Buying Followers to be “Fake Famous”

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What's Happening

Buying followers isn’t new. Since social media started, there have been people devising ways to hack the system. A new show that airs Tuesday on HBO called “Fake Famous” aims to prove how one could fake it to make it as an Instagram influencer.

Note: The show hasn’t even aired yet. I’m giving you the trend scoop before it’s even a trend. Tell your friends you heard it here first ;-)

According to early reviews, the show’s participants use a bot service to buy followers. A quick search on Google will net results for many services that will get you thousands of new followers for $100 or less.


Use it for Your Business

Bot services work in a variety of ways, but the most common is sending out digital robots disguised as real people to follow, like, and comment on thousands of accounts in the hopes that those people will reciprocate and follow you, and a certain percentage will.

The more disreputable versions of these services will have fake accounts they’ve made follow your account, looking like you’ve grown your following overnight.

This method is the opposite of building a strong and committed community on social media. There’s a really good reason they called the show “Fake Famous.” Those kinds of followers are exactly that – fake.

Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is buying followers worth the time investment for your business?

NO!: I give it 1 out of 5 thumbs up.

A 1 Rating Means: Don’t waste your time! You’ll never see a return on that investment.

In cases like these, I wish I had created a negative rating because not only would you waste your time and money but you may do permanent damage to your account. No matter the method, buying followers gains you surface vanity at best, and, at worst, gets your account deactivated for fraudulent activity.

I’ll also note these services often parade as automation services powered by AI technology, telling you that you can save time by letting them interact on your behalf. I NEVER allow any technology to take over my account and comment, like, or follow for me. I’ve heard horror stories from people using these services of creepy comments being placed on the posts of underage children. No bot can adequately discern the age or nature of another account. The risk is too great for the potential reward.


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