social media social media calm social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing May 22, 2019

Do you care if people read your posts? 

That’s a complicated question.

Of course I would love for everyone to thoughtfully read and consider everything I post but that’s just not reality.

The ideal scenario when they get to my post in their feed:

  • Pause
  • Read
  • Heart
  • Comment
  • Share

What percentage of people do all those steps? Nearly Zero. 

But when someone does, it’s like winning the actual lottery! This is social media GOLD!!!

My wish is for people to engage with my posts at any level. If they just pause and scroll on, that’s good!

We’re playing the the game of Grab-Your-Attention. If someone just pauses to consider the image or first few words of the caption, I’ve conquered the BIGGEST hurdle in social media.

If they read it, bonus!

If they heart it, double bonus!

If they comment, triple yahtzee! 

If they share, JACKPOT!!!

Someone taking any action increases your engagement. Thus, your post will be shown to more people. Then, more people get the opportunity to like and potentially read it.

So, do I care if they read it? Kinda. Do I want them to engage with it? Yes!