Permission Granted!

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Jul 30, 2019

In case you’ve been debating on whether or not to do these things on social media, you have full permission to:

  • Not share your political views
  • Share about your kids (or not share about your kids)
  • Delete a disparaging/unhelpful comment on your posts
  • Post photos after the event (or not at all)
  • Not post about National Lipstick Day (or do if you love lipstick)
  • Take a break from posting
  • Do what you enjoy doing (and not what’s draining for you)
  • Not comment on big things happening in your personal life (or comment about them if it makes you feel better)
  • Delete those spam comments obviously made by robots
  • Change your mind about any of these things at any time

My point: You get to set your own rules. Don’t worry too much about what you should and shouldn’t do. You have much better things to do with that brain space. šŸ˜‰