social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing May 18, 2019

Social media is all ME, ME, ME.

I’m guilty of this. Since I have to create so much content and make sure it’s all posted and shared at certain times, I forget about the social part of social media.

Is my stuff posted? Did I get any comments? What’s the response to my stuff?

I know when I get in this mindset that I’m overtaxed and in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. 

I need an attitude of gratitude.

I need to forget myself and start using Instagram and the other platforms as they are intended – to connect.

I need to send little notes of love and encouragement to people I follow. 

I was scrolling through today and realized that I had mentally admired a friend’s posts, read and even liked it, but hadn’t left a comment in a long time to tell her how I felt. 

I know from being on the receiving end of such kindness that it can make all the difference between me thinking “This was so dumb! Why did I even post it?” to “Aw, well maybe it’s not so bad after all. Maybe I am helping people :-)”

If likes are kindness confetti. Comments are love bombs.

Drop a few bombs today šŸ˜‰