I need to do for my business done during the actual Workday. And then my evening is free to just scroll and enjoy and get all those serotonin hits that I want. right. So, that is kind of the positive mindset behind it. I also would encourage you not to get bogged down in the fact that people can moralize social media.

As in that it is literally evil because of its addictive properties. But I tend to look at it just like any other communications vehicle on this earth. Humans have found a way to ruin it, right? We've found a way to ruin every great communications vehicle that has ever been created advertisements. And addictive qualities have been baked into to television and.

You know, the internet, all the things, all the thing, telephone, all the things that we've ever consumed, people have found a way to ruin it for us. So , I think I, I don't ascribe that to it. I don't think we should give up on it because of that, but just even knowing that again, knowing it, knowing your limits on it, doing whatever you need to do personally, to make sure that you're not falling into it is a way to counteract that.

So. If you're just tuning in, I am now halfway through my list of the ways that social media sucks and how we can counteract that and get over it as business people and entrepreneurs. So reason number three, you're never done. Social media is never done. You can never like, just get to the end of social media and be like, oh cool.

I finished the internet today. that that just doesn't happen. It's not possible. And it feels like on the author side, as a content creator, you're never done creating. Like you will always, always, always need to create more. It's just a fact of. What we're doing here, right? I mean, and that can be difficult for people, the stamina that it requires there's vulnerability required every single time you hit post and I'm telling you, I feel it constantly, still every single time, I feel what it takes that vulnerability.

When I created something to then put it out into the world, it is not easy. It is not easy to deal with. And you always feel like you have to be on like, you have to be performing. there is no rest. So. The positive mindset to counteract that is that you are the boss of social media.

Social media is not the boss for you. So again, this is a communications tool we're using. So you can decide how you use it, how often you stay on it, how often you post all of that. You are really the boss of this. You are the boss of your company. You are the boss of how you run it and what you do. do the same bossing around that you do, of all the other things, apply that to a social media as well.

So create a content calendar that you can keep up with, create a engagement schedule, meaning like when you're gonna be on the platform. That makes sense for you. And. on the flip side, you know, have people in that your real actual life that you can talk to and bounce things off of that are giving you really positive affirmation because it is, it is vulnerable and it's difficult to do this alone.

So gather a group of friends around you, a little hype squad, even if you have to ask them to volunteer for this hype squad, get yourself a little like DM group. I have one of those. I have several of those. Get yourself a little DM group of people who support one another in all that they're doing online.

Hey, if you're looking for something like that, the social growth society, which is a membership community that I founded has just that for you a little group, that's waiting to encourage you and tell you, yeah, this is so normal. This is happening to me. And then really help you move through this really crazy, weird life that we are living on the internet.

So, that was number three. You feel like you are. Never done because you're kind of not . But it is doable. It is doable for you to structure it in a way that works for you. So number four, the reason that social media sucks for mompreneurs is that you never feel like enough our last one, so you've never done enough, but this.

Different. This is like, you never feel like you personally or enough, this is that comparison trap that we get into where we're looking at everybody. Else's say like we're in the beginning stages and we're looking at other people's like expert level stages. They've been doing this for years, or we're comparing what we think is apples to apples, but really this person has

a whole nother business off the other side. That's funding. What they're doing on social media. We just never know. We just don't know what kind of resources people are working with. And we're comparing where we are with where they are. Not even knowing if they are actually equivalent. And I'm gonna tell you they're not

They are not. If somebody is killing. Normally they're running advertising. They have a team to help them out. They have a team to help create other things. Like I said, there may be even funded in other ways, you know, it's just impossible. So the positive mindset to counteract this is to know your actual numbers and compete with yourself.

Only compete with yourself. Really it is your business. And your goal here is to grow your business. So you get really good about tracking your stats, where you are tracking, if you were growing. Did you know that the average across the entire platform of Instagram, everyone, even the really big people, the average growth is 2% per.

2%, a measly little, 2%. So if you month over month are growing your falling by 2% you're you are killing it. Let me tell you, you are killing it. So it's even less for some ranges depending on the size of your platform. So, I mean, it's so small. also the average engagement rate is around the, the same. If I'm recalling correctly, 2%.

You know, if that means 2% of all the people that are following you or clicking that light button you're doing really well, right. Pat yourself on the back. So knowing that knowing like what the industry standard is for what you're doing most of the time, most of the time when I get with my clients and actually delve deep into it?

They are doing fantastic. They are doing so well, but they have told their brain so many times, because they've seen what other people are doing and made assumptions about what that means for their platform, that they don't realize how well they are doing. And again, we are here showing up. We're not showing up as influencers.

And most of the tips you get on social media about how to grow. And most of the people who are growing gangbusters are growing to be an influencer. They're looking for product deals, or they're looking for sponsorships. They're trying to get to millions and millions of followers. And that's not our goal here as a business.

Your goal again is to grow your business. Your goal is not to be an influencer. Yes, it helps. If you have a larger following. If you hear nothing else today that I say, hear this, that the size of your followers, your follower count does not determine how well your business is doing your follower count does not determine how many sales you can make.

it is not indicative of how much money you can make. There are people that have millions and millions of followers that make $0. That is, let's get out of the mindset. That follower count is the only thing that matters because literally it's really, it really hardly matters at all. I'm telling you this from experience, it hardly matters at all.

So getting out of that mindset, only competing yourself and remembering that slow growth, those normal growth, slow growth is so normal and so healthy. So very healthy. So I wish you could just take every single one of your little faces and hold it between my hands and tell you that and encourage you, that you are doing a great job.

 The last thing that sucks on social media for entrepreneurs is that literally the system is rigged against you. The system. as in the algorithm and the way that Instagram is built and all the other social medias, it does not prioritize businesses because it prioritizes entertainment and very rarely is that what your business is built on.

So the Instagram does not prioritize it. It is difficult to grow as a business, the rates for businesses. The rates of growth, the rates of engagement, all of that is so much lower for businesses than any other industry on social media. It really is difficult. It is hard. So the positive mindset to get around that is to reconnect with your why, why are you doing this?

Like I said, in the last one, You are here to grow your business. And if you're doing that, if you are connecting between bringing them awareness of you, the first step is they're aware of you. They start following you, they click on your links to then go onto your website or your sales pages. Then they buy.

If that is happening at a regular pace, you're living the dream. That is what your goal is here. It is not to get the biggest following. It's not to get the biggest amount of engagement. It's like all that matters. Literally, all that matters is that you are getting people off that platform off. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, all the places onto your website, and then building a relationship with them there.

So if you are doing that, if you are helping people, if you are serving people, you're killing it, you're doing a great job. So I hope that this all was super. encouraging for you that this was something that is uplifting. I hope that this resonated with you and maybe you came here wanting to vent about how much it sucks and it does, I'm telling you it does.

I know, I know. It's so hard. But I hope that it also gave you some hope that you now understand you've reconnected with your, why you understand why you're doing this, you know, that it is hard to do, but your only goal is to build relationships, to then help serve them. And if you're doing that, you're doing a great job.

You're killing it. Okay. So thank you so much for joining me today and. I hope to see you and connect with you here on Instagram.