Showing Up Fortnightly

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What's Happening

Content creation is going fortnightly!

If you’re not familiar with that term, no, I’m not talking about the video game Fortnite. A fortnight is 14 days or every other week. While “bi-weekly” or “bi-monthly” can be confusing, “fortnightly” is handy because the length of time is clear. I’m surprised we don’t use it more often.

I’m seeing more and more business owners shifting to producing long-form content less frequently, including podcasts, YouTube videos, and newsletters – not necessarily social media content.

Think of fortnightly content as the Goldilocks of frequency:

  • The weekly Papa Bear is too hard.
  • The monthly Mama Bear is too soft.
  • But the fortnightly pace is just right.

Use it for Your Business

Creating less content for more impact may seem counterintuitive, even scary. However, there are multiple factors at play that could benefit your business.


My Switch to Fortnightly

I quietly made the transition to fortnightly shows last month. The impetus for me was that I literally couldn’t do it all anymore.

I was creating new long-form content for:


Plus, at least a hundred posts weekly for my clients or my own social media accounts, and managing launches and promotions for hope*writers.

It was all too much and I was looking for a solution.



My podcast producer and podcast business coach, Alana Dawson, was the first to suggest a less frequent schedule. She surveyed her audience and found 75 percent of them pick and choose which episode they want to listen to versus 10% who listen as soon as they drop.

The Reality: Your podcast listeners are overwhelmed too!

Apple went from 175,000 podcasts in 2015 to over 2 million today! There is too much content. No one can keep up.

Specifically for her podcast, they told her 63% choose whether or not they listen to the next episode based upon the topic and 20% just plain can’t keep up and don’t even try.

Consequently, Alana moved her podcast to a fortnightly schedule as a result. And says several of her clients are doing the same. Another podcasting expert, Melissa Guller, has also moved her show to an every other week schedule



This phenomena isn’t solely found in the podcasting world, YouTuber Abbey Cox mentions in this video about her experiences a year after going viral (which is fascinating on it’s own) that she switched from a weekly to a fortnightly release schedule.



Or, whatever you call a person who publishes a newsletter, are starting to catch on as well. Fellow hope*writer, Jodi Grubbs, recently started Your Slow Living Invitation newsletter as a fortnightly publication.


Risks & Benefits

Reducing your output can both be scary and freeing. Yes, your stats will go down. You will have fewer podcast downloads per month, for example, because you aren’t releasing as much content. However, my download stats per episode have stayed steady.

I felt instantly better the next week when I could focus on promoting the one I just released. The pace was much better for me.


Impact on Social Media

As a business owner, you need to make decisions on what’s giving you the best return on investment for your time. The goal of my show is to generate leads for my social media services. In my view, it’s not important how many episodes I create, but how well they generate leads for my business.

Since my primary source of lead generation is social media, publishing my show less frequently also frees me up to promote it well on social media.

In fact, with that end-goal in mind, I made the decision to change the entire production of my show from starting as a recording on Zoom to starting as an Instagram Live. The shift makes so much sense for my business! The show can still be downloaded and edited for the other publishing places, and instantly boosts my largest lead generation vehicle – Instagram. #WinWin


Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is the fortnightly trend for you?

MAYBE: I give it 3 out of 5 thumbs up.

Transitioning to fortnightly content creation could be immensely helpful in freeing up time for other mission-critical business strategies.



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