Friday Fun Fact👇

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Aug 09, 2019

Instagram is primarily a brand-enhancing platform rather than a traffic-driving platform. It’s a place where people get to know, like and trust your brand, not necessarily where you’re going to seal the deal and make the sale.

There are many other platforms that are geared towards driving people to your website. In fact, I just did the monthly analysis for my clients and Instagram was dead last on the list.

The most effective traffic-driving platforms from (most to least):

  • – Facebook
  • – Pinterest
  • – Instagram Stories (with “swipe up” feature)
  • – Twitter
  • – Instagram

Please Note: This is representative of the platforms overall if all factors are equal. Your results will vary depending upon how large your platform is, your industry, and how much work you put into each platform.

My big takeaway from this info is the expectation we place on a platform to perform for us. We can’t expect Instagram to send us a bunch of web traffic when it’s not built to do so. You wouldn’t get mad at a screwdriver for not being great at pounding nails in. You have the wrong tool for the job.

Each platform has its own strengths to leverage. For Instagram, it’s the ability to connect with people one-on-one with DMs, and inspire and instruct them with posts.

Just like an employer needs to play to each employee’s strengths, social media platforms can be used to work hard for you.

Go get’em boss!!