Post 100

social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Aug 23, 2019

My one big takeaway for you:

My #the100dayproject was to encourage you, fellow creators, to share your work online and do it confidently.

Social media is a tool and a blessing we’ve been given as women and creators. No other generation has been able to stay at home, mother their children and make a living doing it.

Though, many women hesitate to take advantage of this tool because they’re scared. Social media is simply a communication device; though I get why you may be hesitant to go all-in. I felt many of the same things starting out.

We’re afraid we’re going to do it wrong and look foolish. We’re worried people will misinterpret what we’re saying. And, maybe worst of all, we’re scared we’re going to put all our heart and soul into sharing and no one will care. We’ll only hear crickets.

My one takeaway for you us: IT’S WORTH IT.

Maybe you just need to hear that from me.ā €ā €

My mission during this project was to help you overcome that fear and POST!! If you don’t post consistently, no one will remember you. Studies have shown over and over again that it takes exposing someone to a message at least seven times for them to remember it – let alone take action.ā €

You have to show up and show up often to be noticed. It’s not easy. It takes time and energy and effort. You won’t be good at it at first. It will take a while to learn what your audience wants and needs from you.ā €

But, it’s what we have to do to take advantage of the blessing we’ve been given. And, it’s worth it.


I believe in you. I’m rooting for you. The world needs you.

Thank you for following along as we went on this ride together. Thank you for every comment and like. Thank you for every encouragement. They seemed to come just when I needed them.

I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to write about social media and encourage your posting too.

Thank you, friends.

With all my šŸ’—,
Megan  #SocialMediaCalm