#hopewriterlife // Open

#hopewriterlife // Open

social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jan 08, 2020

Putting an open sign on your business does not get you customers.

In the same way, posting on social media does not get your followers.

Sure organic traffic may happen. People may be driving by, stumble upon your store, and walk in. But, that’s not a solid business model.

That’s like showing up at a party and sitting in a corner waiting for someone to approach you. Someone may notice and walk over to start a conversation (most likely an Enneagram 2 or 9 wanting to make sure no one feels left out, amiright? šŸ˜‰) but most likely you’re not gonna meet anyone new.

Nope, you gotta go to them.

What does that mean on social media?

Same as at that party: Start conversations.

Find some people who are interested in the same things you are. Like and comment on their stuff with genuine interest. Take the time to leave helpful advice. Be a friend.

How do you find such people?

Search for hashtags relevant to your topic. Ask your IRL community. Ask your Facebook friends if they are interested in your topic or if they can refer you to people who are.

The number one rule: Don’t be creepy.

No commenting with: “Follow me for more info on X.” Or “Here’s a link to my blog with more info on that topic.”

Always approach with a servant attitude and genuine motivation to help.

At best: Your own audience will grow like wildfire.

At worst: You make a few friends.

In my view, you’ve got nothing to lose!