This Week in Social Media Marketing - How To Use ChatGPT To Write Your Social Posts

How To Use ChatGPT To Write Your Social Posts

chatgpt social media social media marketing Mar 13, 2023

What's Happening 

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that has the potential to enhance your social posts and save you a ton of time!

I wrote about whether or not robots can create your social posts in January and was asked to be on a panel to talk about ChatGPT’s impact last month. I learned so much that I had to follow up with a deeper dive into this tool.

What is ChatGPT again?
ChatGPT is a free tool created by OpenAI that is a cross between a search engine and a chatbot. When you ask Google a question, it responds with a list of web links where you could potentially find the answer. ChatGPT goes even further by combing through all those links and assimilating the data into a concise response. Sign up to use it here.


Use it for Your Business

Though asking questions of ChatGPT is helpful, it's scratching the surface of what the tool can do.

Can it write your social media posts well enough to cut, paste and post the results?

Yes, it can!

Should you do that?



Ethical and legal implications
ChatGPT is truly a marvel, and the temptation to let it do your job is strong. However, there are a host of ethical and legal implications to consider:

  • Legal: This technology is so new there is no legal precedent yet. Lawsuits are brewing over intellectual property claims. ChatGPT doesn’t directly plagiarize what’s found on the Internet but restates what it’s found. Until these issues make their way through the legal system, we’re in a gray area.
  • Disclosure: There is no requirement currently to disclose whether or not copy was generated from ChatGPT; however, tools are being put in place to detect it. If you use any copy verbatim, I recommend disclosing that fact.
  • Fake News: ChatGPT does have some controls to determine fact from fiction but can get it wrong. The tool doesn’t cite it’s sources, so you have to do your own research for due diligence before using it.
  • Bias: Since the Internet houses certain biases, ChatGPT’s results could as well. There is a potential to inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes or prejudice against marginalized people groups.

How to use ChatGPT to write your social posts
The above is why I strongly recommend using the results from your ChatGPT queries as draft copy for your posts or even inspiration for your own drafts. Do not copy and use the query results verbatim.

Keep in mind: The copy that ChatGPT spits out isn’t going to go viral.

The technology is good and getting better by the day, but your brilliant human brain is needed to connect the dots the robot can’t. ChatGPT will never be able to recreate the special sauce you bring to your copy.


Query Tips
When you ask ChatGPT to help you write your social posts, the more specific information you give ChatGPT about your audience or the type of content you usually write, the more useful the results.

You will get much better results from this query:
“Write 10 tweets for female entrepreneurs giving them tips for preparing their taxes before the submission deadline. Use a professional but casual tone.”

Than this one:
“Write a social post about the tax deadline approaching.”

If you’ve already written a blog post about this topic, you can cut and paste the actual post into the query box, asking it to create social media posts about that content specifically.


Other ways to use ChatGPT
Here are a few good and not-so-good examples of how to use ChatGPT for your social:

Good uses:

  • Post ideas: Simply ask for blog, podcast, or social post ideas.
  • Headline inspiration: You can provide the text of the social or blog post and ask for headline suggestions. ChatGPT will give you options to choose from.
  • Summarizing blog posts or reports: You can paste your own writing into ChatGPT and ask it to summarize the information or give you the key points which can guide you in how to market the piece.
  • Preliminary research: Query basic facts or ask about historical events to get quick background information. Hashtag suggestions: Ask for a list of hashtags to use for your industry or the specific post topic.

Bad uses:

  • Using query results verbatim or without disclosure: I recommend against cutting and pasting the exact response given by ChatGPT to use for marketing purposes unless you disclose the source. Treat the query results as draft copy or inspiration for your own writing.
  • Proprietary information: Information submitted via ChatGPT queries are cataloged, so don’t input any confidential or proprietary information.
  • Recent events/data: ChatGPT currently doesn’t process Internet information in real time, so it may not have information on recent events or reports.



Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is using ChatGPT worth your time?

Yes!: I give it 5 out of 5 thumbs up.

Using this tool with a healthy dose of precaution will absolutely save you time and improve your posts.


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