How It Started vs How It's Going

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What's Happening

I’m going to say up front: this is not a new trend. Well, at least not new if you’re comparing it to the Bernie Sanders memes that popped up because of a specific event. Some memes take awhile to make their rounds of the internet and stick around because they are useful for expressing a certain mood or vibe.

The How It Started vs How It’s Going meme is one of those enduring ones that you can pull out of your meme arsenal when needed. The meme is essentially a before and after story. If the recent meteoric rise of the home organizing duo, The Home Edit, and their 5 million followers on Instagram has taught us anything – everyone loves a good before and after.

The meme started on Twitter but can be used on any platform in either video or photo format. The most popular version is two photos side by side. The left-hand photo is the “before” with the caption “How it started” and the right-hand photo is the “after” with the caption “How it’s going.”

Use it for Your Business

Think of this meme as a socially acceptable humblebrag. You can find some inspiration looking through the hashtag #howitstartedhowtisgoing on Twitter or Instagram, but here are some ideas:

Reframe your current Before/After stories: If transformation stories already a part of your business, reframe them using this meme. This is a natural fit for personal trainers, DIYers, landscapers, remodelers, etc.

Highlight a recent award or accomplishment: Tell your customers you won an award for best customer service in your industry or

Show how far you’ve come: Whether your company has been around for a decade or generations, you can show humble beginnings versus what it looks like today. Maybe it’s you standing in front of your masterpiece at your first art show in middle school versus your latest digital design. 

Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is posting How It Started vs How It's Going meme worth the time investment for your business?

SURE: I give it 4 out of 5 thumbs up.

A 4 Rating Means:
 Start clearing some time on the calendar to dedicate to it. You will most likely see positive results.

Reframing your successes into this How It Started vs How it’s Going meme, can turn a “who cares” post into an endearing story. This kind of post does the heavy lifting of communicating, at a glance, what you can do for them or your level of expertise without having to watch lengthy customer testimonials or read your website’s About page. You still need those long-form examples, but this meme will get their attention and invite them in to learn more.


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