ep53 - 9 New Instagram Features You Need to Know

ep53 - 9 New Instagram Features You Need to Know

Dec 07, 2022

Instagram is rolling out new features left and right. It's hard to keep up! šŸ˜…

Listen in as I cover nine new Instagram features you need to know (including one that still feels like a bit of a practical joke).


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Hello and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show. I'm Megan and I am here to help you grow your social media platform to grow your business. This is. almost not quite the beginning of December, depending on when you're listening to this. And I wanna let you know up front that this is the last episode of the show for the year.

So lean in and listen well, because. These nine new Instagram features marketers need to know is what we're gonna be talking about today. These are features that have been added in the last month or so, most of them quietly, that I really think are beneficial to marketers. I have put them in order of.

ones that I think are super exciting and I really hope that you check them out. Two ones that take 'em or leave 'em. It might help you, it might not. So before I jump into this, I have a few things I wanna tell you. Number one, I send these exclusive trend reports to my email list every Sunday, and you can get this information in your inbox.

You get all the links, all the things so that you can really deep dive into one trend and try not to overwhelm you. It's gotta, it's just one, one thing that's happening on the whole of social media each week. And how you can apply it to your business because just because it's new doesn't necessarily mean it is worth it.

So that's my first announcement. My second one is, I just wanted to give you kind of a little mm, holiday ooph, like an inspo, because I wanna tell you, it is not you right now. It is not the quality of your work. Your engagement and your reach will be going down this month if you haven't already seen that already, because number one, if you are posting things like promotions and sales, those don't perform as well traditionally.

In the form of likes and comments because hopefully they're clicking on it and they're going where you want them to go, right? They're going off the platform to what you're trying to sell them, and that's a good thing. So don't be discouraged, number one, if that happens. Also, , other things that could be happening.

There's way more advertising on the platform. People are in holiday mo mode. They may not be online on social media. They might be either shopping or they might just literally be on vacation and not checking all the things. So just expect it. It happens every December. It's not you. It is just December , and also I wanted to let you know, speaking of December and Christmas coming up and gift guides, I have one for you.

If you are, which you all are, a social media professional, somebody who is. Growing their social to grow their business. I created a gift guide for you guys. Go check it out in the link of my bio. It is maybe some things you want to, maybe there's some Cyber Monday sales or holiday sales going on with some of these things.

I know there are that you might wanna put in your own basket or suggest, you know, heavily suggest to someone else put it on your own Christmas list. So, alright, that's all my announcements. Let's dive into nine new Instagram features. Marketers need to know. These are an order of, Hey, absolutely, this is amazing, to take it or leave it.

So number one, one of nine is scheduling. Post in the app. They have been teasing this for a long time. There's been beta testing going on. I don't have access to that beta testing yet, but unlike Facebook, Twitter, many other platforms, you cannot schedule in the app. A post to post later. You can't load it and then have it scheduled to post at a separate time.

You have been able to do this through third party apps through even Meta Business Suite, which is a tool where you can schedule Facebook and Instagram is free through meta. If you have business accounts about those places, but you have not been able to just load it onto the account and schedule it.

I am crossing my fingers to this. This would save so much time. And I'm really hoping it includes Reels. It has not been clear whether or not this includes Reels, but if it does, think of how much nicer that would be. You don't have to worry. You can load whatever music you want. You don't have to worry about it.

You can put all, all the captions and all that stuff in there and just schedule it to post at a later time. Usually when people tell me it takes too much time to do things on social, the problem is that they open the app and they're instantly distracted and they're doing other things. The problem is not the actual creation of things.

It's managing your own time and distraction once you get on the platform. So the less time you spend on the platform, the more time you gain back to do the things that are truly important to grow your business. So scheduling in app is huge. I really hope they give it to everyone very soon.

number two of nine is Instagram live producer. This may not sound super exciting, but what they're gonna do is give you the capability to go live from your computer. Now, those of you in the know, those of you that use Instagram to go live or use Instagram as like this, like I use it. To produce a show.

This is amazing news because you can use, again, third party apps. One of my favorites is Stream Yard. That makes it very easy to have a professional. Show we'll say it also allows you to use external webcams that are nicer than your phones, camera, external microphones that are much nicer than your phones microphone.

 It helps you to have a much. Better overall, more professional. Look. Also, it will enable you to go live in multiple platforms at once, because if it allows you to use these third party live softwares then those softwares go live and say Facebook and Instagram at the same time, you're now able to do that, and that is just.

So wonderful. I am so excited for it. I hope it happens very soon. So that's two. Number three is add topics to Reels. This may not sound super exciting, however, this is one level up from hashtag tagging your Reels. Hashtags are way for the algorithm to literally categorize. Your content on the platform, think of them as like little file folders that it's putting that, that post in, and then when somebody opens the file cabinet of Instagram and is interested in the folder, yours will come up when they start searching about that type of content.

So what. Adding topics to reels does is allows Instagram you to select where it goes. It just makes it much more accurate when Instagram is categorizing it and showing it to other people. It also standardizes the different topics that people could talk about and really helps us solidify you in a certain space.

Now, these are very limited, these topics. And you will find them when after you create your content, you created your reel, you put the captions on it, you did whatever you wanted to it. You get to the end where you put in your caption, and then there's all those other options. Ad topic will be in all those other options and you can select up to three categories and, and like I said, they are limited at this point.

There's like fashion and. , there is a business one, but it does not get into different types of businesses. It's just pretty much business . So you can't say coaching or service provider or retail store. It's not that specific yet, but at least you're able to put in the category of hair care. I think that one's even in there or.

automobile maintenance or something like that. I don't know. Anyway, there are maybe 40 or 50 different topics, but at least you're giving it a much better idea. Instagram a much better idea of where to put it. All right, so that was number three, number four of my nine things that you need to know that Instagram is doing new as a marketer on this site is adding mentions to stories after posting.

If I had a nickel for every single time that I posted a story and forgot to tag somebody and then had to go delete it and go do the story again, I might be a wealthy woman . So this is just a great feature, especially if you are promoting people with their, their products and such in your stories. you, and maybe you didn't know that that person was on Instagram or you couldn't quite find their, their handle.

When you're going to mention them, you can go ahead and post it. You don't have to start over. You can go back and add a mention to that story. It's only available for a story that's been posted within the last 24 hours, so it's a little limiting in that way, but that's okay. That's when it's public and that's when everybody can see it.

So that makes sense. Love that feature, and I love that Instagram is making it easier for creators to use the platform. All right. That was, we're already halfway through guys. We're already halfway through. I hope you've already been wowed by these things that Instagram is adding, cuz I'm very excited about them.

Number five is expanding subscriptions. We're starting to get into, like the first half were things that were super exciting and the last half were things that were like, This could be good for you if you have certain affiliations on Instagram, but expanding. Subscriptions. You may have seen it. I started seeing it a couple weeks ago.

People saying that they ha now had a subscription level or a pay level to their content. So what Instagram is doing is making it easier for people to, for creators to make money on the platform by creating a next level of content that you can acquire. So it's kind of like having a magazine subscription.

Or maybe say like a, a sub stack or newsletter subscription where you pay for extra content, for exclusive bonuses, that kind of thing. It will happen on Instagram automatically. It is for a fee at whatever you wanna set it for. But if you have, say, I was thinking in my case, I'm not necessarily setting this up yet, but if I wanted to give people five new trends that they could use every day for their own platform, and it made it very easy for them to click that and and go create their own Reels, that could be a subscription level service.

It's something that's highly. Useful, very valuable to your people that they would pay the money to access that extra content every time. It would be denoted that that is paid content that they're receiving at that time, so they'd know the difference between the free and paid. Anyway. I think it's a fantastic option if you have something that makes sense like that and just making it easier for us to make money as creators.

It takes a lot of time, as you know, to do these things, so it's always great to have more options. Okay, so that was number five. Number six is instagram.com updates. So maybe you've noticed, maybe you never access Instagram on a web browser or your computer. I do all the time because again, this is what I do for my job, but sometimes it's just easier to do it to see it that way.

They have said that they have also fine tuned the online experience of Instagram for large large monitors, so you're able to see more posts at a time. What I have always loved about accessing it on instagram.com is you're able to comment by typing . I am way faster typing than I am with my thumbs.

So that has always been my primary way of checking my dms and my comments and responding is by typing it, typing it in. So hopefully that helps you. It. It's always been great experience for me, but they've updated it more and you can do more online. Okay, number seven. Number seven of nine. Okay guys, we're hitting hitting the final stretch of things that you need to know as a marketer.

New updates on Instagram. Number seven is at everyone in group dms. You've been able to do this in Facebook groups for a long time. Months. I say long time, long time in the Facebook world, or on the online. But what this is in a group dm. So if you have a DM group, meaning there's more than. Two people messaging back and forth.

There's a group of people you can at everyone, and it will send a notification to everyone, even if they have silenced notifications to that group. So this does well if you are, say you have a coaching group and one of your benefits is being in a DM community with them. I have this with my Social Growth Society membership.

You get into an exclusive DM group and because, you know, people can get chatting there, some people mute the notifications just so they're not getting a ton of notifications from that group. But if you, at everyone. Before you type out everyone and click it, just like you would click anybody's name that you're tagging, it notifies and everybody, it kind of overrides that silence thing.

So just to make sure that everybody gets like really important messages. I don't even know as a per like in person personally, if people would use that a lot. If some people have d I don't know, I don't use it as much for that in. But I definitely have different group professional groups on DM groups on Instagram that that would be very handy in.

So that is a lovely new feature if it is useful for you. Number eight, eight of nine. Here we are, add music to posts. . This one kinda sent me into a really, why , like who asked for this? So just like, kind of like if you remember, if you were a MySpace user back in two, the early s and you had a song that would come on when people saw your profiles, just to like 

set the vibe for your MySpace. This is kind of the same thing, . So with any feed, post video, or static image or photo, you can add music and people will hear it when they view that. So there you go. Not super useful. It's kind of fun, but that is the thing. All right, number nine is notes, messages. This is something I had to go research.

I don't have access to this. I did a poll in my. Instagram stories and of the, of the people there were only two, like 96% or something, did not have this. Two people did one of them screenshot it and sent it to me so I could see what it looks like. And basically it's like post-it notes for your dms. , it only works if you can only send a note to.

People who are following you and you are following them, so mutually following each other. So you can't just like mass send notes to a ton of people, but you do have to select manually who you're sending these to. And it is like sending the, it's only 60 characters and it comes up at the top of your DM group.

Or at the top of your dms in general. So there's, there's a new section that would be in between your DM inbox and the top, and you would scroll this way, kind of like stories scroll that way, but everything else, and the feed goes this way, it, it scrolls left to right and. You could see these notes, they're only out for 24 hours.

There's no editing and if anybody responds to that note, it goes into through a dm. So again, it took me lots of words to explain that. It took me a lot of time to figure out what this feature was cuz I had never heard about it. However, it's been around in some form or another for a year. Coincidentally, the person who sent it to me said she was in Canada, so I don't know, maybe more can Canada got it be for us?

I don't know. Regardless, this would be hugely useful for potential customers, clients of yours that you. want to let them know, Hey, I have this new offer. This thing is expiring in the next 24 hours. That type of thing. I, I could come up with a lot of other use cases for this, but I love it because not many people are using it.

Number one. And number two, so you would stand out. So your message is just something new and different that people would probably see and pay attention to. So I think it would be hugely useful as marketers if most of us got access to it. But it's really funny that they, Instagram literally highlighted this in one of their blog posts.

Something really great and new that everybody should use. However, most people don't have access to it, so that's why I put it in number nine. It's that it's not that it would be useful, it'd be amazing, but not many of us have access to it. So, quick, quick review in case you're just tuning in right now.

But go ahead and come back and watch slash listen to it if you did not catch all of them, but. Nine things. Nine new Instagram features that you need to know as a marketer. Number one, scheduling posts in the app. They keep teasing us. They promise it's coming. I'm holding out hope for the new year, , that we will get this scheduling post an app.

Number two, Instagram live producer. You'll be able to go live from your computer and use your mic and your good webcam, and it'll be much better experience. You might be able to go live in two different places, say on Facebook and Instagram. Number three is add topics to Reels. You're able to tell Instagram more accurately where your Reel fits.

In the topics that they've determined they're looking at. Number four is you can add mentions to stories after posting. So if you forgot to, to tag someone, you can go back and tag them afterward. Usually helpful. Number five is expanding subscriptions. They used to be only available to a limited number of people, but now everybody in the US and other select countries are able to create.

Paid level of content that people can opt into so you can make a little more money online. Number six is instagram.com updates, meaning if you are logging into Instagram on a web browser on your computer, the experience is much more similar to what you get on the phone and you are able to type in with your fingers and not just

 with your thumbs, which is much, takes much longer for me And on number seven is you can add everyone in DM groups. So if some people have silenced you, you can break through that by adding the tag at everyone at the beginning of your dm. Number eight is adding music to post. Not quite sure who was requesting that one, but now you can do it.

And number nine is those notes messages. Whenever we all get access to it, it is like a little post-it note at the top of your DM box. You'd be able to tell people about fun and exciting things that are happening with you. So that is my rundown Of the nine new things that you need, Instagram features you need to know, let me know which one of these is your favorite.

Which one of these are you excited about? Accessing. I am excited for the new year and what it holds for our social media. I'm really hoping all of these things roll out and we have access to them as marketers. Just as a reminder, I said this at the top, but this is the last episode of the year. I hope that you have.

Either wonderful sales season, you end the year in the black, or you have and, and or both of them . And you also have a restful and wonderful December so that you can come back in January and slay the day. Right? So thank you so much for being here.