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What's Happening

Turning not-so-inspirational quotes into inspirational posters layered with a dramatic early 2000s hit song is the latest trend to dominate TikTok.

The audio includes Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” song and the TikToker intros the posters by giving the content for the quotes, such as “turning things my kids text me from upstairs into inspirational quotes” or “turning things my partner has said to me during an argument as inspirational quotes.”

Then, there is a compilation of stock images layered with the quotes.

Use it for Your Business

I love this type of trend because you can get really creative. You can even poke fun at your customers – and they’ll love you for it!

I can imagine:

  • Questions to our support desk as inspirational quotes
  • Customer complaints as inspirational quotes
  • Submissions to our suggestion box as inspirational quotes
  • Comments on our tweets as inspirational quotes

Two of my Instagram Challenge group members have had great success with this trend.


Becky McCoy writes about grief and mental health. She turned awkward things people said to her at her husband’s funeral into inspirational quotes. The TikTok has 46,000 views and counting in a few days! She also posted the same video as an Instagram Reel and it has over 5,000 views, which is record-breaking for her account.


Leah Jarvis of Olive & Wit Content Marketing shared bad marketing advice as inspirational quotes. She also has a great tip for creating inspirational quotes: Use Quizio. The site allows you to enter your quote and then automatically overlays it on a variety of stock photographs.


Relevancy Rating

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