#hopewriterlife // Light

#hopewriterlife // Light

social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jan 07, 2020

When you’re new to this whole social media posting thing, it can feel like you’re stumbling around in the darkness.

You blindly follow what others are doing, assuming they are confident in what they’re doing.

The reality: the blind leading the blind.

One thing I learned over and over again in 2019 is:

You cannot FIND clarity.

You must EXPERIENCE clarity.

In other words: You cannot know something until you do it.

@marieforleo illustrates this concept in her books, Everything is Figureoutable – one of my favorite books reads of the year. Do yourself a favor and just go buy yourself a copy. There is no way to read it and not feel inspired and empowered.

Anyway, back to social media: It’s very scary and seems counterintuitive, but you can’t know what works well for you and your audience on social media – or even attract an audience – until you try many different things.

So, the best thing to do when you’re first starting out is embrace the not knowing and have fun. Experiment. Try. Fail. Repeat.

Gradually, light will dawn. Something will work. You’re try it again and start to find a way.

Action is the only way through the darkness to the light.