#hopewriterlife // New

#hopewriterlife // New

social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jan 06, 2020

New is not necessarily better. Though I believe scientists have proven that we have a bias towards new, assuming it’s better.

It could be better but it’s not a given.

This bias plays out in two major ways on social media:⠀

1) We scramble to use all the new features/apps/whatever when released because we assume they’ll be a better way to grow our platform.

The reality: The new ways may not be a better way to reach your people. The casual user of Instagram or any other platform is slow to change. Your best bet is continuing to meet them where you know they are, in the ways you’ve already tried and tested and know to be effective.

2) In the same way, new content is not always better. New content is a risk because you don’t yet know if it’s a message that resonates with your audience.

Think of it like a musician releasing new music. The fans want to hear what’s new but that doesn’t mean they’ll like it. At the end of a concert, the band will still always close with the greatest hit songs because they are guaranteed to please.⠀

Dig through your social media stats or your blog stats and find the greatest hits. Play them over and over again. I’m fact, make a remix. Collaborate with another artist and release a cover.

It’s why they fell in love with you. Your audience will never tire of hearing your number one message for them.