Is Instagram The New Blog?

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jun 13, 2019

Is Instagram the new blog?

Sure and not really.

I think when most creatives ask this question, they’re really asking: Can I skip the hassle of building a website – buying a domain name, figuring out which platform to use, selecting a design template, finding or taking photos, writing the words for all the various pages, or paying someone to do the whole dang thing???

Can’t I just write my words on Instagram and then link to a sales page on Etsy or something?

Yes you can.

BUT – and it’s a big one – what happens when Instagram shuts down? *GASP*

You don’t own your space on Instagram. You’re merely renting it for free.

All your precious words and photos – not to mention and sales traffic – would then disappear. 

This is why I strongly encourage everyone to have a website and start collecting email addresses. These two things you own and can’t be taken away from you.