Social Media Trends to Know for October

ep48 - Social Media Trends to Know for October

show social media social media for creatives social media marketing Sep 28, 2022

A kid with an affinity for corn has taken the internet by storm! šŸŒ½ And other fun facts...

Listen in as I cover what you need to know while creating your social media content for October. In this episode, I'll cover:

āœ”ļø TikTok Now is trying to BeReal

āœ”ļø Why the Internet is obsessed with #cornkid

āœ”ļø Now you can edit tweets, kinda


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Hello and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. I'm Megan and I am so glad that you are here today. Today. I am going to be talking about the social trends. You need to know. And all of that's going on in the social media world. So you can prep your post for October. as you may have figured out by now social media is a fast changing environment and you need someone, maybe that's a social media expert like me to guide you through it.

It will save you so much time. And one resource I have for you that will get this information delivered to you every week is my, this week in social media marketing. Trend report, sign up at Megan And you will be the first to get all this information in your inbox. So thank you so much for joining me here today and let's get right into it.

I have three trends for you to know in moving on into October. The first one is. Number one why the internet is obsessed with corn kid. Have you heard about corn kid? . I mean, if you haven't, I would guess maybe your teenagers have heard about it or your kids. Cuz my kids came home, singing the corn song. So what it is, if you're unaware is an adorable child who is just in love with corn and he appeared on recess therapy, which is a wonderful account.

Go follow it. If you haven't already then go interview kids. Around the country and ask them very simple questions about how they're feeling and what they think about things. But let me tell you, not all of them are as charming or engaging as the corn kid. He is just obsessed with corn and he says the most adorable things about it.

And he. Adorable voice in a special way that he says corn. So if you have not checked it out, literally just look at the hashtag corn kid and you'll see all that's exploded on the internet with this love for this kid in corn in general. So is this something that you absolutely need to cover on your social media channel?

No. No, it's not. However, if it makes sense for you to do, you could hold on. You could grab onto the tail of this viral trend, a couple ways, a couple tips for you to do that is number one. If you obviously, if your message or your product or service has something to do with corn than, I mean, Talk about that.

if you have a favorite corn recipe, say if you're a recipe, if you're a food blogger you could showcase your corn art. If you make art of any kind, incorporate corn into it and show it or make your own musical contribution to the viral song that has resulted from. This kid's interview, it's been auto tuned and clipped together.

Again, it is very catchy. If you get it in your head, you cannot get it out. So that's one way another way is to. Use that trending sound to talk about what you're passionate about because he sort of just love corn. And so you can talk about how you're passionate about your thing again, with that viral sound.

It can be whatever about planning, about books, about coffee, about barre workouts, whatever your thing is, or you're talking about, you can talk about why you're passionate about it. There's also a new one that's going around. And if you wanna, if you are watching this on the day that we're alive, it is in my stories currently a new viral one.

So I, I wouldn't have covered this today. If I thought it was just a flash in the pan thing, but new trending reels, keep coming out with different sections of the corn kid song. So it is, I still. Worth it. If you can work it into what you're doing and the third way to use corn kid in, I can't even believe I'm saying these words.

It sounds so ridiculous. But the third way is to talk about how corn fits into your niche or industry. Obviously again, if you are a farmer, if you are a food blogger, if you talk about food at all, this is an easy tie in. If you make art that you could make some incorporate corn into your art in some way, I mean, it's full.

So this isn't too hard right now because at least I'm in Ohio guys. So I literally see the corn fields as I drive by. I could do that. I could record the corn fields as I'm driving by and overlay my message on it. Or I found a couple bloggers or, and, or, you know, social media influencers that for one example, why French people don't eat corn.

So if you're a travel blogger and you wanna talk about the impact of corn for the people. or whatever region you're traveling in. So I think that's enough conversation about corn we will move on now, but just saying, will this make a huge difference in your social media platform? No, you don't have to talk about corn.

If you can't figure a way to put it into your social content, but it's always so fun and a wink and a nod to your audience that like, listen, this is relevant. I couldn't have scheduled this content months in advance. This is fresh. Funny just for you. It's it's always worth it to throw that in every once in a while.

Thank you, Abigail for the corn emoji. I've been using that one a lot lately. It's again, it's just fun. All right. So that is trend number one to incorporate in maybe some of your October posts trend number two, this is a little more specific. It's not even a trend. I will say it's a new feature on a platform.

So. It is on Twitter. Don't shut down. Don't shut me down if you are an Instagram only gal, but this is on Twitter. And I will tell you why it's important to know this advancement on the social platform, because it does have impact for social platforms. Across the industry. So now you can edit tweets, but kind of, you can kind of edit tweets.

It's kind of like how with the new iPhone, you can kind of edit texts that you've already sent there's limitations on what you can do. Let me back up and tell you how it came about. So maybe you're like this, like me, I've been wondering why you can't edit tweets forever on Twitter, but it's just been a part of their platform.

Just like Instagram does not allow you to have links inside your post. It just wouldn't be Instagram. It would be Facebook if you were able to do that. So similarly they have been reserving the integrity of their unique platform by not allowing you to edit your tweet, but now they're like, okay, they have Twitter blue, which is a subscription service, which allows you.

It gives you a bunch of features. It allows zero ads. There's a few other things, but one of the things that they're adding to that subscription service, and I think it's something like $5 a month. It's not a whole lot. However, all this does is allow you to edit your tweet. within 30 minutes of after posting it.

So you have to actually be there to see that it is incorrect and you need to edit it. And they're doing that because they don't want people to abuse this feature because as you might have guests, people could tweet something crazy. So it goes viral and then they change it. And then it looked like you engaged with this thing.

Awesome. But then they make it something awful, you know, those kinds of situations. So they don't want that to happen. So they have to put parameters around it. But all that being said, do I think it's worth for you to subscribe to Twitter blue? No, not at this point. You're more, you're much better suited to say schedule all of your tweets ahead of time.

Cause that's super easy. You can even do it on the app. There is literally a schedule. Feature baked into every tweet, no matter what platform or if you have, if you use it for business or not. So it's super easy to do. I'd rather you schedule them ahead of time. Make sure they correct the first time and not have to be on the platform all the time.

Cuz that's that's what's smart. Social media managers do. then try to take advantage of this feature, but why is it significant for social media overall? And that's what I mentioned before is that they're changing a fundamental part. Like they're literally a character count away from being Facebook, right?

Because now you can edit the tweet. So really literally the only thing that is separating them from being a Facebook or another platform. Is the character count limit to a tweet. So if they start messing with that, then it really isn't a unique platform anymore. So it does kind of surprise me that they're even bothering with it with this, but it, again, illustrates to me that.

The platforms are getting scared. Twitter used to be top three. It used to be one of the top three big platforms and it is steadily losing. Now it's super popular for certain niches at certain times, like election time, but it is definitely losing gravitas in this space. So they're a little running scared and they're throwing in things that I think could be.

detrimental to their platform, not to say it's not a great platform. It's still is fantastic. It's still top I think, five and still worth promoting yourself and your business there, if that you're already doing that. So, but wanted you to be, to know about being able to edit tweets. And so that was number two, we had corn kid and editing tweets . Number three,

the third thing that you need to know. Is that TikTok now is trying to be Real. okay. If you don't know what be real is, let me back up and tell you about be real. It's super fun guys. it is a new social platform on the scene. It is now sitting at number 10 in the ranking of users and for the last month or two, it has been trend at the most downloaded app.

So it is rising in popularity. And again, the other socials are getting scared. So Instagram was the first one, a couple months ago to include a dual camera feature into stories and the Reels creator. And now talk's jumping on the bandwagon to copy. Be real in a nutshell, be real for not haven't heard of it before is in attempt.

As you might have guessed from the title to be authentic in your social media use. There are no filters. You cannot edit your post. You are given if you sign up for it and you allow the notifications, it pings you sometime during the day. You don't know when you don't know where it's gonna be, but sometime during the day, every single person on the platform gets a notification.

It's time to be real. And you have two minutes to, you can take it one a couple times. If you didn't like the first picture, you could take another one, but once you post it again, there's no filters. There's no editing. You can add a caption. Not many people do it all depends on if you really wanna explain what's going on, but it takes a picture of you front facing and back facing at the same time is back facing a thing.

I mean, it's just the regular camera and then the front facing one at the same time. So you take a selfie and you take a picture of what you're doing and you post it. so it's been really fun and I've heard from a lot of people that it's a way that they're keeping in touch with their new college students.

You know, they've just set them off to college. They're starting their lives together. And The fun thing, or I think the other part of the authenticity thing that B real is doing is you have to post yours for the day to be able to see everybody else's. So you are forced to participate. And in this is again, what creates more of a community, more of a, like we're all into this together is because you.

Forced to create along with everybody else, you can't just be a looky Lou on this platform. So TikTok is incorporated this and I've said, okay, I wanna say that. I don't think you have to be on B real for marketing purposes. It's fun, but there's literally no way to link to anything. You can't really talk about your business unless you hype it up in the, in the comment box.

And that's just weird. So I don't really recommend being on, be real for business purposes. However, if you are already marketing yourself on TikTok, TikTok now could be the place to go because are you gonna be able to like sell things through Tik Tok now? Probably not, but what it is, it increases that know, like, and trust factor, it is one more touch point where they are seeing you.

Every single day and reminded of your services and how much, how hard you're working to serve them. Nine times outta 10, I am sitting at my desk looking at my computer, so that is what's in there and I will tell people what I'm working on. Right. And so they're like, oh, it it's just, again, like another reminder of that, I'm here, I'm serving you.

I can really help you with whatever I have. so I think it's fantastic. If you're already using TikTok for marketing purposes, get on TikTok. Now it is a new button that's on the lower navigation that looks like a lightning bolt, and it will tell you again, at a random time, during the day, it's time to post and you can, you can't take multiple takes, but you can't edit it and you can do either photo or.

so video is like a fun, new, interactive way of using this type of thing. So that's my number three thing of what you need to know, moving into October to either adjust your social media strategy or adjust the content you're gonna post. So let me know, let me know. Are you excited about corn Kidd? Are you excited about editing your tweets or are you excited about TikTok now?

I want to hear all about it. Let me know. And yet again, if you wanna get. This information, if you wanna know every single week, what is new in social media? And more importantly, I think if it is worth your time to use, because everything that's new is not necessarily worth your time, then sign up at Megan ericsoncom/trends.

I'd love to be in your inbox every single week. So thank you so much for joining me. I will see you on Instagram.