Never Ever Do This On Instagram

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jun 06, 2019

Please, this is coming from the face of someone who has had her images shared and hasn’t been given credit.

Do not share an image and without crediting the source!

Giving the original photographer credit is as easy as putting this at the end of the post:

Photo credit: @meganericson

Also, tag the photo with that person’s account. 

Downloading a photo and resharing it takes all of 30 seconds. Setting up the perfect shot, editing and getting it just right to share on my own account (or those of my clients) could have taken me hours.

Also, just because it’s a business account, that doesn’t mean it’s a stock photo, credit the business who shared the photo if they don’t cite a photographer. In that situation, they paid the photographer for the rights to the photo so they should get the credit. 

Thank you for being a good citizen of the socials!