Social Media Holiday Gift Guide

ep52 - Social Media Holiday Gift Guide

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Just what does a social media professional have on their holiday wish list?! 🎁

I talk all about the things that make life easier for someone who spends their time working on social media. 


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Gifts for the content creator in your life – or when you just want to treat yo’ self.

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Hello and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. Today we have a super fun show for you. This is the social media gift guide for anyone. Maybe, maybe you in your own life, because how many of us. , make a Christmas list for our friends and family and then one for us, cuz we're doing all the shopping.

I know. I have a list of things like see if this goes on sale. So, This is the, let's say, complete guide of Megan's favs or all things social media creation and being camera ready. These are all my favorite things. So welcome and thank you for being here. And if you would like to get the latest about social media, the latest trend.

And how you can use it for your business. I have a weekly email that I send out just for that. You can get it at megan So let's dive in to the fun things, shall we? I have a few of them here in person. Many of them are digital, so I can't literally show them to you, but I have them in categories.

I'm very excited about this and. Please comment if you like them, if you have them, if you have other suggestions, I would love to hear other suggestions. So this one is gonna be a fun one, guys, let's dive in. I'm gonna start with gear because I think that gear as in the physical hardware that you need for social media is very little.

Obviously you need an iPhone. or some kind of smartphone, and that's about it. , you're gonna be a social media manager. I mean, sure, yes, a desktop, computer or laptop, whatever. You probably also should have, but really other than that, the need to have is very little. However, there are things that I have found to be very helpful in this realm.

Number one are ring lights. And ring lights are. Basically the way that you can either modulate the light in your area, or just make it more consistent if you're trying to film reels at night because you didn't do it during the day. Anyone ? That is definitely a. It's a must to have a ring light. Now, I can't really show you my ring light because my phone is on the stand right now.

It is a medium. It's like a 10 inch one that you could sit on the desktop or you could fold out. Now, I will say as I just started in this and I'm realizing I did not tell you that I have all of these already So if you wanna go to the most recent blog post, all of these are linked there for you.

Now don't go now, don't go now, go afterward. Okay. So, Three different ring lights. Recommendations I have for you. Small, medium, and large. The large one is 18 inches around. It's a pretty big one. It is a standup one that I use for most. Anything that you see me in front of my library shelves here. I am using that one.

Or if you see me in the kitchen dancing, whatever, I am using that one. I love it. Secondly is the desktop one I started to describe that I use for anything at my desk or for You know, if, if I'm setting it on a shelf or something and then recording that way, and then I have a small one that's very cheap I think it's less than $10, and it, it goes on your phone.

So if you're traveling, you don't wanna cart around a whole bunch of things. All you're gonna be taking is video or photos in a little darker environment. Then you can have one on your phone. So, I use all three depending on where I am and what I'm doing. So there are recommendations for that. Again, you can go to for, and look at my latest blog post for all the links to all these things, but don't go yet.

Okay, so next thing is a phone desk stand. Now this little. And I just got it on Amazon and you can, like, it's sturdy enough that you can have your charger plugged in, right? So it's got room to have your charger plugged in or your cord plugged in and it's strong enough that when you push it, it doesn't go anywhere.

Right? This has been hugely helpful to sit. Next to my computer, cuz oftentimes it'll be laying flat and it doesn't register your face. You know, since we've had to open things with our face, you have at the right angle to do it. So I love it. I have that sitting there, this little, little guy sitting there all the time.

And again, it's like 12 bucks, something like that. It's very cheap. I also have included a link of a gooseneck stand, if that might work better for you. I personally have a up and up and down desk desk that you can sit or stand at, and whenever I sit down or I'm trying to work with the gooseneck, it.

Waves at me, it got annoying. So I don't personally use it, but if you have just a stationary desk or you know, it might be better for you. So that is another option for a phone holder. another thing for as far as. Gear goes is this tiny little lapel mic. This mic goes either, you can either attach it to your lapel, you can hold it.

It's not as goofy as those little ones. You see like mini microphones you see in videos. But go see if you like those. Go get 'em. But it's, it's, again, it's like 20 bucks. It is very cheap. It's Bluetooth enabled, so you plug this into your phone and you put this on your lapel or wherever, and it gives you so much better sound than what you have natively on the phone.

So that is, , one of my new favorite gadgets that I just started using and really like, I probably should have been using it on this, but you know, I had to show and tell. So anyway. And then if you were looking for a much more, Advanced microphone. Then this guy is made by shure, s h u r e, and it is the MV 88 plus.

It comes with the video kit, which means it has this guy that can stand on my sit on my desk. This can, it also comes with a phone holder and cord directly to the phone so you can walk around and talk into it, and it's recording directly into your phone. Bunch of podcasters use it. I literally plug it into my laptop for all of my Zoom calls.

So my Zoom sound is really good. And when I record videos via Zoom, it's fantastic. So it is one of those, it's not super cheap, it's a couple hundred bucks, but if you are recording things frequently and you want really good sound, that's what I re. This little guy, obviously for 20 bucks is not gonna give you the quality of sound that this other one is.

But this one's nice for like reels and things like that. So that's microphones. And the one other thing I had under gear, it's called a smurl. It is a social media counter. So it literally displays in real time your actual social media follower count. Now, why would you want this? I don't personally want this for my.

me for my personal account. However, if you're a dentist office, if you are a, any, have any physical location, maybe you have a play place or you have a coffee shop or whatever. This are super fun because it rewards, essentially. It's like it's super satisfying if somebody is saying, you know, cuz it says on it what your URL is.

Or your handle for it could do Instagram, Facebook, a bunch of other platforms. And if they like your, or they follow your account in real time, it'll flip and it'll make that like clicking sound and it'll flip and you can, you know, they can see that, that you follow them. So it is kind of like an incentive and a fun way to get people to follow your account if you have an.

Brick and mortar business. I guess you could use it in like the back of your Zoom calls or something. . You could see people in real time following you if you wanted to. I'm not motivated by that, but I love it for in-person businesses. So, that is my gear category. Like I said, hey, if you have a super social media manager in your life and you want to get them a.

Computer or phone. I'm sure they'd love that, but these are little, little less expensive options. I'm gonna move on to digital tools. So you may have heard that right now Twitter is a dumpster fire and it is chaos. However, , they have a subscription to Twitter Blue, which I believe is $8. 99 a month, and. , they are moving their verified blue check mark to only people who have Twitter blue.

So you have to pay for a check mark, which people aren't liking, let me tell you. But that also gets you an ad free platform. You won't see ads on Twitter anymore, and it has lots of other benefits to it. So, hey, If you were on Twitter a lot, if that's one of your primary places, then that might be a good thing for you to check out.

There's also social media scheduling software, so these are, I love these. I use them every single day. I think everybody should have a go-to social media scheduler, cuz what it does is you upload all of your content, you tell it when and where, which accounts to post to, and it will do it automatically without you having to open.

Any apps on your phone? It appears magical, but it is saves me so much time on all of my accounts and all of my client accounts. My two favorite are Meet Edgar, which is really good with Evergreen Post and you can set up categories and it'll say, This category Monday at noon on my Twitter account every Monday, and it'll go through that content library that you give it and then go right back up to the top.

So you can have automatic content for months if you wanna, if you're able to schedule everything ahead of time. That's one of my favorites. I've used it for a long time. And a new emerging favorite is later because L A T E R, because it is handling Reels. Short form video, YouTube shorts, TikToks, all of that.

And it can direct post to all of those platforms in that new content form that a lot of us are trying to create. So I am, I just. Sign up there. I haven't been there a whole long time, but I, I know other people who use it and love it. So my last thing in the digital tools category is Canva Pro.

Canva has been, is amazing. It is taking over the digital design world for dummies, right? Like this is not, if you are an actual graphic, Or you have all, you know, all the Adobe products. You used to have to have Photoshop and Illustrator and all those fancy tools to be able to resize an image or put a filter on whatever, like you used to have to have very expensive software.

Well, Canva has made that no more. You don't even have to necessarily be a designer. There's a million templates there. So it has been so helpful for us who are not graphic designers. Now let me be real, I hire a graphic designer to create templates for me that are in my personal branding that I have paid her to do.

So shout out to Carla Cohan of Inspired Foundry. She's fantastic if you need a graphic designer, but she also creates templates in Canva for me to use for all of my social media posts. And with a pro account, I get so many more. Of added on graphics and videos, and I have a team capability, so my content manager and my assistant can get in there and create things and we can share things as well.

So Canver Pro is not that expensive. I wanna say it's a hundred dollars a year. I could be wrong on that, but there, there's monthly subscriptions and all of that, but that's totally worth it. Okay, let's get onto. Maybe something a little more fun. How about that? I created a wearable category, things that you like to wear.

You may not think about this for social media that often, but I figured, hey, these are things that I have learned and enjoyed from managing social for so long. And you might laugh. The first one is leggings with a phone pocket. Why do they even make leggings without phone pockets? Like how 90% of the population has a cell phone, right?

Or more, I don't even know. It's almost a hundred percent. So why do we still have leggings where we cannot put our phone in them? I do not know. It's super frustrating. But anyway, my favorites are, Some called Pact, p a c t. They are a sustainable brand that uses organic cotton, and that's in those kinds of fabrics.

I love them so much. They're not, they, they're just enough, like high wasted cinch that you don't feel like. You're hanging out everywhere. But they also have pockets on either side that are super deep. And so I can, when again, we we're also encouraging ourselves to take walks at lunch or get out into nature.

So these will help you do that. So you can put on your audiobook. I have usually my phone in one pocket and my my EarPods in the other , right? So I can listen or who knows, whatever else I might have in my other. Gloves, whatever. Anyway, so love those. There's also another brand or another kind of target, all in motion, which I link to.

They're really cute. They have like little lashings on the sides and so leggings with pockets, right? Like, feels like a no brainer to me. All right. Another wearable. You can wear this with your leggings, a wearable blanket. One that's like, has like sherpa on the inside and has like a huge pocket in the front and a hood.

I mean, I just, anytime I can get myself in a blanket and it's super, like when I'm at my desk in the winter, I have windows at my desk area here. You can't see them, but they're just beyond the frame and I get chilly. I really love the wearable blanket as well. , I might even just put it on my lap sometimes during meetings.

What else do we have? We have blue light classes. They're now super cheap and affordable. If you get headaches or want to prevent yourself from getting headaches, or if you're unable to sleep at night, it's recommended the blue light. You wear blue light glasses when you're working on a screen to prevent.

That from happening. I also have recommendations for my favorite nail polish, which, oh my gosh, I should have done my nails. I had green nail polish on from this brand olive & June. I love it so much. They have, you know, it does not have any of the junk in it, in the nail polish. And it stays on forever.

I just took mine off yesterday, but I had it on for like a week and a half and it just started chipping. So it's fantastic. It has a lovely colors and they also have a really fun what's it called, advent calendar that my daughter and I have done the last several years. They also have a bunch of little.

Gift sets you can get it at Target or you can order them online. So that is my favorite, favorite favorite. Also because you're going to be in videos if you know what you're doing on social, this is my absolute favorite red lipstick. Anytime I'm wearing is very editorial and anytime I'm wearing it, I probably should have put it on today, but I don't know if it would clash.

With the burgundy. But anyway anytime I wear it, people ask me about it because it's matte so it's not super shiny and it's just very, what's the word? It's very dense is not the right word. I'm looking for the right word. If you know the word, put it in the chat , where it's just like saturated.

There we go. It has a very saturated color. It's very noticeable when you have it on. It tends to look good on every single person. It is by a French brand called Violet f fr, and it's called Palbo Mat in amo. And I may have totally botched the French. I took Spanish in high school. . So sorry, , but it is lovely.

It, I will say it's not a lipstick that I wear out a whole lot because I'm one that like touches my face and my lips and stuff, and it, it, it does, it's, it doesn't stick and stay. Like it will, it will smudge if you touch it, so fyi. But I absolutely love it. I also, let's see, what's our next thing? Our next product is, oh, this is fun.

Let me see if I have my example. Every day. Olive, I don't know if you can see this, it is an Insta like pin, so it looks like the little hearts on Instagram. It is adorable. I use these as prizes in my last. Speaking engagement. They also have a whole bunch of other emoji themed or social media themed enamel pins.

And it's worth if you, if you have a social person, you know, and love to get just like a, just a little thing, just a little thing to spice up their gift. that is my wearables category. To me the most fun let me know if there's any other wearable type of things. I have in the past looked for like themed shirts or I've seen some influencers that either have like the Instagram logo or they'll have a YouTube TikTok, something.

I've just not found anything I love in that category, but I would totally wear something like that as well. . All right, let's go into books. I did not want anything super heavy because I know it can be weird when you give somebody a book that's like, here's some homework, right? Here's the course you need to take

But there's, and there's very few on social media because things change so frequently. However, I read this book, I believe it came out earlier. This, yes, came out earlier this year. It's Reach by Becky Robinson. I interview her on this show. She's amazing. I recommend this book highly for anybody who is trying to, as it says, create the biggest possible audience for your message, book, or cause is a fantastic, she is a book launcher has done.

Hundreds of them so she knows what she's talking about if you are a thought leader in your field. Another one that I recommend, actually, it came highly recommended from my content manager, Leah Jarvis. It's called Everybody Writes by Ann Handly. And The subtitle is Your New and Improved Go-to to Guide for creating Ridiculously Good Content.

And she covers social media in there. So that's another one that I recommend. Again, if you are like, I can't write all these down, or you're just like, just give me the links, I got you. They [email protected] slash blog on my show notes. You can get them immediately, but don't leave yet. Watch the whole thing first.

All right, so Audible is my next one for books. I would've loved somebody to purchase me an Audible subscription. If audio books you get, depending on the package, you get so many per month. I listen to so many audio books when I'm, you know, I'm the parent taxi, getting kids to and fro, so that would be welcome.

Also, I have a show until for this one book of the month Club. Book and Month Club. This one is so fun. Again, Leah Jarvis like gave me a gift card last year or two years ago for Christmas with this. And so your, your blue box comes and it is always either a new book or one that's wildly popular. This month I got the Wilder Woman, a novel.

Which I'm super excited to dig into and one of my favorite things is they always give you like a cute bookmark. I don't know why that's my favorite thing, but this one says, if you were a book, you'd be a classic. And I always giggle. There are always these cute little phrases on the bookmarks and I giggle and I save them all.

I love it so much. It is just one of those happy mail thing. That when you're, when you need a break, when you need to do something that's not on your phone, you have something at hand. So that could also have gone in the self care category, which is our next category. Is everybody ready for self care? I love this.

We need this so badly. All right, so the first thing is candles. There is. kind of funny phrase of the emotional support candle that many people I know put like light a candle in their office. I have one going right now, or in your kitchen or in your bathroom while you're getting ready, what have you. I just adore candles.

So there are two in particular that I found that would be perfect for. social media people, one called home office from Home Scent Candles. So it is, it would sit again in your home office or there's one called Coffee Break from Anecdote candles that I also think would be good cuz it reminds you and it smells like coffee.

It might give you cravings, so why not be the best? But I love that. Another option in the self care category is the a Spotify or Apple. Subscription because I always have, again, I will have, like, I have different lists for different things, for different, you know, different playlists for different things that I do.

I don't generally have one on when I am content creating, but if I am editing things, doing mindless things, that I will definitely have an on. Another option is a coffee subscription or tea if you prefer. I found one coffee subscription to recommend called Hounds No Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co.

And for every box that you purchase, it benefits, they rescue a pup, right? So, hey, we love that, right? I love the giving back companies. So that is one good option. If you are looking for like a subscription service or you can just send them their favorite bag of coffee or type of tea, of course. And the last in my self care category is man, do we, because we're like, all the time, we, we wear our shoulders as earrings.

And some people like to say, we need something to soothe this out. Suit, like get our brand, get us off of a screen, right? So get them a spa gift card. Maybe they give a massage. Maybe spa or salon, right? We could get our hair done. To be, to look good for our head shots or just even recording a long day of recording.

I found one, there's a spa that has gift cards and you can choose between thousands in your, in, across the country in America. So that would be, I think, fantastic. Or you can look up one near them, you know, and get them. So, oh my gosh. Have we gone through almost all? Almost all last category, last category.

Is everybody with me? I hope everybody's with me, is social media training. This is a little self-serving, a lot self-serving because I'm recommending my own training of. I have a what's called the Rhythm Social Media Planner, and this is principle and digital options for planning out your social media every month.

Not only do you get the planner that you can either write in or type in, but you also get the a half an hour training of how to use it in my system for creating your content every single month. So I would love for you to purchase that. It's only $37. I'm doing like a special for going into Black Friday. That is always an option for you.

And then the Social Growth Society, which is my membership community, so that you can learn every single month, new trends, techniques, all the things you need to know to run your social media to grow your social platform, to grow your business. So that is what I have for you today. Thank you so much for being here.

I hope that you mark down some of these to either treat yourself or to give to a friend that is a social creator. So thank you so much for being here. Again, you can get my weekly email for the latest. Trends or features that come on social media every week at Thank you so much for being here.

See you online.