social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jan 09, 2019

Can we all calm down about the follow?⠀

Following someone doesn’t mean:

  • You have to follow them forever
  • If you unfollow, you’re rejecting them somehow
  • You’re officially endorsing this person
  • You hold the same beliefs as this person

Following someone means:

  • You would like to see the stuff this person posts.

That’s it. I don’t get offended if someone unfollows me. In fact, if they don’t really want to see what I’m posting, it’s better for me if they split.

I know it’s hard to overcome the “more is better” philosophy of growing a following, but the quantity of followers is less important than the quality.

A “quality” follower is one who is engaging with your posts. As your engagement grows (the more likes, comments and saves you get), your posts will be shown to more people.

If you have a huge following but they scroll right past your posts, they aren’t gaining anything by following you and they aren’t doing you any favors either. #LoseLose

When you have a following full of people genuinely interested in what you have to say, they’ll be engaged and contribute to the conversation. Then, more people will get to see it. #WinWin

So much love (whether you follow me or not),