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Pinterest Predicts Orange is the New Wedding Color for 2023

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What's Happening 

From brides pinning orange hues for their summer weddings to doggy pool “pawties,” the 2023 Pinterest trend predictions are here!

Pinterest has the scoop on emerging trends because users go to Pinterest to plan for events in the future. Smart content creators reveal what’s up and coming there first, posting 3-6 months in advance. While you may have just written and posted your MLK Day post in the same week, pinners are planning their summer content.

Pinterest’s interactive report is handy because you can sort the trends by the audience you’re targeting and industry. I recommend downloading the PDF report to get the full descriptions.


Use it for Your Business

Potential uses for the Pinterest trends:

  • Create new blog or podcast content featuring the trends. Early 2000s are coming in hot! A fashion YouTuber could show how to pair a tube top with cargo pants for the romcom core trend inspired by 2000s romantic comedy movies, for example.
  • Develop new lead magnets. A food blogger could create a downloadable PDF of mocktail recipes in exchange for an email address, for example.
  • Produce a paid product around one of the trends. If you’re a fitness instructor, for example, create an online workout program to improve your posture and counteract all our slouchy tech-watching habits.
  • Partner with an expert in one of the trends. Maybe you’re not an expert in Higher gender-neutral parenting but you could invite one to go live with you.
  • Refresh the aesthetics in your marketing. If you’re having trouble finding a trend that could apply to your business, you can find ways to incorporate them into your social media images, graphics, advertising, and brand photography. Pinterest claims mushroom decor and fantasy art will be all the rage. Try adding some of these elements to your images.



Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is knowing what Pinterest Predicts for 2023 worth your time?

Sure: I give it 3 out of 5 thumbs up.

Being aware of these trends and referencing them in your work makes your marketing relevant. Is your business going to tank without them? No. However, you could be leaving some great opportunities on the table by not considering them.


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