This Week in Social Media Marketing - Four Trends Marketers Need to Know in 2023

Four Trends Marketers Need to Know in 2023

social media social media marketing trends Feb 06, 2023

What's Happening 

In December and January, each social media platform announced its trend predictions for 2023. I reviewed them all, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

In case you want to take a peek, you can see them here:

(I couldn’t find one for Facebook or LinkedIn.)


Quick Definition of a Trend

So we’re all on the same page: When I use the word “trend,” I’m not merely talking about the latest popular sound or meme. The literal definition of a trend is the general direction in which something is developing or changing. These can be short-lived (i.e., sounds or memes), as well as cultural shifts in thought or patterns of behavior that can morph over a year or more.


Use it for Your Business 

The point of learning about the trends is not so you can get a reputation of being the “it” girl but so your social content feels relevant to the current social concerns of your audience.

Think of social trends like clothing trends. Wearing clothing from each trend that pops up is not only costly, but you could end up looking ridiculous. You can choose to purchase only the clothing that’s on-trend AND flatters your body.

The goal of knowing the social trends is to know where cultural shifts are occurring and adopt only those your audience cares about. Ignore the rest.


Top Four 2023 Trends

Here are the top trends that appeared in multiple lists across platforms.

1. Finance

Inflation has hit us all hard. People are looking for ways to recession-proof their lives and businesses. Any advice you can offer on managing money, budget-cutting tips, or creative ways to invest and save – they’re listening. The rise of NFTs and other cryptocurrencies is also a hot topic.

2. Advocacy

People of the next generation are enthusiastic advocates for causes they believe in, and it’s inspiring new fervor in their predecessors as well. Of particular interest are environmental issues and those who are differently-abled. Whichever cause you’re passionate about, proclaim it loud and proud!

3. Well-Being

After the frenetic pace at which we lived our lives during the pandemic and then hustled to catch up in 2022 only to be faced with a recession and mass layoffs, we’re experiencing record highs of stress and anxiety. The usual self-care tips aren’t going to cut it anymore. People are looking for ways to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits for the long term.

4. World-Building

World-building borrows from the fantasy realm. Literal and figurative fan-built worlds are taking over creator-led community building. People are creating realities they wish existed in the Metaverse and connecting over hyper-niche interests IRL.

As internet natives, the younger generations are far more egalitarian. They don’t want to worship brands or leaders. They want to be involved!

What this means for businesses is finding those hyper-niche interest groups and participating. Or by welcoming its super fans into the creation process. (Inviting a group of customers to help you build your next product offering, for example.)


What To Do Next

Consider which trend(s) your audience will be into. Then, test their interest by creating something new using the trend as inspiration.

In order of least to most relevant to your audience:

  • Social media post
  • Blog or podcast topic
  • Lead magnet (downloadable PDF or other free offer)
  • Paid product or e-course

Start with a social media post, and if the response is favorable, work your way down the list. You may find a hyper-niche expertise you never thought people would care about!




Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is knowing the 2023 trends worth your time?

Maybe: I give it 3 out of 5 thumbs up.

Using these trends gets in your audience’s heads in the best possible way. They feel truly seen and heard. Is your business going to tank without them? No. However, you could be leaving some great opportunities on the table by not considering them.


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