social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jan 11, 2019

Are you THAT fall girl?

The one who is counting down the days, standing in line to purchase PSLs and wearing scarves when it’s still 90-degrees? I can be that girl too. But sometimes I find myself taking a photo and wonder if I truly love those things or if I’m doing it because it’s trending on Instagram right now.

When you create content for the online world that has to come from the IRL world, motivations get a little muddled. I need a constant stream of photography for my online posts, so when I see a cute notebook, home decor item or scarf that would look great in a photo opp, it’s hard for me to resist buying it.

Here’s what I’ve settled on:

If I want to go to the pumpkin patch, I go to the pumpkin patch. I post the pictures if I feel like it.

If I’m not feeling the pumpkin patch but need some fall-themed photos for my client’s Instagram feed, I buy some grocery store pumpkins and create my own a mini photo shoot.

The feeling of intentionally choosing to do something for a photoshoot feels better than the murky thoughts of trying to convince myself I’m that [insert trend here] girl.

Do you ever struggle with these thoughts or is it just me?