Social Media Trends to Know for November

ep51 - Social Media Trends to Know For November

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Listen in as I cover what you need to know while creating your social media content for November.

In this episode, I'll cover:

✔️ How Instagram is making the user experience worse

✔️ Why Facebook isn't dead

✔️ TikTok is still mainly for teenagers


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Hello and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. And today has been already a banner day in Instagram history. So I have so much to update you on. Today's show is about Trends to Know for November and even going into 2023 for your Instagram account. If would like to get a weekly free trend report from me on everything that's going on in social media, or actually I should say one thing, one trend that's happening that's going on in social media that is worth your time because that's really the thing. Sometimes trends are great and awesome, but they're not going to be a good use of your time as a business, and that's what I am focusing on with my newsletter. So go to and get this information in your inbox as soon as it happens every week. 

So thank you so much for joining me here. And as I said at the top, today is a banner day in Instagram history. I I have been a social media manager managing accounts for businesses for over a decade now. I have 20 years of marketing experience and I had never experienced the crazy glitch outage that is currently happening on Instagram. I'm surprised I can even be on this live at all. If you have not experienced any glitches, good on you. But what is happening is millions of accounts are finding that they cannot log in at all.

Their account is suspended or they are losing followers by the dozens by the hundreds, by the thousands depending on the size of your account. So this is huge. It just happened to be happening when I was having planned having live today. So if you were listening to this on the podcast, which releases a little later I am hoping, you guys from the future are like, "they fixed it and everything's fine." 

But right now, right in this moment, we do not know exactly what is going on. The only thing official that has been distributed by Instagram was a tweet an hour ago that says, "We're aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We're looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience. "

They did not mention anything about everybody losing their followers. However, there have been several other news stories that have come out that have said so. And I'm seeing, I'm getting all your dms, so I mean, don't panic because there's nothing that you can do about it.

This is unprecedented. I've never seen a glitch or anything like this before where either, your account is suspended, or you lose followers. So I have unfortunately no idea how they will right this. I'm hoping they have some kind of backup where they can just restart Instagram to where it was yesterday.

 I mean, if there's one thing that I know, and there's one thing, actually one of my topics was gonna be for today, that this is a reminder to us that as a business, as someone who is building a platform to then extend your message further, whether you have in person product that you're wanting to ship people, you have a service, you're a coach, you're an author, whatever the case may be. We cannot rely on one platform or one place for all of our lead generation. For all of the new people to come into our community, this is a fantastic reminder that we need to have a fail safe.

Just like every business needs to have multiple revenue streams so that if one of them were to go to go away for whatever reason, you could still lean on the others and not lose your entire business all at once. It is a great reminder that we need to have other accounts. If you are only on Instagram, start a Facebook account just to get started. Start a Twitter account. Start an account anywhere else, and start to get and generate some leads, from a following on those other accounts so that this doesn't happen to you. 

So I have also heard reports that your meta account or your business account has had lots of glitches and issues. It won't allow you to schedule posts. It didn't yesterday, even starting yesterday. So again, we're in unprecedented territory, but It is a risk, and this is just kind of like a reminder to us that it is a risk being on these platforms. Ones that we do not own, that we do not have a control over. 

That's why, as well as having other, social media platforms that could feed into your website that you own. It's also very important that you have an email list where you can contact your people, and you own that email list, right? So you have ownership over that. You're not gonna lose it, and you can contact people who want to hear from you. Regardless if Instagram goes down. 

So I will let you know if I hear anything. What I see, all I know is I woke up this morning and I have had lost a ton of followers on this account and I had been, one of my other accounts had been disabled.

I have faith in Instagram that they're wanting to write this wrong, but this is like the worst. Can we all agree as it adults, this is worse than any haunted house we could ever go through. It's like Instagram was like, how could we really terrify them? I know. Let's take away there are counts and disabled counts of random, right? Yes, this will give me nightmares for sure. 

So, oh, well, now that we've addressed the elephant in the Instagram live, I would like to continue on with one of my first points of things to keep in mind or trends to know going into November, which ironically is titled: Instagram is making the user experience worse. They're doing this to themselves, but what other things that are happening on Instagram is they have posted a decline, a major revenue. Deficit for the third quarter in a. And this means that they are trying to do everything they can to increase their revenue. They're doing kind of a money grab. And how does any social media platform do that? They run ads or they allow ads to be placed on their platform, and they are limited by the size, and the placement of however many ads that they have that they can put in your account that you're not gonna then just be fed up with it and leave entirely.

But because they have this deficit, they're like, you know what, we're gonna add more ad options to Instagram. So this is, I wanna say, both good and bad news for you because number one, it's great news as a business that you have more opportunity. And even as I'll, I'll go through the couple options that they're adding. You'll have more opportunity to place ads in more conspicuous places, and some of the options actually cost you less. They are more affordable. So I love it for the creator. 

The other side of the coin is the user experience is worse because there is more advertising in more places. Nobody really wants that. But they are adding the option to place ads on the explore tab. There have always been ads when you're scrolling, if you click on something in the explore tab and you scroll through a couple posts, there's always been ads interspersed in that kind of scenario, but never actually on the explore page itself.

So there will be ads right there you can see or click on, on the Explore. And get this on your profile page. So if somebody goes to your main profile where you have your bio, your headshot at the top, and then they see all your posts underneath there, if they start scrolling, they could see larger. And the preview that they showed in their article was it was actually larger than a post. It took like four posts up. So it, it really stood out to you. That you could place an ad there. Now, they weren't very specific on if it could be someone else's ad there. It's a potential because you don't have control yet again, we do not own this space. We don't control, we are using it for free. Therefore, we have to allow them to make their money because they, if we want them to be successful, we have to allow them to make money with what we're doing as well.

Anyhow, so they did say that they were testing. Paying back if, if that is the case, if you will, if you have ads on your profile feed that they will, they've been experimenting with giving you some money to compensate for that. But those were the biggest changes. They are all also experimenting with bundling your ads in a campaign like a carousel post with other similar businesses.

So yet again, it would be more cost efficient for you because it's not your ad alone and it'd. You're most likely to be paired with companies that are aligned with what you're doing? Yeah. Again, this hasn't been tested yet, so I can't really say whether it is beneficial, but it sounds like a great option.

There are also new AR ads that kind of, you can put your product in a, like, they can see it on their desk or, or wearing it or what have you. Those are other options that they're doing. This is another one. The testing one that I went, what they're testing post loop ads at the end of reels. This means you'd watch a reel and instead of it repeating the same exact reel, there'd be a mini ad, a video, and then you click to watch the Reel again, which again, as a creator, I hate this because number one, worst user experience ever. I don't wanna have to watch another ad or watch an ad to see the Reel, I just saw and most likely what's gonna happen is they're gonna keep scrolling then. And you as a creator have lost the opportunity to catch their attention.

So it may have to, if we start seeing that occur a lot, it may adjust how we do Reels because one of the main strategies that lots of people have used is making short Reels so that they watch it again and again to get it, to get all the information in. If that's the case, if there's an ad and people keep scrolling, we might do longer Reels.

We might use that strategy, so FYI, that is coming. Also, image carousel ads in the bottom of Reels. So if you, you know how reels take up the entire screen? Well, they would make the Reel a little smaller at the bottom, not as much room. And you would see advertising kind of, I envision it, they, I didn't see a preview of it, but I envision it kind of like how YouTube puts banner ads at the bottom of their videos.

So, that is what's coming ad wise. And it also is just another reminder that with the experience, user experience getting worse, more advertising, and we're even going into the holidays, right? So people after Black Friday, like they're shopping a lot initially, but after that, people's use of the Instagram of social media oftentimes goes down during the holidays because they're busy being in person with their family and friends.

So, more ads coupled with fewer people being online does not bode well for you, as a creator. So again, multiple platforms. We wanna diversify our presence so that we can continue on. It's generating those needs leads that we most desperately need. 

Okay, we covered the elephant in the room, the enormous Instagram glitches that are happening right now. We covered how they are adding more advertising options to the platform, which is both good news and bad news for us. 

And then third, I wanted to give you a few points from the digital 2022 October global stats shot report, which is lots of words to tell you that it is a quarterly report put out by Hootsuite, and we are social that tells us what has happened in the last quarter specifically for marketers.

So I love this report and if you get on my social media, Trend report, email megan I link everything in those emails so you could read the full report if you want to and take other takeaways from them. But I've pulled out a few of them. I read the entire thing and it was sobering to say the least, but I pulled out three things that I think would.

Very important for you to know, and they're mostly mindset shifts. These are less tips and tricks, but they're more mindset shifts so that you understand moving forward and can plan your content strategies effectively. Number one is that internet usage has peaked globally. Globally. That means that every person who is on the internet has already, during the pandemic spend the most amount of time they will ever spend on the internet, ever

So that means that we can expect less internet use. I mean, literally the quote was that I G I W. Gwis Research, which is a research company and analysis, indicate that people are trying to become more purposeful in their use of the internet, especially after the rapid rise in time spent using social media during the Covid 19 lockdowns.

So everyone is trying to be more healthy and put more boundaries around their internet use. Which is great for everyone . However, that just means we need to adjust our expectations. I don't know about you, but I had record growth in social media following and purchases to my services in all these things during the pandemic, which caused a false.

Sense of security. We just didn't know we were in a bubble when we were in that bubble. So it really has it, It's just a reminder that there will all will be less time people are spending on social media accounts, which means the competition for eyeballs is even higher. Another thing adding to this factor is that now 95% of working age internet users say that they use messaging apps and social networks each.

95% of adults, that means most people are on some type of social media. That means we cannot grow unique people anymore. Like we're not just waiting for people to join networks. They're there. So yet again, If people are joining, say, TikTok, which I'll get to TikTok later, I won't use that example here, but say if people are joining Pinterest, whatever it is they are most likely already on another social network, so they are probably already in your audience.

Hopefully in another social platform. So really what it does is it reminds us to be really, really good at knowing who we're serving and why, because there, there aren't any more people to come that are just like, if that's maybe what you were thinking is like, Oh, more people will come to the vet and they'll find me.

What we need to find is the right people, right? Our people, the, and they're there. That's the good news that 95% of the people are on a social network because they're here. They're here, and they're ready to find you. So find a network that you, where you think, where, number one, you enjoy hanging out on and you think your people are there and really dig in there, right?

Dig in. A little deeper rather than wider, say maybe joining all the other places. . My second point from this report is that Facebook isn't dead. It is not. It may annoy you, It may be cluttered, it may be not your vibe, not your place. I mean, not like I feel that way. I definitely wouldn't feel that way about a social network, but I'm just saying that if that's how you feel, you've avoided Facebook.

You don't wanna be there. You're thinking, Oh, it's dying anywhere way. There's no point of being on there. No, that isn't correct. Actually, it has hundreds of millions more active users than its nearest rival. It is still the top dog. It is still the one, Actually, the thing that Facebook does the best is it gets people to click through their links to your website, your sales page, whatever.

70% of all web traffic referrals originate from Facebook. Like every ev, all the traffic that's coming from any social media source, 70% of it is coming from Facebook. You cannot compete with that. Any other platform cannot compete with that. Now again, every single platform have something they're really good at.

Instagram is so good at a branding at like getting people to know, like trust you, it is crap. And getting people to click links because obviously you can't even do that in most cases. Now you can do it on stories, but it's still not even great at that. It was. Not dead last, but close in the list of, of social networks that did that.

So I wouldn't ignore Facebook and it still has the most data. And if you're running advertising, it is the best at finding the people because again, of those 95% of of adults who, most of them, if they have one account, it's on Facebook. So even though it may not be the place you love hanging out, I would recommend say if you love Instagram and that's where you hang out.

Share some of your stuff and include links to Facebook. I, it's still my number one refer. It is still, I see this in all my clients too. So there we go. So, and if you have, if you have one other account that you start and start a Facebook page, Not a profile, but a page as a business.

All right. My third thing and final point is you may be wondering about TikTok because its growth has been exponential, but from a marketing standpoint, its growth has been impressive, but its still mainly caters to teenagers. Yes, there. There are many adults on there. There are many people in all age ranges.

However, it is main audience and who it speaks the most to is still teenagers. So if that's not your audience, then don't worry about, And I don't know about, I've, I've had this fomo, I've been thinking for a long time, like, Oh, I gotta get more active over there. Like, I have an account and I put a few videos on there, but I really am not big on TikTok.

I'm mostly am on TikTok to see what's trending. And so I know ahead of time before it comes to reels on either Instagram or Facebook. So, I help, I help a lot of like FOMO around that. Like, Oh, I really should be doing that. I was making myself feel guilty about not being on that. But you know what?

Reading this report actually felt made me feel so much better that you know, if you really dig Instagram and Facebook, that's where your people are and you're seeing good results there. Stay there, go deeper rather than whiter. So to sum all of that up, though, new trends may pop up. We get that shiny.

Shiny object syndrome, right? We're like, Oh, this is new and the headlines and everybody says that we should be over here. Go grab the attention while you can. Really, what the most sustainable and growth over time can happen is if you stay with something. And are very faithful to it for a longer period of time.

Again, I recommend at least three that you're active on. One can be your primary and then you share that information, the same content to the other two. But. Do not worry about jumping on all the things. I'm being on all the different platforms all the time. Just serve your people well where they love to be served cuz everybody has a fav favorite network.

We all do. And be confident in that and know that you're doing all you can and then you can spend. Most of your time because again, we only have so much time, , we can't all be on all the social platforms all the time. Then you can be freed up to do your best work. You can be freed up to run your business to do the things that you are most important for you to do and not be glued to your app or your phone all day, every day.

So, I hope this was encouraging to you if you came in here panicked about all, that's all the glitches that are happening today, , the, the not so fun, fun house, the haunted house that we walked into on social media this morning. I hope this has calmed you down and. You are, feel well informed and confident moving forward into November, creating your post.

Maybe you have some holiday post you're planning, maybe a Black Friday promotion. I hope you're working on all of that and getting that ready. And also you feel very confident about your strategy moving into the new year, or maybe you need to put on your to-do list that I'm gonna open an account on, say, and start to get familiar with it and share some of your content over there.

So, thank you so much for being here, for being engaged and commenting along with me. We are all in this together. Again, go to to sign up for my weekly trend report to get all of this information in your inbox every week. And if my count is not disabled beforehand, I'll see you on Instagram.

Bye bye.