Let’s calm down about social media!

Let’s calm down about social media!

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Apr 01, 2019

Let’s Calm Down about Social Media.

Let’s approach social media with confidence.

Let’s come to the table, owning a place.

Let’s not get stressed about algorithms.

I’m taking part in #the100dayproject, which is an Instagram challenge to explore your creativity by posting for 100 days straight. I’m tackling a writing project I’ve wanted to start for over a year now. There is no more procrastinating. Tomorrow is Day 1!

I’ll be exploring the topic of how creators can confidently share their work on social media without feeling like they don’t belong, their work isn’t worthy or they’re doing it wrong.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, writer, artist, or just want to know how to use social media without the overwhelm – I welcome you to stick around.

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For over 5 years now I’ve worked as a social media marketer who creates content and shares on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for companies and organizations, as well as my own creative endeavors. Along the way, I’ve learned how to cope with my own anxieties around “Am I doing this wrong?” and “Why isn’t this working?” to learn what’s important to focus on and what not to worry about.

I must confess: it’s kinda awkward announcing a project that’s not fully fleshed out, but I’d like to discover how I can impart what I’ve learned to other creatives and save them the stress and anxiety I went through (and still deal with). I don’t know what’s all going to come of it or what I’ll uncover along the way, but I’m excited to get started and find out!