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Instagram Is Trying to BeReal

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What's Happening

BeReal is the new kid on the block in social media apps. As the name suggests, the app is trying to boost authentic connections with friends through in-the-moment posting.

The app notifies you at a random time each day saying “Time to BeReal.” You have a two-minute window to post your unedited and unfiltered image. The app takes a photo from both cameras on your phone simultaneously, showing a selfie and what’s in front of you. Then, you can add a caption about what you’re doing and post.

There are no follower counts, share buttons, filters, videos, or ads. The focus is purely on connection.

Many are finding this approach refreshing. BeReal has been downloaded 7.67 million times since its invention in 2020 and boasts 2.93 million daily active users, making it the 10th most popular social media app in the US.

Compared to Instagram’s half-billion daily users, time spent on BeReal is a drop in the bucket of social media use. However, Instagram quietly added a “dual” button to the Stories and Reels interface, proving they are paying attention.

Mimicking BeReal, the dual button allows you to take a picture with both cameras simultaneously. The front-facing image appears inset into the “selfie” image.

As TechCrunch pointed out, Instagram is missing the point. BeReal is staking its identity on authentic, no-filter sharing. Instagram’s dual camera button isn’t achieving this by any stretch of the imagination.


Use it for Your Business 

Behind-the-scenes glimpses into your business are a great way to demonstrate what you do on the daily and help your audience to get to know you.

A daily Instagram Story of what you’re doing right now could be a fun addition to your content mix.

Do I recommend joining BeReal? I don’t see the benefit for marketing your business yet.



Relevancy Rating 

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is joining BeReal or using the dual camera feature worth your time?

No: I give it 1 out of 5 thumbs up.

If you want to BeReal or connect authentically with others. Go for it.

For marketing purposes, I don’t see the point.


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